Apple iPad Mini 5

The iPad mini 5 is the successor to the iPad mini 4 and Apple’s smallest and cheapest entry-level tablet. The iPad mini 5 was released on Monday March 18, 2019. On this page we bundle all the information you need to know, from specifications to release date, prices and more.

This is the iPad mini of 2019

The iPad mini has been a product that Apple has largely ignored for years. No new model has appeared since 2015, but the product is still sold through Apple’s website.

The iPad mini is known for its 7.9-inch screen, which makes it not only a very compact but also a relatively affordable tablet. Because Apple also wants to keep the price low with the new model, the design is unchanged compared to its predecessor.

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ipad mini 2019 pencil

So the iPad 5 mini again has a 7.9-inch Retina display. In addition, the iPad is equipped with Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. The mini 4 runs on the A8 chip. In terms of power and performance, the small tablet makes a big leap. It is now quite powerful, especially for its compact size.

Also new is that the fifth generation of the iPad mini supports the Apple Pencil. With the first-generation Apple Pencil, you can also use the tablet to draw, write notes, or shape other creative expressions.

iPad mini 5 release and price

The iPad mini 5 was released on March 18 and can be found immediately in the Apple Store. The iPad mini is available from 459 euros. For this price you have the 64GB variant. For the model with 256GB you pay 629 euros. The iPad mini 5 is available in three colors: gold, silver and space gray. This makes the iPad mini 5 slightly more expensive than the iPad mini 4. This was sold from 399 euros on release.

Would you like to know more about the current prices of the new iPad? Check our price comparison if you are going to buy an iPad mini 5. In our comparator we compare the best offers of the moment, so that you can find exactly the model you are looking for using filters.

iPad Mini 2019 review: small powerhouse is big in dexterity

iPad mini 5 review: our conclusion

If you are looking for a small, handy tablet these days, there is really no alternative besides the iPad mini 5. Despite its outdated design, the tablet makes up for a lot with the powerful performance and the beautiful screen. If you want the cheapest iPad and screen size does not matter, then the iPad 2018 is still the best deal in our opinion. But if you want a small screen and a handy size, then the new mini is actually the only option.
Thanks to the economical battery and Apple Pencil support, Apple also supplies a tablet that is an interesting option for many people. The fact that it also delivers a powerful performance makes it a tablet that we can warmly recommend for anyone looking for a small tablet that you can easily take with you.

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ipad mini 2019 colors

These are the specifications of the iPad mini 5

For a long time it has been quiet around the new iPad 5 mini, which even led to Apple’s thought that it would cancel the smaller iPad. With iPhone screens (like the iPhone XS Max, for example) getting bigger and bigger, the usefulness of this small tablet would diminish further.

Still, the iPad mini 5 resurfaced in late 2018 when popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was convinced Apple would be working on a new model. After that, several rumors added fuel to the fire with leaked photos and information about new features and improvements. In January, the first leaked photos of the mini surfaced. Now the iPad has also been officially unveiled. These are the main specifications of the device.

No design changes

Because Apple sees the mini as an entry-level device, the design has not changed compared to its predecessor: the iPad mini 4. Some rumors claimed that thinner screen bezels would come, but that is not the case. The 7.9-inch screen is surrounded by the same familiar screen edges and a home button at the bottom.

ipad mini 2019

A12 chip

Under the hood, the iPad 5 mini has the powerful A12 chip. This chip from Apple significantly boosts the performance of the small tablet. For comparison, the iPhone XS and iPhone XR are also equipped with this chip. It is just not the most powerful chip for iOS devices in 2019, because that is the even stronger A12X Bionic chip that is in the iPad Pro 2018. Still, it’s a welcome leap forward, because the iPad mini 4 still had the now somewhat outdated A8 chip.

Apple Pencil support

With the Apple Pencil you can turn an iPad into a drawing tablet, something that Apple also makes possible with this new mini. By adding support for this stylus, Apple makes the mini a lot more versatile.

For example, the iPad 2018 also received Pencil support so that students could use it for taking notes or drawing assignments. The iPad mini 5 is the first mini variant to have Apple Pencil support. This makes the tablet an interesting accessory for graphic designers, who get a tiny drawing tablet that is easier to carry than a large 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

New iPad mini in 2021

In September, Apple presented the new iPad mini 2021. Although it is larger than the iPad mini 2019, we can still call it ‘mini’. It is 8.3 inches compared to the 7.9 inches of its predecessor. The tablet comes with some nice upgrades, such as better cameras and processor. As a result, he performs a lot better.

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