Apple iPhone XR

This is the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR was the Apple entry-level model of 2018 and is now only recommended if you buy a refurbished copy. From our purchase advice, all features to the extensive review: this page contains everything you need to know about the iPhone XR.

iPhone XR: the main features

The iPhone XR was the more affordable iPhone unveiled along with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Some concessions were made on the device, such as a single camera on the back, no OLED display and no 3D Touch to keep the suggested retail price low.

  • Successor of the iPhone 8 with an improved camera
  • Available in three storage capacities: 64/128/256GB
  • Price has now come down considerably
  • Will be supported by Apple for years to come
iPhone X design with 6.1-inch LCD screen

iPhone X design with 6.1-inch LCD screen

New features: Face ID and wireless charging

New features: Face ID and wireless charging

Available in the colors black, white, blue, yellow, pink and red

Available in the colors black, white, blue, yellow, pink and red

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Review update: How good are older iPhones in 2021?

iPhone XR review update: worth it in 2021, on one condition

The iPhone XR is an excellent entry-level Apple phone in 2021. The device is still fast, looks fairly modern and will receive iOS updates for years to come. The biggest concession is the camera: the iPhone XR has only one lens on the back, while its newer brothers have two. The lack of MagSafe and 5G is also unfortunate. All in all, the iPhone XR is a decent purchase, but not the most future-proof.

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iPhone XR: 5 reasons to choose an XR

Every iPhone has its own unique features, and so does the XR. Below we list some features.


The main feature of the XR is its low price. It’s still not a budget smartphone – far from it – but with a suggested retail price of 859 euros it was a lot more affordable than the iPhone XS and XS Max. You can now also get the phone at home for a lot less.

In 2017, Apple received a lot of criticism for the high price of the iPhone X, so the company came up with the new iPhone a year later as an alternative for people who don’t want to pay a thousand euros for a smartphone, but with the new design of the iPhone. want to get started. However, it still takes a big bite out of your wallet.

Bright colors

Bright colors

Just like the iPhone 5C from 2013, the iPhone XR is available in some striking colors. The device appeared in no fewer than six versions: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red. This immediately distinguishes the XR from the iPhone XS and XS Max, which only came on the market in silver, black and gold. More recent devices are also less colorful.

A12 chip

A12 chip

The iPhone XR is the affordable alternative to the iPhone XS, but still runs on the same A12 chip. With this processor, Apple took a big step forward because it was the first to use the so-called 7 nanometer architecture. This makes the chip a lot smaller, while its performance and economy increase in the meantime.

Wireless charging and bluetooth 5.0

Wireless charging and bluetooth 5.0

These are not very new features, but they are important: the iPhone XR has support for wireless charging. This allows you to place the device on any Qi charging mat to top up the battery. This is handy, because the device comes standard with a slow 5 Watt charger. That does not help.

Fast charging is supported, but for this you need a MacBook adapter and separate USB-C cable. Also useful: bluetooth 5.0. The latest version of the technique brings a more stable and longer range. The iPhone XR is therefore ideal for controlling your smart speakers, such as a HomePod.

Years of iOS support

Years of iOS support

Like all iPhones, the iPhone XR gets years of support from Apple in terms of software updates. Good news, because that means you can use the latest functions for years and the device (and all your data on it) remains protected against new forms of malware, viruses and other nasties.

The iPhone XR therefore ‘just’ runs on iOS 14, the iPhone software update of 2020. Apple generally updates its devices with new patches for about five years, so you will be safe with the XR in the coming years. . iOS 14 is a pretty significant update. It is the first time that Apple gives iPhone users more freedom. For example, you can organize your own home screen with widgets.

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: the 5 main differences

At the same time as the iPhone XR, Apple unveiled the more expensive iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. With a suggested retail price of 859 euros, the XR was comparable to the iPhone 8, but with the design of the X. To keep the price low, the company has had to make some concessions. Below we discuss the most important ones and in the video above we list the differences and similarities.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: Which New iPhone Should You Choose?

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No OLED display but an LCD screen

The OLED screen is one of the most expensive parts of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max. That is why Apple has opted for an LCD screen with this cheaper variant, which has been used in iPhones for years. Thanks to a new technique, this screen can also be bent, while the display simply runs from edge to edge.

