Apple iPad 2019

The iPad 2019 is the successor to the iPad 2018, the smaller, cheaper brother of the iPad Pro. On this page you can read everything about the release date, new features and prices.

This is the iPad 2019

A bigger screen, Smart Connector and more: Apple has made the entry-level iPad a lot more functional from the iPad 7th generation (iPad 2019). Last year, the iPad 2018 turned out to be the best new iPad for most people. After all, the tablet was affordable and will last for years with iOS updates. That is no different with the iPad 2019, although the design still cannot compete with that of the (much more expensive) iPad Pro 2018.

iPad 2019

The iPad 2019 at a glance:

  • a bigger 10.2 inches-LCD Display
  • Available in space grey, gold and silver
  • Choose from 32GB and 128GB to internal memory
  • Defaults to iPadOS
  • Supports the first generation Apple Pencil
  • Smart Connector to support Smart Keyboard

iPad 2019 review: our conclusion

In this iPad 2019 review you have regularly read that we think the tablet is ‘good enough’. That is also the best way to summarize this new iPad: the tablet is good enough for almost everything and that is certainly a good deal for the reasonable price of 389 euros. If you take this tablet into your home with the right expectations, you can use it for years to come and it can even be used by students thanks to the Smart Connector and the slightly larger screen.

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iPad 2019: release dates and prices at a glance

Apple unveiled the iPad 2019 at the iPhone 11 event on September 10. There we also got to see the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It’s a remarkable time for Apple to release another budget iPad this late in the year. In recent years, the company always released new versions of this model at the beginning of the year around the end of March. The iPad 2019 will be available from September 30, 2019. The prices are as followed.

  • iPad 2019 32GB Wi-Fi – 389 euros
  • iPad 2019 128GB Wi-Fi – 489 euros
  • iPad 2019 32GB cellular – 529 euros
  • iPad 2019 128GB cellular – 629 euros
iPad 2019

The 5 most important iPad 2019 features and improvements

The iPad 2019 makes a number of striking and major improvements compared to its predecessor. Below we have listed the most important new features of the 7th generation iPad.

1. A custom design with a bigger screen

The iPad 2019 makes the switch from a 9.7 inch to a 10.2 inch screen. The housing remains the same size, because by making the screen edges narrower, Apple has managed to put a larger display in the tablet. We saw this before with the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2019. This ensures that the tablet has just a little more screen space, which comes in handy when watching movies, or when you use multiple apps side by side with the multitasking function. .

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2. Support for the first generation Apple Pencil

The second-generation Apple Pencil will remain exclusive to the iPad Pro for now. That means you can use the first Apple Pencil again with the iPad 2019. With this you can, for example, draw in numerous drawing apps, write notes or simply operate the tablet. You charge the drawing pen by plugging it into the Lightning port of the iPad. So you always have a charger at hand.

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The Apple Pencil is a popular accessory for students and designers, who turn the iPad into a drawing tablet. More and more third-party apps are also going to support the Pencil. Pairing is lightning fast and by skewing the tip or pressing firmly on the screen you can make lines look different.

iPad 2019

3. Finally a Smart Connector

A major loss of the iPad 2018 was the lack of the Smart Connector. This allows you to connect an Apple Smart Keyboard to the tablet, making text processing much easier and more user-friendly. Fortunately, the iPad 2019 is equipped with this connection, which immediately makes it much more practical and usable for students who are looking for a tablet.

With the Smart Connector you can magnetically click a Smart Keyboard to the tablet, which means you no longer have to manually pair it via Bluetooth. Apple can also send software updates to the keyboard via this connection. The Smart Keyboard is pricey, but it’s an effective way to make your iPad a lot more productive.

4. Runs on iPadOS by default

The iPad 2019 runs on iPadOS as standard, the first time that a tablet from Apple will receive a fully-fledged own software version. The iPad is getting rid of iOS and gets its own operating system. This ensures, among other things, a modified home screen that fits more apps and widgets and a greatly improved Files app. You will also now view websites in the desktop view by default, so that they no longer look like a stretched version of an iPhone website. Want to learn more about iPadOS? Check out our preview.

iPad 2019

5. Runs on the A10 Fusion chip with 10 hours of battery life

The iPad 2019 runs on Apple’s A10 Fusion chip. This ensures that you can effortlessly use multiple apps side by side and is also economical for your battery. With normal use, this provides a battery life of about ten hours, although this of course depends on your use. For example, if you play a lot of games or download a lot of apps, then you will have to connect the iPad to a power outlet.

Successors are ready

2019 Of course it has been a while and that is why there are newer tablets than the 7th generation iPad. That is why newer iPads are now available. There is, for example, the iPad 2020 and also the iPad 2021. In addition, variants are of course available such as the -Air, -Pro and -mini. These have been considerably improved under the hood because they use newer chips. In addition, these are all more available than the 2019 version and therefore in some cases even cheaper.