Best Android Antivirus (2022): comparison to choose it well

Do u know the Best Antivirus for Android then u must look up this complete below?

  1. Bitdefender Mobile Security
  2. Avast free version
  3. Kaspersky Mobile Security
  4. AVG pour Android
  5. McAfee Mobile Security

1) Bitdefender, the best Android antivirus

If Bitdefender Mobile Security is the best antivirus in this comparison for Android, it’s because it covers the 3 most important pillars of mobile security. Indeed, this antivirus is not only able to defend your smartphone against threats, but also to make it faster. The third point is that of respect for privacy.

Protection with Bitdefender Mobile Security

First, Bitdefender is able to perform full scans of your system, looking for potential viruses. To locate them, Bitdefender scans your folders and documents for files that match the malware in its database. When a virus is identified, quarantine is then possible in order to avoid infection of the entire computer.

best android antivirus comparison
best antivirus © Bitdefender

Bitdefender is also the best Android antivirus for smartwatches, thanks to WearON protection for Wear OS. Finally, note also that the Mobile Security software is able to behave as an anti-theft device. With a solution similar to the Locate app that we know especially on iPhone.

Performance improvement

Unlike some antiviruses in this comparison like Avast, Bitdefender is known for its speed. Thus, the software works without consuming too many resources. Better: by precisely studying the energy consumption of your smartphone running Android, Mobile Security allows it to go faster. We can therefore say that Bitdefender does not slow down the phone, and it is even the opposite that you will notice.

best android antivirus comparison
best antivirus © Bitdefender


Finally, unlike the best free Android antivirus, Bitdefender Mobile Security does not collect your data to make money. True, you have to pay in exchange, but the tool has a VPN that helps you maintain your privacy. With this feature, you will even be able to read newspapers not available in your country. To learn more, do not hesitate to consult our complete Bitdefender antivirus review.

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2) Avast, the essential

Second best Android antivirus in the comparison, Avast is also a good alternative. Its advantage lies in fact in its free plan, which contrasts seriously with the sometimes too high prices of the competition. But then, what can you get without spending a single penny? This is what we are going to see now.

Already, what you need to know is that the Avast Android app has to date been installed more than a hundred million times on all devices on the planet. This is probably a record in the field. Moreover, with a score of 4.7/5 on the Google Play Store, the platform has mostly received very positive reviews. This is partly because Avast Mobile Security detects 100% of threats, according to the most recent testing.

best android antivirus comparison
Avast comparison © Avast

With Avast Mobile Security, you are able to perform regular scans of your Android smartphone for viruses. The software then takes care of identifying the vulnerabilities of your mobile phone, and treats them accordingly. This is how malicious apps that you might not suspect are identified. The best Android antivirus must integrate this feature, it’s the least you can do.

For this comparison, we also wanted to talk about the App Locking feature. As its name suggests, this allows you to block access to certain applications. This way, if your Android device is used by more than one person, don’t worry. Your personal data will remain securely inaccessible. What more ? Avast Mobile Security seems to be a really complete Android antivirus.

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Finally, let’s present the tool that allows you to locate your smartphone. We don’t necessarily think about it, but even a mobile equipped with the best Android antivirus can be stolen. With this function, however, you can instantly find your device. Its position can then be transmitted free of charge to the police, so that they can act.

3) Kaspersky: a good product

Now let’s move on to the one that is perhaps the most underrated in the comparison. We are obviously talking about the Kaspersky Android antivirus, whose capabilities are recognized internationally. The opportunity to decipher all its assets step by step. Already, this is the best rated by AV comparative. AV Test, on the other hand, awards it the title of “ highest score for Android security ”. Excellent tokens of trust.

best android antivirus comparison
© Kaspersky

If some consider Kaspersky the best Android antivirus, it’s mainly because it can help you detect spyware. We saw it with the scandal of the Pegasus application: no one is immune to this kind of virus. If a malicious Internet user wants to install malicious software to spy on you, Kaspersky automatically warns you.

Finally, the last positive point for our comparison: the fight against spam. Kaspersky is an Android antivirus that indeed connects to your mailbox to identify all unwanted emails. Then it’s up to you to unsubscribe or ban the sender from your inbox! At a time when newsletters and Internet advertising campaigns are legion among companies, this is a real bonus.

4) AVG: a good score

AVG has been downloaded over a hundred million times on mobile. Its AVG Antivirus & Security app is one of the most popular on Android. This one is entitled to an overall evaluation of 4.7 stars out of 5, which is of course not negligible. When you install it, then you can enjoy one of the best Android antivirus. It is also one of the most globe-trotting of the comparison, because published in several languages.

