Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating

High temperatures damage internal components and slowly die smartphones, melting the solder that connects the components, distorting the screen, and draining battery capacity. On a hot day, when you get out of the pool, you might find your phone battery burning in a pool of glass and plastic.

Fortunately, there are apps that can help prevent this from happening. Here are three apps that alert you when your Android device’s battery temperature rises to dangerous levels.

Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating - Android

Why do phones get hot?

Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating - Android

Before we look at the apps, you might be wondering why you can’t rely on the thermal shutdown function that is built into Android itself?

Thermal shutdown occurs when the phone’s operating system begins to experience a problem operating as a result of heat damage. After a while, the phone automatically turns off in response to overheating circuits and melting connections that prevent it from accessing the data it needs to function.

In other words, by the time the thermal shutdown occurs, your phone is already damaged and trying to protect itself from further problems.

This function does not prevent all the damage and will not protect the unattended phone which is overheating due to its environment. For example, a phone on a windowsill will continue to experience the heat of sunlight even after it is turned off.

How to use alarm apps on Android

The normal operating temperature of a smartphone is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit). They are the same between Android and iPhone devices, but some cooling methods are different on a hot iOS device. Can you tell your iPhone or iPad is really hot? Here’s why and how you can fix it.

It’s best to keep your phone on the lower end of this range, between 20 and 25 Celsius (68 and 73 Fahrenheit) and set alerts two degrees above the device’s normal charging temperature. You should also avoid charging your phone overnight to avoid any issues while you are not able to monitor your device.

Other than thermal shutdown, these apps allow you to customize the temperature preferences of your phone.

1. Cooling Master — Phone Cooler — CPU Heat Minimizer

Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating - Android

Cooling Master is an app that can alert you when your phone is overheating. This highly customizable app lets you set the alarm temperature, and you can provide alerts with sound and animations that make them hard to ignore. It also scans your apps and closes the ones that consume the most battery.

It also provides data about the battery’s well-being and its live temperature. It also monitors the current CPU capacity, which can slow down while overheating, and provides tips to prevent thermal damage.

Download: Cooling Master — Phone Cooler — CPU Heat Minimizer (Free)

2. Battery Temperature

Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating - Android

This simplified app helps you know the temperature of your phone at all times by adding the temperature to the notification drawer, next to the time. Since a stressed battery is the main cause of thermal damage, this is a great addition.

You can also set a custom temperature to receive an overheating warning, and customize the notification size to make ignoring more difficult. This app also includes information about heat damage and its prevention.

Download: Battery Temperature (Free, Pro version available)

3. Cooling Master — Phone Cooler Free, CPU Better

Best apps that will prevent your Android phone from overheating - Android

This app offers a great combination of cooling and monitoring. Cooling Master provides a live reading of your phone’s internal temperature, CPU capacity, and RAM usage, so you can see how the current temperature affects all components.

It also provides alerts at a custom threshold and closes apps that are running unnoticed in the background instead of just open apps.

Download: Cooling Master — Phone Cooler Free, CPU Better (Free, subscription available)

Benefits of using the temperature alert app

By getting more knowledge about your Android phone’s temperature and getting alerted before the heat starts doing damage, you can improve battery life, preserve your data, and learn better habits to protect your devices.

It’s also worth trying to figure out why your phone is overheating in the first place, and how you can keep it warm. After all, prevention is always better than cure! Learn about Google Pixel phone battery life problems: ways to fix them.

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