Automatic and free backup of iPhone photos

How many people practically cried because they lost all the photos that were on their phone? We are not immune to a failure of an electronic device, especially as fragile as a smartphone. It’s easy to drop an iPhone on the floor, in the toilet, push yourself in a swimming pool. When it is not the device that simply gives up the ghost after years of good service, or even during the warranty period. Since we know very well that we will “make a backup of the photos tomorrow”, a tomorrow that never happens, why not solve the problem definitively: this tutorial explains how to program a automatic and free backup of photos taken with an iPhone or iPad, devices that run on the iOS system. In addition to the photos, the system will also do the saving videos taken with iPhone or iPad. If Apple offers this function with iCloud, the free quota is limited to 5GB and you will then have to get your hands on the wallet. The solution detailed here is completely free and is based on the mobile application Google Photos. It is therefore simply necessary to have a free account with Google, that is to say a Gmail address. And if not, open a Gmail mailbox is very simple.

Cross-platform, Google Photos also works on Android and access by a computer is very simple: This means that in the event of a change of phone, whether the new one is an iPhone or an Android (Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi…), we will find all the photos saved on iPhone by simply reinstalling the Google Photos application. Enough to calmly approach the change of telephone, voluntary or not (following a breakdown or an accident). The same also exists to make a automatic backup of Android photos.

Google Photos also allows the creation of shared albums. While iPhone Photo Library limits viewing and adding to iOS devices only, Google Photo lets you contribute to a photo album from any device. You can have an iPhone, your parents an Android, the grandmother a Samsung tablet, the child a small Wiko smartphone, everyone can view and add photos and videos from this shared album.

Configure automatic backup of iPhone / iPad photos and videos

1. On the iOS device, open the application AppStore (blue icon).

2. Press the ” To research “At the bottom right and type” google photos »To find the Google Photos application (note, another application may be at the top of the list, this is an advertisement):

tutorial auto backup iPhone photo Google Photos

3. Get / download the app Google Photos.

4. Open the application Google Photos.

Google Photos icon iOS iPhone iPad

5. Google Photos wants to access your photos: reply OK.

tutorial Google Photos iOS iPhone iPad

6. To allow or not the notifications. They can come in handy when someone adds content to a shared album.

tutorial Google Photos iOS iPhone iPad

7. If you already have Google apps on the phone or tablet, your @ account will be recognized. Otherwise, ask for “Connection” to connect to your Google account.

8. A screen offers “Protect your memories” by backing up photos in private mode. Validate with the blue button ” Save in account xxx “:

Auto photo backup tutorial iPhone Google Photos iPad iOS

9. Indicate the backup parameter:

  • High quality (unlimited free storage)
  • Original size (within the limit of 15GB free, then it will be paid)

UncheckUse mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi »So that the backup can only be done at home, on a wifi connection, so as not to use the 3G / 4G data plan, especially on vacation or traveling abroad. To push on ” To confirm ” to continue.

Auto photo backup tutorial iPhone Google Photos iPad iOS

10. That’s it, there is nothing more to configure. If a wifi connection is available, the backup will automatically start. Otherwise, it will be when you get home or connected to any WiFi wireless network. A message indicates when the backup is complete. For each new photo, if the iPhone or iPad is connected to WiFi, the snapshot will be saved immediately. Same with a new video. This could therefore impact the autonomy of the device since the data transfer consumes a little battery.

Google Photos backup tutorial

Google Photos backup tutorial

11. You can check or modify the parameters of the automatic saving in the menu. Settings, Backup and synchronization :

tutorial auto backup iPhone photo Google Photos

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