Comparison: what is the best antivirus on Windows 10?

Do you need to protect your PC that is still running Windows 10? To avoid the risk of cyberattacks, we advise you to take one of the best antiviruses that we have chosen below. These are the excellent cybersecurity credentials that have proven over the years to be trustworthy. With them, you have nothing to worry about. They are all paid, but they offer an exceptional level of security.

best comparative antivirus windows 10
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The five best antiviruses for Windows 10:

  • Bitdefender Total Security
  • Avast (free or paid)
  • McAfee

1) Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender is an antivirus available from 32 euros per year, half the base price thanks to our discount. We consider it without hesitation the best antivirus for Windows 10 in the comparison. This is what drives us to give you this clear-cut opinion.

First of all, Bitdefender is versatile. We can thus divide its functionalities into three main categories. The first concern – of course – is the security of the device to be protected. It is more concretely about antivirus protection, itself separated into seven distinct functions. The first feature in this collection is Safe Files. This allows you to lock the Windows 10 folders you want, for example, those that contain industrial secrets. Only you then have the security key to open them: hackers cannot access them.

Other features of Bitdefender Total Security antivirus for Windows 10:

  • anti-adware software
  • malware detection on multiple platforms at once
  • Traffic Light, an extension to protect your surfing on browsers
  • an anti-phishing module to protect your identifiers and bank details
  • Bitdefender Shield

Bitdefender is a fast antivirus for Windows 10. Indeed, it consumes very few resources. It will therefore not overheat your computer, thanks to several other features. The first is called Autopilot, a sort of aide-de-camp that recommends how to configure the antivirus. You can also count on the ultra-fast analysis and its “concrete protection” against possible slowdowns. Finally, Bitdefender Photon is a proprietary technology that studies in detail the energy consumption of your PC. Objective: adapt the parameters to make it faster.

Bitdefender Total Security prices change depending on the number of devices you want to equip. You will therefore be entitled to a better antivirus in terms of price if you only have one PC at home. On the contrary, with multiple machines to protect, the bill will logically be higher. The operating system also comes into play. Thus, Bitdefender Total Security for macOS costs 32 euros per month for 5 devices to protect on Windows 10 and other OS. On the other hand, protecting only Windows 10 allows you to switch to Internet Security for 24 euros: it is excellent value for money.

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3 – Avast, unbeatable value for money


Avast is an antivirus for Windows 10 that offers multiple security advantages. First, there is virus and malware detection. This makes it possible to identify most of the threats present online, including Trojan horses and spyware, called spyware. Most of the time, Avast detects 99% of malware: this is simply the second best rate in our comparison, so a good score.

In addition to your computer itself, Avast also knows how to protect your Internet connection. This means that if hackers try to take control of your Windows 10 PC remotely, Avast stops them. There are even additional tools, but you have to buy them separately from the antivirus. First is VPN SecureLine, which is a virtual private network. Then, you can also count on Cleanup Premium whose objective is to clean your Mac of unnecessary files. Finally, you should know that the Avast antivirus (our full review) integrates AntiTrack, the stated objective of which is to hide your identity on the net.

comparison best antivirus Windows 10
Ⓒ Avast

Avast offers several offers for computers running Windows 10. The best subscription for us is Avast Ultimate, because it is simply the most complete. In addition, it only costs 79.99 euros per year: it’s affordable. There is also Avast Premium Security, which is cheaper (less than 50 euros per year thanks to the reduction we have negotiated for you).

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5) McAfee

McAfee is an antivirus for Windows 10 that is compatible with most versions of the software. It has a free trial. It is however not the best, hence McAfee’s ranking in fifth position. What differentiates it from other antiviruses is in particular its interface with its own colors and personalized wording. McAfee has also been awarded by AV-TEST and AV Comparatives, but not only. In effect, PC Magazine also gives it a very good rating.

The features offered by the McAfee antivirus are multiple on Windows 10. Here are the ones that can be found regardless of the package chosen:

  • antivirus
  • options to make the computer faster
  • the firewall, to counter viruses from the net
  • customer support available every day of the week in case of a problem
  • a password manager: it’s a real plus for the heads in the air

Still, there are a few McAfee features that aren’t available with all plans. The cheapest does not benefit from Safe Family. But it only costs 29.95 euros per year, which is a very advantageous price for a single user.

best antivirus windows 10
Ⓒ McAfee

McAfee can still equip up to five devices, but you will have to pay more: 34.95 euros per year. With such a price, however, you will benefit from a better range of features, a point to take into account in your comparison. Finally, we can also talk about McAfee Family at 39.95 euros per month. While it may be the best-endowed antivirus, we find it’s priced too high to suit most homes. It is therefore better to focus on the other two offers mentioned above.

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6) AVG on Windows 10


AVG is one of the few comparative antiviruses to stand out by being free. But this strength is quickly overshadowed by a major drawback: the zero euro version is too limited. Indeed, AVG antivirus for Windows 10 is clearly not the best in terms of features included. Admittedly, it is a software that installs quickly and does not require any investment on your part. But aside from scanning and quarantining, it doesn’t offer any perks that you’ll use every day.

Email protection, for example, is already activated with most email providers. We know that GMail and Outlook scan the attachments you receive to identify potential viruses. So certainly, the AVG antivirus protects your PC against malware, but it is no match for the big names in the sector like Bitdefender. On the other hand, it also protects smartphones.

best antivirus windows 10
antivirus also for mobiles Ⓒ AVG

Price comparison

Although AVG Antivirus for Windows 10 is available for free, its paid edition is a better choice. AVG Ultimate thus costs 79.99 euros per year. For this price, you will be entitled to several functions such as TuneUp which optimizes the performance of your PC. AVG Ultimate also includes a VPN. It can therefore be a good choice for TV series regulars who want to access foreign content from certain streaming apps. Indeed, Disney+ and Hulu block certain series in France and Canada. Without VPN, impossible to access it even with a paid subscription.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at AVG for business. It is also an antivirus for Windows 10, except that this one is dedicated especially to professionals. These are particularly high-risk targets, because by stealing their data hackers can resell them at a very high price. This is perhaps what explains a rather high price for the comparison, namely more than 60 euros per year to protect a single device in the office.

Verdict: The best Windows 10 antivirus is…

So what is the best antivirus for Windows 10? Difficult to form an opinion as their similarities are numerous. We were nevertheless able to carry out a comparison of the functionalities which enabled us to arrive at the following conclusions.

First of all, Bitdefender is the antivirus for Windows 10 that has the best malware detection rate. We can therefore, theoretically, consider them as the wisest choice. With over 500 million users, Bitdefender is the security choice.

Bitdefender has the advantage of being also compatible on mobile. It is also a strong point, especially since we know that its Total Security suite can protect 5 devices in parallel. The other actors are a notch below in our opinion. We therefore invite you to favor the two best antiviruses on Windows 10 mentioned above in our comparative guide.