Apple iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air 2020 has a fresh design, is much more powerful and a lot more future-proof than its predecessor. From the screen, design, features to suggested retail prices, here’s everything you need to know about the new iPad Air.

In short, this is the iPad Air of 2020:

  • Design resembles the iPad Pro 2018
  • Large screen with thin bezels
  • USB-c port instead of a Lightning connection
  • Excels in value for money
  • Powerful hardware and fingerprint scanner
  • In five fresh colors available
10.9 inch screen with much thinner bezels

10.9 inch screen with much thinner bezels

Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the power button at the top of the housing

Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the power button at the top of the housing

The most important innovations of the iPad Air

The iPad Air 2020 is the fourth generation of the well-known Apple tablet. It is therefore also called iPad Air 4. The iPad Air 2019 came out in 2019, after years of absence. This tablet was a modest upgrade compared to its predecessor, but the Air 2020 does make big leaps forward. Below we have summarized the most important innovations for you.

1. Design: Air goes after iPad Pro

The design of the new iPad Air is based on the iPad Pro. That means the iPad Air has received a welcome design overhaul. Its predecessor from 2019 still has significant screen edges, but Apple is now moving away from that.

The iPad Air has a larger 10.9-inch display with thin bezels, or screen edges. It is a so-called Liquid Retina panel, where the edges of the display are curved. All in all, the screen of the new Air is bigger, better and more ready for the future.

The iPad Air may then resemble the iPad Pro; there are indeed differences. Take the refresh rate. The iPad Pro has a 120Hz screen, where the screen refreshes 120 times per second and therefore looks very smooth, while the Air ‘stuck’ at 60Hz.

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2. Connection: from Lightning to usb-c

The iPad Air 4 has a USB-C port instead of an old-fashioned Lightning connection. That is the first time that Apple has equipped an iPad other than the iPad Pro with such a port. Usb-c is more modern and is also used on MacBooks (and almost all Android phones and tablets).

Thanks to the USB-C port, you can, for example, connect the tablet directly to an external screen, a hard drive, or connect the camera directly to your iPad. That makes the Air (2020) a lot more versatile than its predecessor. After all, you no longer have to mess around with all kinds of coupling pieces.

Apple iPad Air 2020

But, the USB-C port has another advantage: the new iPad now supports fast charging as standard. As a result, the battery is filled a lot faster and you no longer have to wait so long until the device is full. The iPad Air (2020) box contains a new 20 Watt adapter as standard.

3. Powerful hardware and easy unlocking

Because the screen edges have become much thinner, the traditional Touch ID button has also disappeared. Still, the iPad Air (2020) ‘just’ has a fingerprint scanner, but it is now on top of the on/off button. If you press the button to turn on the tablet, it will recognize your finger and you can get started right away.

Under the hood of the iPad Air (2020) is the A14 Bionic chip. This is a very powerful processor that is also in the iPhone 12. The tablet is therefore fast, runs games smoothly and the software feels very smooth. It is not without reason that the iPad Air is faster than the iPad Pro of 2020.

Apple iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air 2020 does not compete with the iPad Pro from 2021 in terms of hardware. This tablet has an M1 chip, which is also in the iMac from 2021 and the latest MacBook Air, for example. The M1 chip is made by Apple itself and is so powerful that you can render videos with it, for example. Are you not professional with your iPad? Then you probably have enough with the A14 processor of the Air.

4. Cameras and Software

Apple has also equipped the iPad Air (2020) with better cameras. The back now has the same 12-megapixel camera as with the iPad Pro from 2020. Thanks to the double pixel, it focuses very quickly and also has a relatively large viewing angle. This is great, for example, when you want to photograph a landscape.

On the front is a new 7 megapixel camera for selfies. The lens has mainly been made brighter. As a result, you can also make video calls when there is less (natural) light, such as in the evening. The selfie camera also has HDR (so a very large color range) and you can record videos in full-HD (1080p).

As a result, the iPad Air 2020 ran on iPadOS 14, the iPad update of 2020. As a rule, Apple supports its new devices with updates for about five to six years. The iPad Air will therefore certainly take the updates to iPadOS 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. So you will be in good hands for the next few years!

5. Expand with accessories

Of course you can expand the latest iPad Air with all kinds of accessories. For example, the tablet can handle the Apple Pencil 2, which is the latest Apple pen. This stylus comes in handy when taking notes, editing photos, or using the iPad to draw.

The iPad Air of 2020 can also be expanded with a keyboard, such as the Magic Keyboard. This Apple-made keyboard has a trackpad so you can operate the iPad without touching the screen. Other keyboards also fit the iPad Air, but you should read them carefully beforehand.

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New year new iPads

September 2021 is now behind us and Apple has released new iPad models. This time no Air version, but a regular iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro. These are of course all a bit better than last year’s models. In the device comparator below you can easily see the most important similarities and differences.

