BALMUDA Phone did not go well… causing the company’s stock to fall heavily – recently announced a temporary suspension of sales. from technical problems

Appliances from BALMUDA are known for their refined design and great user experience. This allows the product to be successful even if it is exorbitantly expensive. Especially with The Toaster toaster that exploded in popularity. But it seems that the old approach doesn’t work for the BALMUDA Phone, a mobile phone, which fans are not happy about. causing the company’s shares to plummet and fall harder than before when there was an announcement to temporarily suspend sales

BALMUDA released a short statement stating that the BALMUDA Phone has experienced technical compliance certification issues, according to manufacturer Kyocera. causing the need to temporarily suspend the sale If you go to the website on the ordering page, a message will appear saying that BALMUDA Phone will be open for booking again soon.

BALMUDA Phone was priced at 104,800 yen, or about 30 thousand baht, making it highly criticized during its launch. The flagship-level price… in contrast to the range-level hardware such as the Snapdragon 765 5G chipset and the IPS LCD screen, as well as the plastic body material.

It is analyzed that BALMUDA Phone’s negative feedback is the main reason for the company’s stock. continually plummeting In contrast to the month of May, which just announced the entry of the smartphone market, flipping from front to back

However, a spokesman for BALMUDA told foreign media that the company has not given up easily and will continue to use the feedback received to learn and understand the smartphone business.

Source: BALMUDA from Reuters