Apps that expand digital wellbeing features

Digital Wellbeing is a feature from Google that helps you spend time wisely. You can find it in your Android phone settings if your phone is running a later version of Android 9 Pie. It already has a lot of options like “app timer“Which helps to set a time limit for certain applications, and helps”Focus modeIt can block apps for a certain period, and “Bedtime” mode can be useful to reduce distractions when you want to disconnect in order to sleep, and it also provides a large number of stats like device usage time, screen unlock times, apps usage, etc.

On some phones, you can get information about managing the time you spend on your phone, such as how often you unlock your phone and how long you use each app. You can use this information to improve your digital well-being. For example, you can set App Usage Timers and schedule display changes.

But here are some apps that can take digital wellbeing to a whole new level.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Apps That Expand Your Digital Wellbeing Options

Apart from the options in Digital Wellbeing, you can use these apps that bring Digital Wellbeing features to the fore. These are not apps that show you stats like Digital Wellbeing but rather they act as little tools that enhance the features of Digital Wellbeing.

1. Unlock Clock

This app adds a wallpaper that shows you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone. Although unlock stats are also available in the Digital Wellbeing settings, using it as wallpaper will display the details right on your home screen. To set Unlock Clock as wallpaper, download the app and go back to the home screen. Now long press and click on the “Option”backgroundin the popup menu. Open optionlive wallpapersWhere can you find the option called “Unlock Clock”, you have to press on it and click “set backgroundTo set Unlock Clock as wallpaper.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download Unlock Clock

2. Activity Bubble

Speaking of wallpapers, Activity Bubble is also another wallpaper app that shows how long your phone has been using with bubbles. The more you use your phone, the more bubbles you will get and the size of each bubble represents how long your phone has been used. Unlike Unlock Clock, you can find a button inside the Activity Bubble app, you can just open the app and set it as wallpaper. In my usage, I like to keep the Unlock Clock wallpaper on the lock screen so that the number is displayed before unlocking the phone and the Activity Bubble on the home screen so I can see how much time I’m using on my phone each time.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download Activity Bubble

3. We Flip

We Flip This app is designed to help a group of friends put their phones away and connect with each other. The application must be installed on everyone’s phones and then the key is pressed together. All phones will be connected to each other through the use of Wifi and Bluetooth. Now when anyone in the group tries to unlock their phone, the session will end and you can see how you did and who caused the session to end. So you can keep everyone away from their phones at parties, meetings, etc. Check out Google offering their apps to reduce your smartphone usage.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download We Flip

4. Actaflow

This app asks why you should unlock your phone. You can select the reason and click Save to start using your phone. This helps you to stop unlocking your phone for no reason. In addition to that, you can also set a reminder while unlocking, so that it will remind you after that time period. You can enable the reminder option from the app settings.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download Actaflow

5. A Decluttered Launcher

The home screen is a gateway to opening applications. To stop using the phone excessively, you can de-clutter your home screen and put only the essential apps you need or you can use a uncrowded launcher to prevent yourself from accessing all the apps. You can add 4-5 basic apps to the home screen such as Phone, Messages, and Camera. Apart from that, you can’t even find the apps drawer. Just search for apps when needed. Since you don’t have any distracting apps right in front of you, you’ll only open any of them less often when necessary without having to leave them entirely.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download A Decluttered Launcher

6. Morph

If eliminating the potential of your home screen entirely is too much for you, you can give Morph a try. Morph helps you create multiple workspaces, where you can create a workspace for work, home, travel, etc. and allocate time for each one. When you’re at your work hours, you can only access apps that are set to work. And when you get home, you can find the apps you need at home. This way, you can eliminate distractions while working and stop worrying about work while at home.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download Morph

7. Day Wise

Day Wise is an app that collects all your notifications and delivers them all at the predetermined time. This way, you won’t have to check your phone every time for new notifications. By default, the app delivers notifications 4 times a day, but you can change the time, delete them, add more, etc.

The best part is that this app ignores the collection of specific notifications like phone calls, messages, WhatsApp messages, calendar events, Uber ride alerts, payment status, etc., which are important and should be accessed immediately. Anyway, you can make the changes on a per-app basis later.

Apps That Expand Digital Wellbeing Features - Android

Download Day Wise


If your device does not support digital wellbeing, you can use apps like Action Dash or you can use the Google Clock app to take advantage of the bedtime mode features. Anyway, Activity Bubble and Day Wise are my favorite apps so which ones are you going to install. Let me know in the comments below. Also learn about Screen Time apps to combat tech and addiction.

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