Apple TV and Chromecast: these are the options (+explanation)

Apple TV and Chromecast are not an optimal combination. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work together at all. You can happily bring both things together. We immediately help you out of the fantasy that you are not streaming content directly from an iPhone or iPad to a Chromecast.

Apple TV and Chromecast? If you want to stream content from Apple TV to Chromecast, you will discover that this is not just possible. Fortunately, there is a detour to do this, although this is not quite optimal. To do this, you need to open Apple TV in the browser and then send it to the Chromecast via the built-in cast function.

Suppose you want to watch movies and series via the video streaming service Apple TV Plus. You’ll need the Apple TV app for that, as well as the Apple TV media player or a television that supports AirPlay. AirPlay is similar to Chromecast, but in the form of Apple technology.

What if you don’t have a TV with AirPlay and you don’t want to invest in an Apple TV media player? Apple TV Plus, the video streaming service, offers some cool shows, such as Ted Lasso. Reason enough to give that content a chance; this is also possible as an avid Chromecast user.

Apple TV and Chromecast: the basics

Let’s start at the beginning. As an Android user (smartphone) you run into the disadvantage that there is no Apple TV app for your smartphone or tablet. So do you want content cast from your smartphone to your TV, then you’re out of luck. You can, however, download an app for your TV or media player with Android TV.

Apple TV Plus
Image: Apple (press image)

When you want to cast content from your iPhone or iPad to an Android TV without an Apple TV app or Apple TV media player, then you have to rely on third-party apps such as AirReceiverLite or AirBeam. Of such apps They don’t look like much and are very basic, but do bring AirPlay features to your TV.

Chromecast V3
Chromecast with Google TV

After installation, your television with Android TV on board will appear – if all goes well – as an option for an AirPlay playback device. Keep in mind that things can go wrong, as this is not an official playback facility, nor is the app created and maintained by Apple.

💡In June 2021, however, Apple opened access for TVs with Android TV, making streaming with these TVs possible.

Apple TV and Chromecast: casting from your browser

A more elegant solution is to bring Apple TV and Chromecast together via the browser on your computer. When using the Google Chrome browser, you can cast a tab directly to a Chromecast-enabled device or Chromecast-enabled device.

That works as follows. You go to the Apple TV Plus website, log in and then play a movie, series or documentary that you want to watch. Then use the built-in Chromecast functions, which ensure that the opened content appears on your television.

Chromecast PC
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Although this option is accessible to most people, it does have drawbacks. You may not be able to access the highest image quality because of this. In addition, you have to control all content from your computer or laptop, so you have to keep it close while watching.

Apple TV and Chromecast: The Apple Device

Then there is one more option to consider. For example, you can connect an Apple device directly to your television. It does not matter whether it is a MacBook, iPad or iPhone. The easiest option is, of course, an Apple TV media player, but that aside.

The biggest disadvantage then is that you must of course have an Apple device. And chances are you have one as you are looking for an option to play the content from the video streaming service. If not, you can omit this option.

Connecting an Apple device is not easy in some cases. For example, if you want to connect an iPhone or iPad, you need an HDMI adapter. In that respect, a MacBook is somewhat easier to connect. And of course the same also applies to the media player.

Apple TV media player
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Apple TV and Chromecast: the differences

After this article, are you considering purchasing an Apple TV media player, which you will use in addition to the Chromecast? Then it is useful to know what you are getting. If you’d rather not, that’s no problem: many Android TV TVs and media players support the app thankfully.

Such an Apple TV media player is really only useful for the people who have already invested in the ecosystem of the Cupertino company. The media player doesn’t work with Android or Android apps and really only works with the company’s other products, such as an iPhone.

Furthermore, the Apple TV and Chromecast with Google TV little in use and functionality. In both cases, you play content from content providers, such as Netflix, Video country, Amazon Prime Video and more. In addition, both players use a physical remote control.

Compared to the older Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra, there are more differences. Those devices do not offer their own software environment and only let you cast content to a TV, while the Apple TV has its own operating system and capabilities.

Apple TV and Chromecast: Finally

So if you want to watch content via Apple TV and Chromecast, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, this functionality does not exist, without unofficial detours. If you really want to watch the available content, download the Apple TV app on your smart TV or get an Apple TV media player at home.

The iPhone and the Chromecast are also not very best friends, but fortunately they work a little better together.

Image: Apple (press image)