Apple iPad Pro 2021

The iPad Pro 2021 is lightning fast thanks to the M1 chip, which is also in the MacBook Pro, for example. Furthermore, the best tablet has a razor-sharp Liquid Retina XDR screen and you can surf the internet at lightning speed thanks to 5G. From release, price to our buying advice, here’s everything you need to know about the iPad Pro 2021.

The most important specs of the iPad Pro 2021:

  • Best iPad of 2021 comes in two sizes: 11 and 12.9 inches
  • Biggest version has Liquid Retina XDR screen, best iPad screen ever
  • iPad Pro 2021 has the same M1 chip as the MacBook Pro laptop
  • Stable internet on the go thanks to 5G support
  • iPad Pro 2021 release is on May 21
  • Starts at 899 euros, 12.9 inch version costs 1219 euros
Mini LED: Best iPad screen ever

Mini LED: Best iPad screen ever

As powerful as an iMac or MacBook Pro thanks to the Apple M1 chip

As powerful as an iMac or MacBook Pro thanks to the Apple M1 chip

First iPad with 5G internet

First iPad with 5G internet

New screen for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2021 is significantly improved compared to its predecessor. Starting with the appearance: the best iPad of 2021 has a Liquid Retina XDR screen. We know this display from the Pro Display XDR, Apple’s thousands of euros monitor.

Thus, the Pro tablet makes a big step in terms of image quality. The screen uses mini-LED, a completely new screen technique that excels in showing contrasts thanks to HDR. The smaller iPad Pro 2021 with 11-inch screen has an LCD panel, which is slightly less good.

Mini LED is a big step for the iPad Pro. This display technique is not only good for contrasts, but also very energy efficient. That is favorable for the battery life. According to Apple, you can therefore use the latest iPad Pro intensively for a whole day without having to plug it in halfway.

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iPad Pro 2021

Laptop processor for the best iPad of 2021 and 5G

Also under the hood, Apple has considerably refurbished the iPad Pro 2021. The tablet is equipped with the M1 chip. We know these from the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the latest MacBook Air and Mac mini. Apple makes the M1 chip itself and claims the new hardware is about 50 percent faster than the previous iPad Pro, which comes out in 2020.

Also new: 5G support. The iPad Pro 2021 can handle the successor to 4G. That is especially good news for commuters, because 5G is not only faster, but the signal is also more stable. So you can use the new iPad Pro on the go, for example, to make video calls with colleagues.

Furthermore, the new iPad Pro has a maximum of 2TB of storage capacity and a Thunderbolt connection. This allows you to connect the tablet to peripherals and, for example, quickly transfer data to and from hard drives.

New TrueDepth camera is your biggest fan

Another cool improvement in the iPad Pro 2021 is the improved TrueDepth camera. The front camera still has 12 megapixels of resolution, but it is Center Stage. This function ensures that you remain in the picture during video calling, even when you move. In a FaceTime conversation, for example, you can walk through your kitchen a bit, because the selfie camera continues to focus on you (or someone else).

Furthermore, the iPad Pro 2021 again has two cameras on the back. The primary lens is supported by an ultra-wide-angle camera that, as you would expect based on the name, excels at taking landscape photos, for example. The LiDAR scanner is of course also present. This depth sensor is very good at estimating depths and improves the quality of portrait photos.

iPad Pro 2021

Familiar design

Enough innovations for the iPad Pro 2021. The design, on the other hand, has remained the same. The best Apple tablet of the moment has exactly the same appearance as its predecessor. The screen therefore lies ‘flat’ on the housing and the edges are relatively angular. The bezels, the black space between the screen and the housing, have not become smaller either.

However, Apple has taken steps in terms of sustainability. The metal in the iPad Pro 2021 is therefore 100 percent from recycled material. Furthermore, the new tablet can of course handle the same accessories as its predecessor, such as the Magic Keyboard.

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List prices and release date

The latest iPad Pro is available in two screen sizes: 11 and 12.9 inches. The latter is not only more expensive because of the larger screen, but also because this version has a mini LED panel. The smaller iPad Pro with 11-inch screen has an LCD screen, just like the 2020 model. Here’s the thing about the iPad Pro 2021 release and price:

  • 11-inch iPad Pro starts at 899 euros
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at 1219 euros
  • Came out on May 21, 2021