Battery problem on Acer Aspire, what to do?

The your Acer Aspire battery no longer charges, so you would like to know what to do to fix this problem? Indeed, for a laptop the battery is a major component. It gives you access to a certain freedom in your movements and allows you to use your computer without the need for a power source. Therefore, when the latter does not work anymore. You will no longer have the advantages of a laptop PC compared to a fixed PC. Even more so if you use this computer during business trips and others. This is the reason why, in this article, we will start by informing you about this kind of problem. This way we will help you examine the condition of your battery. Then in a second step, we will provide you solutions to fix this problem.


The reasons for a battery problem on an Acer Aspire:

Battery or power problem on your Acer Aspire?

At first, we will have to observe the different symptoms that you encounter in your Acer Aspire. Indeed, it is not uncommon to confuse a problem of battery and a power problem on your Acer Aspire laptop. But, if your computer’s power is to blame. This means that your PC also fails to recharge when it is plugged in to electricity because it can no longer detect the power.

When it comes to a problem with the battery that no longer charges on your Acer Aspire. You will find that this one will lose autonomy. Or, you will no longer have the possibility to light up your computer you will necessarily have to plug it in to achieve this. And, ultimately, the latter will no longer be able to function without the power supply. Indeed, like any battery, these have limited lifespans about three years. Consequently, when you notice that it does not last long enough in autonomy to provide for your mobility needs … It will be necessary to consider to replace.

Know if the battery problem is at the software level or at the hardware level on your Acer Aspire:

In case your battery is recent. It’s possible that aging is not responsible for your problem. Know that this is a peripheral plugged into the motherboard. So to allow the transfer of information, it is necessary to involve a program called a pilot. If the latter is not up to date, you are having battery problems.

Test the battery built into your Acer Aspire:

To see if your battery should be replaced or not on your Acer Aspire. We recommend that you carry out some tests upstream. For this, you can either go through specialized software such as HWMonitor. The latter is free and will also give you the opportunity to monitor other items. Notably processor temperature. You should know that regular overheating damage components such as your PC battery. If you want to know more about it and get some procedures in order to avoid them. We suggest you read the article below: myAcer Aspire overheating, what to do?

Otherwise when you want examine the condition of your battery without having to install an app. You can go through the command: powercfg -energy in the command prompt. To achieve this, it will be necessary to access the command prompt as administrator. To do this, you just have to enter cmd on the Windows search bar. Then do a right click on the result. And select ” Execute as administrator “. Subsequently, you will have to enter the command provided previously and press the Enter key.

Correct a battery problem on an Acer Aspire:

According to the first analyzes previously performed, two solutions are offered to you. In case your battery is recent, it will be necessary to carry out the update procedure via Device Manager. Otherwise you will have to think about the switch and to do this we will give you some recommendations.

Update the Battery driver through Device Manager:

To perform the battery driver update on your Acer Aspire under Windows 10. We suggest that you perform the steps detailed below:

  1. Go to Device Manager, either using the Windows search bar or with the keyboard shortcut Windows + X,
  2. Search the directory ” Drums “,
  3. Perform right click on the device,
  4. And select “Update the driver” in the contextual menu,
  5. Finally select “Automatically search for drivers”.

Changing the battery of an Acer Aspire:

For replace the battery of your Acer Aspire. We suggest you to read the warranty. Effectively, depending on the warranty period you purchased with your PC. It is not impossible that you are still under warranty. And, if you make repairs apart from the support of the supplier, these will become unusable. Therefore, when you are in this situation, you just need to phone the store where you purchased your Acer Aspire.

Solutions to change a battery on an Acer Aspire:

When you are no longer under warranty. You have two options for replace the battery of your Acer Aspire.

  1. You can choose to change it by your own means by purchasing a new battery compatible with your computer. To do this, you simply have to go to online sales sites such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty. You will need to plan between 30 and 80 euros. Subsequently, it will be necessary remove the screws from the bracket under your computer to open it. You will find quite quickly battery with the labels engraved on the motherboard of your Acer Aspire. Disconnect it and install the new one.
  2. Otherwise you can also call on an authorized repairer such as the laptop workshop. This will come back to you approximately at 30 euros of labor added to battery price.

To conclude: a battery problem on an Acer Aspire is quite common because over time this component will lose in performance. However, there are some techniques that allow you to conserve your PC’s battery in the future. In particular, it is not recommended to connect your computer when the battery is charged. Also, do not wait until the battery is completely empty to recharge it.

If you want other solutions on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to read the other pages of the category: Acer Aspire.

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