In terms of image quality, you especially notice the difference if you put an OLED and LCD iPhone next to each other. For example, colors on OLED screens are more beautiful, and the color black is really black. That’s because OLED screens can turn off individual pixels, which is the case when showing black pixels. However, LCD is certainly not ugly, and as we are used to from Apple, the screen quality is fine.

Not a double but a single camera lens

Not a double but a single camera lens

The iPhone XR has a similar camera to the one on the iPhone 8, which has a single lens. Still, the XR’s camera is a bit better. For example, the cheaper device – despite the single camera – can take portrait photos, because the device relies on the software for this. We know this from Google’s Pixel devices, which also have one camera lens, but still take very good portrait photos.

No 3D Touch but Haptic Touch

No 3D Touch but Haptic Touch

Due to the LCD screen, the iPhone XR does not support 3D Touch, Apple’s technique with which you can press the screen firmly to activate special functions. Instead, the iPhone XR features Haptic Touch.

This is an alternative to 3D Touch that you activate by holding down the screen for a while. Not all functionalities of 3D Touch work on the XR because of this, but Apple has done its best to transfer as much as possible.

Less water and dust resistant

The iPhone XR has an IP67 rating, which makes it water resistant for thirty minutes at a depth of up to one meter. The more expensive XS and XS Max have an IP68 rating, making them water resistant up to two meters. In practice, this ensures that the more expensive iPhones are slightly better protected against water and dust damage.

No stainless steel edges

Finally, a small difference in design: the iPhone XR has an aluminum bezel around the screen, while the iPhone XS has a stainless steel bezel. As a result, the edges of the XS shine and those of the iPhone XR are dull. It will depend on your personal taste which of the two you like better.

iPhone XR Alternatives: iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone 12 is the successor to the iPhone 11, which in turn is the successor to the XR. The differences between the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are therefore not that big, but the iPhone 12 is a clear step forward in all areas. The Apple entry-level model of 2020 finally has an OLED screen, can handle 5G, is lightning fast thanks to the A14 processor, has a dual camera lens on the back and is supported longer with software updates.

The iPhone XR is affordable, but the iPhone SE (2020) is even cheaper. Apple released the successor to the iconic iPhone SE from 2016 in early 2020. The device has a less modern design but powerful specifications. We know the lightning-fast A13 processor from the iPhone 11, for example, and the battery life is also very solid. We also like the low price tag. You do sacrifice some features. The updated iPhone SE, for example, does not have Face ID facial recognition.

iPhone 13

In 2021, the iPhone 13 has already appeared again. This is of course a bit improved compared to the predecessors. At the same time, Apple also released the iPhone 13 mini, Pro and Pro Max.

iPhone XR: FAQ

How much will I save with a refurbished iPhone XR?

That depends on the condition you choose. Refurbished telephones are technically in new condition, but may contain signs of use. The more traces of use, the higher the discount.

What colors does the iPhone XR have?

The iPhone XR is an incredibly colorful device. You can purchase the phone in red, black, blue, pink, yellow and white.

Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

New. The iPhone XR has an IP67 certificate, which means that it is dust and water resistant. It is therefore not the intention to go swimming with the device, but when some drops end up on the housing, there is no need for the man.

How can I turn off the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR does not have a physical home button. So you turn off the device by holding down the side button for a few seconds. Then slide the slider that appears on the screen to turn off the phone.

What’s the difference between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS?

There are several differences. First, the iPhone XS has an OLED panel, which is of higher quality than the LCD screen of the iPhone XR. In practice, this ensures that films and videos, for example, look better. Furthermore, the iPhone XS is slightly smaller (5.8 inches compared to 6.1 inches) and has a dual camera on the back, while the XR has to make do with a single lens.

What are the main specs of the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, single camera lens on the back and is available in all kinds of fresh colors. The device is nowadays a lot cheaper than the outcome and will be fully supported by Apple in the coming years with software updates. The iPhone XR has a 7 megapixel selfie camera and comes in three storage capacities: 64, 128 and 256GB.

Buy iPhone XR

A separate iPhone XR has now dropped considerably in price. An iPhone XR with a subscription is also quite affordable these days. The device is available in three storage capacities (64GB, 128GB and 256GB) and you can choose from no fewer than six colors: blue, yellow, red, pink, white and black.