Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is the improved version of the iPhone 12. The device is made for demanding users and is therefore fully equipped. From features, prices to our verdict: on this page we update you on the best iPhone of 2020.

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What is the delivery time of the iPhone 12 Pro?

That depends on the model. Since the start of the sale (on October 23, 2020), we have seen very variable delivery times. Some versions of the iPhone 12 Pro are very hard to come by and sometimes don’t ship until weeks after ordering. Other models have no delivery time at all.

The delivery time of the iPhone 12 Pro depends on several factors. For example, one color is more popular than the other version. The amount of storage capacity, provider and whether you use the device separately or in combination with a subscription also make a difference in how quickly you receive it.

Check the current iPhone 12 Pro delivery time per web store and provider

What is the price of the iPhone 12 Pro?

The prices of the iPhone 12 Pro are approximately the same as those of the iPhone 11 Pro of 2019. The entry-level model has a suggested retail price of 1162.10 euros and 128GB of storage. This strange recommended retail price is due to the increased private copying levy as of January 1, 2021. Of course, you can now get the iPhone 12 Pro from providers and online stores for less than the suggested retail price.

iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB front 1162.10 euros
iPhone 12 Pro with 256GB front 1182.10 euros
iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB front 1512.10 euros

What is the design of the iPhone 12 Pro?

An important improvement of the iPhone 12 Pro compared to its predecessor has to do with the design. Apple has given the design a little overhaul and has given the 12 Pro a new, more angular housing. The frame is made of metal and the screen is ‘flat’. This makes the iPhone 12 Pro a bit reminiscent of the iPad Pro. Due to the layer of Ceramid Shield, the iPhone is better protected against drops.

The back is made of glass and therefore wireless charging is available again. The iPhone 12 Pro also supports MagSafe, which ensures that you can charge the phone ‘wirelessly’ via magnets. Of course you still have to power the MagSafe chargers with a cable.

What kind of screen does the iPhone 12 Pro have?

The screen has also become larger: 6.1 inches instead of 5.8 inches. Still, the 12 Pro isn’t necessarily bigger than its predecessor, as the bezels are slightly thinner. The so-called Super Retina XDR display has a high resolution of 2532 by 1170 pixels, an OLED panel for beautiful colors and deep blacks and HDR support.

There is still a notch in the screen, which offers space for the Face ID sensors that enable advanced facial recognition. So a bite is taken from the screen and not everyone is a fan of that.

What kind of camera does the iPhone 12 Pro have?

Last year, the iPhone 11 Pro got a major camera upgrade with the introduction of a third camera lens and Night Mode. This year Apple uses about the same camera system, but supplemented with a LiDAR sensor.

We know this from the iPad Pro 2020 and ensure that the camera can measure the distance between the device and an object (or person). This makes it possible to estimate the depth very accurately, which benefits the quality of the Portrait mode and augmented reality apps (AR). For example, the IKEA app uses AR to estimate the dimensions in your living room.

There are three cameras on the back of the Pro iPhone. It is a normal camera, a wide-angle lens for extra wide photos and a telephoto lens for zooming in. The cameras have been improved and now all work with Night mode, for example, so that you always take a sharp picture when there is a little less light.

In addition, you can make videos in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second and it is possible to make 10-bit HDR videos. This feature is more for users who take videos seriously. The autofocus has been improved and thanks to the new optical image stabilization, you can also take sharp photos if your hands are shaking.

What’s in the iPhone 12 Pro packaging?

Apple and fuss go hand in hand. In recent years, the Cupertino-based company regularly made headlines in a negative way. Just think of the iPhone X from 2017, which at the time was denounced for its notch in the screen, or the AirPods earbuds, which were ridiculed for their design.

This year the fuss is about the accessories of the iPhone 12. Apple supplies all iPhone 12 phones without a charger and earplugs (EarPods) in the box. Apple has several reasons for this controversial decision.

Firstly, it saves the environment. Years of iPhone users probably already have a charger and/or earbuds at home, and are not necessarily waiting for new ones. Not including the accessories simply saves money. In this way, Apple can save on production costs, packaging and transport, among other things.

Does the iPhone 12 Pro support 5G?

Slowly but surely, Dutch providers are activating their 5G networks. It was unclear for a long time whether the new iPhones can work with the successor to 4G. During the keynote, however, Apple immediately made it clear that the new iPhones – and therefore the iPhone 12 Pro – are suitable for 5G.

Thanks to the 5G support, iPhones stream movies and series faster, you have better coverage in busy environments and less latency, which comes in handy for online games, for example.

5G is currently already available in the Netherlands and will be rolled out more widely in the coming years. From 2022, the network will only become really fast here, because then the most important part will go under the hammer: the 3.5 GHz frequency band. At the moment the speed improvements are still small.

What processor and software does the iPhone 12 Pro have?

Before the official announcement, it was already determined which processor and software version the iPhone 12 Pro would get. The device is powered by the new A14 Bionic chip, which is also in the new iPad Air 2020. The processor is more powerful than its predecessor, but also more economical and is also suitable for 5G. This makes the device completely ready for the future.

Furthermore, the best iPhone 12 runs on iOS 14, the major software update that Apple released in 2020. Moreover, you can count on years of updates, so that you can do with your new iPhone for a long time. Want to know more about the latest iOS version? Then take a look at our extensive iOS 14 review.iPhone 12 Apple market leader

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro: what are the differences?

There are several differences between the entry-level model and the Pro version. An important one are cameras. Both Pro models have three camera lenses on the back thanks to the addition of a telephoto lens. A telephoto lens is also called a zoom lens, because it allows you to get images closer.

Furthermore, the Pro models are housed in a stainless steel housing, while the 12 (mini) is made of plastic and the most expensive devices have more storage and working memory. This allows them to run more apps at the same time without feeling sluggish.

The Pro iPhones are aimed at a professional audience and therefore come in business colors: gold, graphite, ocean blue and silver. The iPhone 12 comes in five more colorful variants: dark blue, mint green, red, white and black. Finally, the price is of course different. The iPhone 12 Pro costs hundreds of euros more than the base model.

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Do you want to buy the iPhone 12 Pro? Which can! A separate iPhone 12 Pro is available from 1162.10 euros. With an iPhone 12 Pro with a subscription, you pay this amount in monthly installments. The device is available from all providers and web shops also offer it. Use our price comparator to compare current deals.

The successor to the iPhone 12 Pro is already around the corner. The iPhone 13 Pro appeared in September 2021 and has a significantly improved screen, more accessible camera and more storage. The device is also equipped with a new A15 Bionic chip for even better performance and even longer battery life. In addition, the new iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 Pro Max were also released. In the device comparison below you can immediately see the main differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and the 13 Pro.