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AOL Mail is a free online messaging service including an instant messaging service: AIM. AOL was among the first Internet service providers during the computer boom in the 1980s. AOL was also born in 1985 in the United States under the name America Online. Exported to Europe under AOL, the brand is much less known and used in France.

In 2005, AOL France launched a fixed telephony offer, without much success. At the end of the year, AOL then launched its ADSL Box. In 2006, AOL sold its Internet service provider activity to the Neuf Cegetel group. Since then, AOL France has simply operated on the net, offering online messaging.

What is AOL Mail

AOL Mail is an email service. This service is free. Coupled with an online chat service known as AIM, AOL Mail is composed of a calendar, a task list, a filter manager, etc. Modular, it is possible to add to AOL Mail complementary software allowing access to other messaging systems such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and some social networks such as Flickr, or PhotoBucket. It can turn into a mail aggregator. An aggregator is software that allows you to read your mails received on other mailboxes on a single mailbox.

Unlike other couriers, AOL Mail offers unlimited storage capacity. The maximum size of the attachments is consequent, namely 16 GB. The inbox works on the classic principle of electronic mailboxes. To access it, from any computer, you have a username and a password. Provided during your registration, they allow you to connect to your webmail.

Little known and little used in France

AOL Mail is not very popular in France. Much more developed in the United States, this platform offers a information and news portal in addition to online messaging. With the launch of Project Phoenix in 2010, AOL is revamping its messaging interface. For several years, AOL has not innovated at all. The Phoenix project is rather evocative. AOL must rise from its ashes.

After losing a lot of customers, and an obvious decline, AOL has just decided to reclaim the world of electronic messaging. The bet is risky facing the messaging giants, but AOL refuses to give up and abandon its latest project. Unveiled last year, after a lot of work, the new version of the AOL Mail interface is aesthetic, practical and attractive. To date, AOL has announced 24 million users.

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