Compare these iPads

Apple iPad Air 2020

Apple iPad Air 2020

from €664.34

A14 Bionic chip

Same as iPhone 12

12 Megapixel

7 Megapixel front camera

10 hours

With normal use

Apple iPad 2020

Apple iPad 2020

from €423.75

A12 Bionic chip

Same as iPhone XR and XS

8 Megapixel

1.2 Megapixel front camera

10 hours

With normal use

Apple iPad 2021

Apple iPad 2021

from € 385.98

A13 Bionic chip

Same as iPhone 11

8 Megapixel

12 Megapixel ultra-wide front camera

10 hours

With normal use

Apple iPad Pro 2021

Apple iPad Pro 2021

from €872,-

11 Inch XDR Liquid Retina Display

M1 chip

Fastest chip ever in a tablet

12 and 10 Megapixel ultra wide

12 Megapixel ultra wide

13 hours

with normal use

Frequently asked questions answered

How can I turn off the iPad Air 2020?

First, press and hold the volume up button and top button (power button) until you see “Power off” appear on the iPad display. Drag this slider and wait 30 seconds for the device to turn off completely. If you want to turn the Air back on, simply hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears.

iPad Air 2020 vs iPad 2020: what are the differences?

There are several differences between the two tablets. For example, the iPad Air has a larger screen: 10.9 inches versus 10.2 inches. In addition, the ‘regular’ iPad has an old-fashioned design with large edges at the top and bottom of the screen. As a result, only 74 percent of the space used at the front consists of real screen, while this is more than 81 percent with the Air.

Also under the hood it is like comparing apples with oranges. The iPad Air 2020 has very powerful hardware – comparable to the iPhone 12 – while the entry-level iPad runs on the A12 chip. This one is a lot less powerful. The iPad 2020 also falls short in terms of cameras. It has to make do with an 8 megapixel camera, while the Air has a 12 megapixel lens.

The difference is even greater with the front camera. The Air has a 7 megapixel selfie camera, the regular iPad does not get further than 1.2 megapixels. Furthermore, the iPad 2020 does not have a USB-C connection, it cannot make full-HD videos and you can only use the first-generation Apple Pencil. All in all, the two tablets are clearly made for different target groups. ipad air 2020 vs ipad 2020

iPad Air vs iPad Pro: Which One Should You Get?

That depends on your wishes and preferences. Do you want the ultimate iPad experience and are you not afraid to put a lot of money on the table? Then you should go for the iPad Pro (2021). This tablet is better than the iPad Air from a year before in all areas, but the price is also worth it.

If you are more interested in a good price-quality ratio, then you cannot ignore the Air. This tablet ‘borrows’ a lot of functions from the iPad Pro, but is a lot more affordable. In summary, the iPad Pro is aimed at a professional audience who want the best of the best, and are willing to pay for it. The iPad Air sits right in between the entry-level iPad and Pro, and is a better deal for most people.

Can I replace the iPad Air battery myself?

If you are very handy you can try it, but not everyone will succeed. The housing of the iPad Air is quite ‘bricked up’ and you therefore have to work very accurately and be sure of your case. For many people it is therefore wiser to call in a repairman. ipad magic keyboard

Which keyboard fits the iPad Air?

Many keyboards fit on the iPad Air of 2020. You can go for an Apple keyboard, but you can also buy it from an accessory maker, such as Logitech.

Apple itself sells two iPad keyboards that fit on the fourth Air. The best (and most expensive) is the Magic Keyboard. This has a built-in trackpad that allows you to operate the iPad without touching the screen. The Smart Keyboard Folio is slightly more affordable and therefore does not have a touch-sensitive part.

In addition, there are many companies that make keyboards for iPads. Listing these parties is impossible. Therefore, when shopping, pay attention to whether the keyboard you have in mind fits. Check the specifications to see if it fits the iPad Air 2020 (sometimes also called iPad Air 4).

Buy iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air was introduced September 2020 announced and will be available on October 16. The tablet had an entry-level price of 669 euros, but is now for sale for less. For that money you get the variant with 64GB storage space. Do you need more storage? Then go for the 256GB version, which costs 839 euros. Think carefully about your choice, because you cannot add storage space afterwards. There is no micro SD card in the iPad Air.

You can also choose the WiFi version or purchase the iPad Air (2020) with mobile internet. The latter is more expensive, but then you have an internet connection everywhere via a SIM card. The 2020 Air is available in five colors: sky blue, mint green, rose gold, space gray and silver.

Do you want to be completely cheap? Then get a refurbished iPad Air 2020 at home. Such a tablet has been used before, but has been completely checked, possibly repaired and therefore technically in new condition. Buying refurbished is not only better for your wallet, but also for your wallet.