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Asus ROG: sizzling sound issue

The sound coming out of your Asus ROG sizzles, you would therefore like know how to solve this kind of problem? Indeed, sound problems can quickly become inaudible and really annoying. This is why in this tutorial, first of all we will send you techniques to fix a sound problem on a PC. Then if you would like to know more. We will send you further advice regarding the audio output parameters …


Fix a sizzling sound issue on an Asus ROG:

Know that a sizzling sound problem may lead you to stop having sound on your Asus ROG. Therefore, to avoid this. We will tell you quickly, the common reasons for a sound problem on a PC. Then we will show you 2 solutions to fix it.

Why is the sound sizzling on your Asus ROG?

You will find several reasons that can justify that the sound sizzles on your PC. However, it will mainly be a pilot concern. This one is a program which allows your audio output to communicate with your Windows 10 operating system. Indeed, you should know that your speakers happen to be components external devices that are connected to the motherboard. Therefore, you will need a program translate information so that each component can use and decipher them.

However, it sometimes happens that Windows OS update no longer suitable for that the sound card driver. This incompatibility is often responsible for crackling the sound output of your Asus ROG. And it might cause you to no longer have sound on your PC.

Beyond a software problem. It is also possible that the crackling is of material origin. Indeed, depending on your use of the speakers and the music you select. It is not uncommon for the sound to be saturated. Therefore, it alters the quality. To be able to overcome these limitations, while maintaining a high volume of sound. We offer you a solution following this tutorial.

Update the sound card driver on an Asus ROG:

Generally, updating drivers is particularly simple. You will need to perform the steps explained below:

  1. Launch the tool ” Device Manager ” using the W10 search bar.
  2. Then inside it, find the section “Audio, video and game controllers”.
  3. Touch it to open it.
  4. Double click at the peripheral level so as to open the window of properties.
  5. You will need to go to the sub-section “Pilot”.
  6. Push the button “Update the driver”.
  7. And finally, select “Automatically search for drivers”.

Activate a scan with the sound troubleshooter on your Asus ROG:

If you want resolve the sizzling issue on your Asus ROG. You can also use the troubleshooting utility on W10.

  1. It is possible to access it very easily by performing right click on the sound icon, on the W10 taskbar.
  2. Then select “Solve sound problems”.
  3. So you will have easy access to the utility which will run directly analysis.
  4. In the tool “Disable sound effects and enhancements”. We advise you to select “Yes, open audio enhancements”.
  5. This will give you access to advanced speaker settings of your Asus ROG.
  6. In the sub-section “Spatial sound”, we suggest you to deactivate to increase the quality of your audio output.
  7. When this is done, click on the button. ” To apply ” then close the tool.

Additional indications to correct a sound problem on Asus ROG:

Depending on your expectations, the audio output of your Asus ROG will more or less be able to meet your expectations. If you want to have better results, do not hesitate to adjust parameters Where equip yourself with accessories designed for this purpose.

Control the different sound output settings on your Asus ROG:

When you meet crackling problems the level of sound from an Asus ROG. It will also be advisable to go to Sound settings. In this way, you will be able to control the “Device properties”. And also check your speakers. To do this, you will have to click on “Manage audio devices”. Then you will have to press “Speakers”. And on the option “Test”. This way you will know if the parasitic noise is indeed coming from the speakers of your Asus ROG.

To learn from others methods to adjust the sound from the audio output of your Asus ROG. You can read the tutorial below: How to increase the sound of your Asus ROG?

Get equipped with a Bluetooth speaker to improve the sound of your Asus ROG:

Yes the sound of your Asus ROG becomes saturated. You will find that this impacts the quality sound from the PC. So, to have more volume without altering the quality. We recommend that you bring of an enclosure. You can connect the latter by Bluetooth through the Device settings.

If you are looking to to acquire this kind of accessory. You will have to go to a multimedia store such as: Boulanger, Darty or Fnac.

To conclude : a sizzling sound problem on an Asus ROG is rather easily solved with updating the sound card driver. Otherwise, it is also possible to use the Windows troubleshooter. However, when the sound becomes saturated on your audio output. It is not abnormal that the quality is impacted. So, in this kind of situation, you will need to equip yourself with a pregnant to meet your needs in terms of volume and quality. In the event that your concern continues to exist, please do not hesitate to contact Microsoft support.

If you are looking for other tutorials on your Asus ROG, you can explore the other articles in the category: Asus ROG.

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