Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music, and More

Are you looking for the best Android Auto apps? If you have an Android phone and a car, you should know how to use Android Auto to get a better infotainment system experience on the road. Even if your car does not support this system, you can still use its features directly on your phone screen.

Most of the Android Auto apps available fit into a few categories. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android Auto apps that you can use while driving.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Note that you must open most of these apps and log into your account before they can work properly in Android Auto!

Download: Android Auto (Free)

music apps

The right tunes and fun make driving a lot better. Choose from the music apps for Android Auto below and install them. Once you’re done, switch between them by tapping on the headphones icon once you’re already in the Music tab.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

1. Pandora

The service that promoted Internet radio is perfectly present in Android Auto. Once you are logged into your account in the regular app, you can move the left sidebar to choose one of your stations. Then you will be playing the music continuously.

You can use the thumb up/down buttons to rate the station, and click the arrow to show the stop and repeat buttons. Offering a simple interface, Pandora is a great choice when you just want to play some music and move on. With Pandora Premium, you get more.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Pandora (Free)

2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps, and it lets you access all the music you love from the comfort of the car as well. Swipe the right panel out to access your library, including recent items, albums, playlists, and more. For best results, we recommend making a playlist of your favorite music so that you don’t have to fumble while driving.

Click the arrow, and you’ll see additional controls for adding the current song to your library, starting the radio for the track, and viewing the play queue. Remember that unless you have a Premium subscription, you can only use the random play mode on the Spotify mobile app.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Spotify (Free)

3–4. Google Play Music and YouTube Music

If you are not already addicted to a music app, Google Play Music is a great option. You can listen to ad-supported radio stations for free, as well as download up to 50,000 audio tracks to listen to in your car.

In Android Auto, use the app to listen to podcasts, radio, and uploaded music. If you subscribe, you can listen to millions of tracks whenever you want, similar to Spotify. In addition, you will also have access to YouTube Red and can use the ad-free YouTube Music app (which also works with Android Auto).

YouTube Music allows you to listen to niche remixes and tunes found on YouTube, while Play Music is best for “mainstream” music.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android
Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Google Play Music (Free)

Download: YouTube Music (Free)

5. Rainwave

Are you looking forward to hearing something different in the car? If you are a fan of video game music, you will be glad to know Rainwave. It is the best video game radio service, available for free on Android. You can choose from five different stations, including remixes, chiptunes, and game music only.

A simple Android Auto app, but great if you want to focus while driving and expand your musical horizons.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Player for Rainwave (Free)

Messaging apps

Texting and driving at the same time is dangerous, but Android Auto supports basic features of some messaging services. With it, you can send new messages, listen to incoming messages, and send automated responses.

6. Facebook Messenger

If Facebook Messenger is the app of your choice to keep up with your friends’ latest updates, you’ll be glad to know that it works in the car, too.

You will see notifications of new messages and you can press the play button to hear them. Click on Auto ReplyI’m driving right nowTo let your friends know that you can’t reply at the moment.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Messenger (Free)

7–8. WhatsApp and Telegram

Unsurprisingly, the popular chat app WhatsApp is compatible with Android Auto as well. It has a similar feature to the group of other messaging apps in Android Auto.

Say “Send a message to Muhammad on WhatsApp” to start a new message. You can also hear and reply to new messages with your voice. Just remember that you won’t see these messaging apps appear anywhere in the Android Auto menus in the same way music apps do.

If you prefer Telegram over WhatsApp, it is also available with the same features.

Download: WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

Download: Telegram (Free)

9–14. More messaging apps

Since most messaging apps carry an identical set of features in Android Auto, we won’t cover them in depth. Alternatively, here is a quick list of additional messaging apps that work with Android Auto in the same way:

radio apps

Would you rather listen to the radio than to your music collection while driving? Android Auto has many apps for that as well.

15. IHeartRadio

If you don’t like radio stations in your area, iHeartRadio has hundreds of options. With this app, you can tune in to radio stations across the country.

In Android Auto, you can easily set your favorite stations or find new ones based on the genre that suits you.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: iHeartRadio (Free)

16. TuneIn

Another popular radio app, TuneIn, lets you listen to thousands of radio stations for music, sports or podcasts — whenever you want. Use the Android Auto app to quickly start listening to the perfect station, no matter your mood.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: TuneIn (Free)

17. Scanner Radio

If you want to pretend to be incognito in a movie, this is the app for you. Instead of tuning into radio stations nationwide, Scanner Radio lets you listen to police, emergency, and amateur radio. Some may find this a little strange to hear while driving, but you will probably enjoy hearing what is happening in the big cities. It can also help you stay up late while driving.

In Android Auto, use the best Scanners 10 to see what’s popular, or Nearby Scanners if you want to listen to something local.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Scanner Radio (Free)

18. More radio apps

Most of the apps that work with Android Auto are local radio station apps. There is not much reason to use it since you have so many other options for music. But you can take a look at it if you think you are interested.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Navigation apps, news and audiobooks

We conclude with some miscellaneous applications that do not fit into the other categories.

19. Google Maps

It’s possible that the Google Maps app is already on your phone, but it’s still worth mentioning here. Tap the Android Auto Navigation icon to open Maps and get to your destination. Use your voice or tap the Set destination box to set your destination, or leave the app running to see the traffic around you.

The Android Auto version of Google Maps uses a streamlined interface, making it easy to navigate without a lot of clutter getting in your way.

Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music and More - Android

Download: Google Maps (Free)

20. Waze (supports car entertainment system only)

Although Google Maps is the trusted standard for navigation, Waze for Android Auto includes useful features that might catch your eye. Thanks to other drivers providing information, it alerts you to accidents, traffic and even police lurking waiting to catch drivers who are driving fast on the road. Waze also helps you find the cheapest gas provider on your route and automatically redirects you if needed.

Unfortunately, Waze is only available if your car supports Android Auto. If you have a compatible car, you should try each of the Android Auto navigation app options and see which one you prefer.

Download: Waze (Free)

21. Audible

Would you rather listen to audiobooks instead of music while driving? Audible has it covered. Use the Android Auto app to listen to the downloaded audiobooks. If you’ve never used Audible, see our recommendations for what you can listen to in your free trial.

Download: Audible (Free, subscription required)

news apps

A selection of news apps are also available to listen to in Android Auto. You will find it in your music apps list once you install it.

What are your favorite Android Auto apps?

We have covered the best Android Auto apps that you can use. Some of them are not supported, but we imagine that everyone will be satisfied with this choice. Now you can listen to music or whatever audio you prefer, navigate seamlessly, and message friends if needed, all from your car.

What Android Auto apps do you use? Are there any other apps you’d like to see adapted to Auto? Tell us in the comments!

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