With AVG Antivirus & Security, you can geo-locate your Android phone. To do this, AVG uses the Google Maps mapping solution. It is highly reputable and considered the best by most users. For those who are used to storing sensitive photos, know that the AVG antivirus can also help you by saving them in a virtual safe.

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best android antivirus comparison

On Android, AVG also knows how to alert if your credentials have been stolen. It happens that hackers exploit zero-day flaws to capture your passwords before reselling them on the dark net. Finally, AVG is also one of the best Android antiviruses in the disk space comparison. Indeed, its mobile version allows you to delete unnecessary files in order to save storage memory. Indispensable with laptops that do not have a micro SD port.

5) McAfee, just right

McAfee is ranked last, but still a very good Android antivirus. Indeed, its mobile version has already been downloaded more than fifty million times! Admittedly, it’s less than the best Android antivirus in our comparison, but still. It must be said that this is a very good score. Unfortunately, speaking of rating, the evaluation of McAfee Security on the Google Play Store is less successful: 4.4/5.

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android antivirus comparison
© McAfee

Among the positive comments left on McAfee’s Android page, we can read this opinion from Christiane: “ I have always been well protected with McAfee, and in the event of a problem, I always have someone on hand. listening to help me in its resolution ”. It is true that since viruses are often very technical and created by real developers, having advice on demand is always welcome!

Note that McAfee is also one of the best Android antivirus for network protection. Indeed, its firewall blocks 98% of all viruses online. When you use a mobile browser, you are as exposed to this type of danger as with a free antivirus for Windows or for Mac.

Questions about antiviruses for Android

What is the best antivirus for Android?

The best Android antivirus is Bitdefender Mobile Security. It is indeed the software that obtains the best security scores, without hesitation. In addition, its interface is easy to use and this antivirus has an option to optimize performance. With this app, you do not risk slowing down your Android smartphone. There is also a free version if you want to try before you buy.

Which antivirus for Android is the cheapest?

The cheapest antivirus will not be the best antivirus. Indeed, it will necessarily be limited in functionality. Therefore, your mobile will be more vulnerable to hacker attacks. We therefore advise you to make a comparison of the best offers on the market to find an antivirus that is not free. This way you are sure not to end up with a dead phone. Your personal data will also be safe.

It is therefore better to find an Android antivirus with a good quality/price ratio. This is the case with Kaspersky and with Bitdefender Total Security. Indeed, the latter can also protect computers under Windows, under macOS and even iPad or Android tablets.

Are antiviruses compatible with Samsung?

All Android antiviruses are compatible with Samsung brand mobiles. Bitdefender Mobile Security, for example, is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note range but also with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S20. Same thing for the more high-end Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Avast, on the other hand, works great with the same devices. It is also considered a good antivirus for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip.

No problem, therefore, if you are looking for the best Android antivirus for a cell phone that bends.

Can I install Android antivirus on iOS?

This question comes up often. With this comparison, we have not necessarily mentioned the question of the iOS antivirus, which will be entitled to its dedicated article. However, you should know that most Android antiviruses are also compatible with iOS. This notably includes Kaspersky, which some consider to be the best on Android. We can also cite the case of the AVG antivirus, which is published for both iPhones and Google Pixels.

Why is antivirus essential on Android?

Installing a good antivirus on your Android mobile is essential. Indeed, if you do not do this, you risk encountering very serious threats. One of them is ransomware, which encrypts your most important documents, rendering them unusable. Without a good antivirus, your Android mobile is also likely to encounter the most serious malware that exists. Some of them then use your mobile to mine cryptocurrency and make it very slow.

In the case of professional use in particular, the best Android antivirus is mandatory. We have indeed too often seen companies losing customers because their personal data had been stolen by malicious hackers. None of this will happen with safe and reliable software like Bitdefender Mobile Security or Avast.

Do you need an antivirus for Android tablets?

Although this comparison only mentions the case of smartphones, you must also install an antivirus on your Android tablet. Indeed, these are often more efficient than the mobiles themselves. They are therefore prime targets for hackers. When they access it, they can then take control of the machine and encrypt all your personal files. This is also how invasive advertisements are downloaded to Android tablets.

The best Android antivirus for tablets is Bitdefender Mobile Security. However, we were able to see that McAfee and AVG also did the job very well.

Are there antiviruses for Wear OS?

The best Android antivirus in the comparison, Bitdefender, has WearOn functionality. This defends connected watches and bracelets (with Google’s operating system) against hacker attacks. A real positive point, because unfortunately not all antiviruses for Android offer this advantage.

Be careful, however, not to choose an Android antivirus only for your connected objects. Indeed, the mobile most often remains the main entry point for hackers. It is then via the peripherals that are paired to it in Bluetooth that the criminal takes control of the rest of your device.