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Asus ROG laptop power supply problem

Your computer no longer charges, Although the charger is connected? a power problem on an Asus ROG laptop turns out to be very inconvenient. To help you understand it without too much difficulty. First we will present the main reasons for a power failure. Then we will show you what to do to to repair it.


The reasons for a power problem on an Asus ROG laptop:

To prevent your Asus ROG does not discharge too quickly. And that you can’t examine the problem using your PC on. We suggest you start with reduce brightness screen for preserve the battery. It is also necessary to turn off applications and software that are not useful to you because they take up background battery.

Otherwise, it is also possible to go to the Windows settings and select the item System. Within it, you will need to go to the subsection ” Drums “. Then you will have to click on “Always” list “Activate automatic battery saver”.

How does the power supply of an Asus ROG PC work?

So that all the elements installed on your motherboard are able to function. Your laptop either in the capacity of store energy and to reload. In this way, the operation of a laptop PC is not the same as that from the stationary computer. On the latter, you will have a power supply. It will be constantly plugged in the catch. And will help provide a direct current with the maid voltage to the elements. This turns out to be essential to avoid to spoil and overheat the components.

Now, with regard to a laptop this process will be carried out through the power cable. In this sense, you will notice that it is not a question of an ordinary cable. You will constantly have on this one a small size case. It aims to transform the current so that it can be received on your Asus ROG and then stored at the level of drums. This allows you to be totally free to move with your laptop. However, it will be necessary to connect the battery regularly. And the time between charges should increase with battery wear.

The major causes of a power supply malfunction on an Asus ROG:

The origins a power problem on an Asus ROG could be various. Therefore, in this article we will show you the most common ones.

Charger problem on your Asus ROG:

The first component to suspect when your Asus ROG battery no longer charges will be your charger. So if you want to check the wear of the latter. You can carry out the following indications:

  1. Check if your charger is correctly plugged to the socket and the port of your Asus ROG.
  2. Then use a light or other electrical device to check whether your outlet works.
  3. Examine the cable coating, it is possible that the latter has deteriorated.
  4. In case you have a second compatible computer, you will be able to try the charger on the latter.

Connection fault between the charger and your Asus ROG:

Then it will take analyze port wear which receives the tip of your power supply on your Asus ROG.

  1. See if the port is cluttered with dust or if it turns out to be abyss.
  2. It is also necessary to check if the cable is securely held on the socket or if there is a game that could generate false contacts.
  3. After that, check the reaction of your Asus ROG when you connect the power supply. Typically, you should hear a signal and see the battery icon with a plug on the toolbar.

The battery of your Asus ROG is out of order:

In the event that you can use your Asus ROG but it is essential that it is plugged into your laptop power supply. You are likely to experience a battery problem. Indeed, with time this one is damaged and becomes less efficient.

On the other hand, when your laptop battery turns out to be recent. It is also possible that you have a software problem. Know that your battery is a peripheral located on the motherboard of your Asus ROG. Therefore, it sometimes happens that the driver, responsible for transferring data between elements, no longer has the correct update. In this case, you will have battery problems. However, don’t worry, this problem is very easy to correct via the Windows Device Manager. To learn more about this procedure. We suggest you browse the tutorial below: Battery problem on Asus ROG

Overheating can cause a power problem on an Asus ROG:

When you use your Asus ROG beyond its performance. In particular by playing video games or using heavy software. But also when your RAM turns out to be overloaded. So your CPU risk of overheat. And the fan will turn to the maximum to try to cool.

And, this will have some effects. First of all, your Asus ROG will consume more electricity and will use more battery power than usual. On the other hand, the elements of your pc and in particular the battery cannot withstand too high temperatures. Therefore, it could deteriorate their ability.

If you want to know what we recommend to do to avoid and anticipate overheating of the CPU on your Asus ROG. You can read the tutorial below: myAsus ROG is overheating, what to do?

Buy a new power supply for your Asus ROG laptop:

Now you know better the source of a power problem. You will understand that the only solution in your case will be to equip yourself with a new power supply adapted to your laptop. Indeed, a false contact or a problem of charger will work out this way. In case the problem arises from the drums you can to replace Where update the driver with the tutorial provided.

To equip you with a new power supply. We recommend that you choose a charger identical to the one that you had when you bought your Asus ROG. In the event that you attempt to take a cheaper charger, the latter might be less suitable for your laptop. And that would damage prematurely your elements, especially the drums. It is possible to find this type of material on online sales sites such as Fnac or Boulanger

In conclusion: When you meet a power problem on your Asus ROG laptop. Most often you will need to replace the power charger.

If you are looking for other tutorials on your Asus ROG, you can read the tutorials from the category: Asus ROG.

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