Apple iPad 2020

Everything about the iPad 2020

The iPad 2020 has a large screen, is more powerful and more future-proof than its predecessor. In September 2021 it was succeeded by the iPad 2021. However, on this page we go in depth about the iPad 2020 and all its most important specs.

iPad 2020 specs and features in a nutshell:

  • iPad 2020 has a large 10.2 inch screen
  • Same A12 processor like the iPhone XR
  • Runs on iPad OS 14
  • Choose from 32GB and 128GB to storage
  • Recommended retail prices of 389 and 489 euros
  • Available in three colors: gold, space gray and silver

iPad 2020 review conclusion

The iPad 2020 is ‘just fine’, no more, no less. If you only use the iPad for browsing, word processing, and occasionally playing a game, the iPad 2020 is enough and there is no point in buying the more expensive iPad Air 2020. Although the design looks old-fashioned in 2020, the tablet does make quite a few improvements under the hood.

Although the entry-level model is not really a powerhouse, the A12 Bionic chip is a lot faster than the A10 Fusion chip of its predecessor. In addition, the iPad 2020 has a Smart Connector, so you can effortlessly connect accessories such as the Magic Keyboard. Unfortunately, the iPad does not support the Apple Pencil 2.

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iPad 2020 review: Apple entry-level tablet is fine, but no more than that

Large screen, but old design

With its 10.2-inch screen, the iPad 2019 was a lot bigger than its predecessor. The iPad 2020 has the same size display and focuses mainly on faster hardware. The design has therefore not changed and that means that the iPad looks somewhat outdated in 2020.

Does that bother you little? Then the design of the iPad 2020 feels like a warm bath. The present screen edges ensure that there is ‘just’ space for a Touch ID fingerprint scanner at the bottom. You use this to unlock the tablet and, for example, approve purchases in the App Store.

Apple iPad 2020

The iPad Air, which was also renewed in 2020, also has a Touch ID scanner. However, this has been moved: it is incorporated in the on/off button at the top.

Key specs of the iPad 2020

The cheapest iPad of 2020 is powered by the A12 Bionic chip, which we know from the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. This is a huge improvement compared to the iPad 2019. It is powered by the A10 Fusion chip.

This chip was introduced with the iPhone 7 and in 2020 therefore needs an update. With the A12 Bionic chip, Apple ensures that the latest iPad can continue for many years.

Apple iPad 2020

The processor of the iPad is 40 percent faster than its predecessor and the GPU (the graphics processor) has also been renewed. This makes the iPad better suited for running games and heavy applications (for example with augmented reality). However, the iPad 2020 is not a real powerhouse.

Are you professional with (graphically) heavy programs? Then you better take a look at the iPad Air and iPad Pro. These tablets have much more powerful hardware on board. The ‘regular’ iPad 2020 is particularly ideal for people looking for a tablet for everyday tasks such as browsing, word processing and playing a game every now and then.

No Apple Pencil 2 support, but iPadOS 14

The iPad from 2019 could only handle the first-generation Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, that will not change with the iPad 2020, which means that you still have to charge the pen by inserting it into the Lightning port of the tablet. This is somewhat inconvenient and not as nice as with newer generations of the Pencil, which charge wirelessly.

Furthermore, the cheapest iPad from Apple’s range runs out of the box on iPadOS 14. After the iPad got its own software with iPadOS 13 in 2019, the changes are less drastic this year. iPadOS 14 is above all a nice update that provides a better user experience. Want to know more about the new iPad software? Check out our iPadOS 14 review in which we discuss all the pros and cons in detail.

Apple iPad 2020

Smart Connector and much faster charging

The iPad 2020 also has a Smart Connector, so you can connect the keyboard and other accessories without any problems. Also present is an 8 megapixel camera on the back, a FaceTime HD camera on the front and a battery that lasts a full day.

A very nice improvement is that the iPad 2020 comes standard with a 20 Watt fast charging. As a result, the tablet charges much faster and you no longer have to buy separate adapters to top up the battery faster. Included in the box is a Lightning to USB-C cable and 20 Watt USB-C adapter.

Newer model is ready

In September 2021, Apple released the next version of their popular tablet: the iPad 2021, including -mini and -pro variants. In the device comparator below you can easily see the difference between the different models.

Compare these iPads

Apple iPad 2020

Apple iPad 2020

from €423.75

A12 Bionic chip

Same as iPhone XR and XS

8 Megapixel

1.2 Megapixel front camera

10 hours

With normal use

Apple iPad 2021

Apple iPad 2021

from € 385.98

A13 Bionic chip

Same as iPhone 11

8 Megapixel

12 Megapixel ultra-wide front camera

10 hours

With normal use

Apple iPad Pro 2021

Apple iPad Pro 2021

from €872,-

11 Inch XDR Liquid Retina Display

M1 chip

Fastest chip ever in a tablet

12 and 10 Megapixel ultra wide

12 Megapixel ultra wide

13 hours

with normal use

Recommended retail price and availability

Do you want to buy the iPad 2020? It is available in two storage capacities: 32GB and 128GB. Those who mainly work in the cloud will probably have enough with the entry-level model. Do you regularly download a Netflix movie to watch it offline or do you have an Apple Arcade subscription for playing games? Then 128GB is probably a better choice.

You can also choose from three classic Apple colors when purchasing: gold, space gray and silver. The iPad 2020 starts at 389 euros for the 32GB model. For 100 euros more, so in total 489 euros, you get the version with 128GB storage capacity. Do you also want to be reachable on the road? Then you have to buy the version with mobile internet. For the overview, these are the iPad 2020 prices:

Below we list all the prices of the iPad 2020, so that you know exactly how much you pay for each variant. Use our iPad 2020 price comparator to compare the most current deals. You can also filter by color, design and delivery time.

  • Apple iPad 2020 with 32GB: 389 euros
  • Apple iPad 2020 with 128GB: 489 euros
  • Apple iPad 2020 with 32GB and mobile internet: 529 euros
  • Apple iPad 2020 with 128GB and mobile internet: 629 euros