Bangkok residents can now report any problems via LINE OA “Friend Chatchat”

Bangkok’s problems that can be found every day From uneven pavement, flooding, traffic jams, garbage, or problems in various cities that do not know which agency to turn to or who do not know who to report the matter to. Now you don’t have to look anywhere, just add LINE Official Account. “Friend Chatchat” that opens up to receive complaints about problems You can send the matter to the agency in its responsibility.

I believe that many people have probably encountered problems in the city since the pavement is uneven. The roads are bumpy, flooded, and trash cans are out of place. Or is it about riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk? But I don’t know that when we encounter these problems, we will have to report to which departments are good teams. Friends Chatchat Therefore, I would like to volunteer to be a link in receiving notifications of various city problems in order to solve them for the people of the city. The process is simple, just add Line. Friends Chatchat Or you can scan through the QR Code below.

When finished Then click to “Report a capillary problem” And identify the problem, take a photo and send the coordinates to report it. By sending a message this way, it will be by talking to the Chatbot.

The system then collects reported problems, provides statistics, and prioritizes them so that we can get an overview of the problems that have been reported.

When the problem we reported has been resolved. The system will notify you back. and is compiled in an overview that in each area What has been reported? how many pending How many issues have been corrected?

If anyone encounters a problem in the city, do not know which agency to inform Just follow a few easy steps. Just this we can be a part to help solve various problems that make Bangkok. It’s better to live.

Source: Chatchart Sitthiphan (FB)