Apple iPad Air 2019

This is the iPad Air 2019

After years of absence, the iPad Air is back. The iPad Air 2019 is the little brother of the iPad Pro, but it is quite powerful. You can read all about it on this page.

While the rumors were looking for a successor to the iPad 2018, Apple surprised everyone on Monday, March 18. A week before the first Apple event of 2019, the Cupertino company released the iPad Air 2019 and the iPad mini 2019: two iPads that have not received updates for years.

ipad air 2019 front

iPad Air 2019 release and price in the Netherlands

The new Air was unveiled at the beginning of March and was immediately available in the Netherlands. The first copies will be delivered on April 3. The iPad has a 10.5-inch display and comes in the colors Space Gray, Silver and Gold in two different storage capacities: 64GB and 256GB.

iPad Air 2019 suggested retail prices

  • iPad Air 10.5 inches 64GB: 569 euros
  • iPad Air 10.5 inches 256GB: 739 euros

Conclusion iPad Air (2019) review

The iPad Air (2019) fills an important gap in Apple’s lineup, and does it in an excellent way. The large and beautiful screen, the smooth hardware and excellent battery life are clearly the biggest pluses and ensure that the iPad can last for years. Apple has put little effort into the design, but the design of this Air (2019) with the slightly thinner screen edges is still better than that of the cheaper iPad.

Are you looking for the cheapest iPad and don’t mind working with a less good screen and hardware that is slowly becoming obsolete? Then the iPad (2018) is still a great choice. But if you want something more and a tablet that can really go on for years to come, we can recommend the iPad Air (2019). This is the tablet that is the best choice for most people.

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iPad Air 2019: new features and prices in a row

With a starting price of x euros, the iPad Air 2019 is a lot more expensive than the iPad 2018. That is mainly because Apple has placed the new Air between the iPad and the iPad Pro. Below we discuss the most important innovations.

ipad air 2019 great

Design: an iPad Pro from 2017

We can best compare the design of the iPad Air with that of the iPad Pro from 2017. Both iPads have a 10.5-inch LCD display and are equipped with a Touch ID sensor. So no facial recognition with Face ID and no screen that extends to the edges.

We also do not see the new angular design of the iPad Pro 2018 in the new Air. This one mostly looks like the iPads we’ve known for years. Although the 10.5-inch screen is a lot larger than the 9.7-inch we are used to from the iPad Air.

Smart Connector for Smart Keyboard

The iPad Air 2019 is equipped with a Smart Connector on the side. Until now only available on the iPad Pro, this magnetic connection is making the switch to a cheaper iPad for the first time. With the Smart Connector you can connect accessories magnetically, which are then automatically linked to the tablet. You do not need a Bluetooth connection for this.

As a result, the new Air supports Apple’s Smart Keyboard, a keyboard that on the one hand protects the screen when you’re not using the iPad and can fold out as a keyboard. This turns the iPad into a kind of laptop on which you can easily process text. Updates from the iPad to accessories can also be sent via the Smart Connector.

ipad air 2019 pencil

Support for Apple Pencil (1st generation)

All new iPads now support the Apple Pencil, Apple’s smart drawing pen that is especially useful for graphic artists. It is striking that the iPad Air 2019 supports the first generation of the Pencil, instead of the second generation that has been available since the end of 2018. The latest Apple Pencil therefore only works on the iPad Pro 2018. An important detail to remember if you plan to purchase a Pencil with this iPad.

Runs on A12 Bionic chip

The Pad Air 2019 runs on the A12-Bionic Chip. This is the same Apple-designed processor that is also used in the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. At the time, the A12 was already very successful due to its speed and energy efficiency. With this processor, this iPad can last for years with the latest apps and, as always, Apple will support the tablet with the latest iOS versions for a long time.

The successor is ready

After the iPad Air 2019, Apple came up with an even newer tablet in 2020, the iPad Air 2020. This is even better than the 2019 version and therefore more future-proof. This one has, among other things, a better and larger screen and a much faster chip. So you can also run some heavier apps with it.