Android apps on Windows 11: that’s it

Android apps on Windows 11: that's it

Android and Windows 11 get a connection. It goes like this.

You will soon be able to go to another place to get started with your Android apps. In addition to your smartphone and tablet, you can also use Android apps in combination with Windows 11. Microsoft has currently launched a beta program. This gives testers the first chance to test these apps in combination with Windows 11.

Windows 11 Android

This is not about apps from Google Play, by the way. The usual online store for Android apps. No, these are applications from the Amazon Appstore. In addition, it is a requirement that you use a Windows 11 computer with a processor from Intel, AMD or Qualcomm. That’s not that hard. The chances are small that you are using a chipset from another brand on your Windows 11 PC.

These are all kinds of apps, 50 in total. From games to applications that can increase your production, for example. The Amazon Appstore is linked to the Microsoft Store to download and install the Android apps on Windows 11. Then the apps run as you are used to from programs and apps within Windows. There’s nothing different about that really. So nice.