Android 11: what’s new

Like almost every year, Google releases a new version of its mobile operating system, the widely famous android. Software chosen by the biggest manufacturers (in fact, all except Apple), smartphones and tablets Samsung, sony, AsusLG, XiaomiHonor, Huawei, Wiko and even nokia run on Android. Since 2008, Google has been upgrading its OS, which can be considered correct since version 4.

Barely released in September 2019, Android 10 will however remain the most recent system until the end of summer 2020. If we are already talking about v11, it is because Google distributed Android 11 Developer Preview to hardware manufacturers and application publishers. And took the opportunity to unveil some new features on Android11, which has not been called by a candy name since the tenth version.

Is your smartphone compatible and will receive Android 11 ? Google has not yet unveiled the list of eligible devices, but it will still take a few months to get it and be able to update Android 10 to Android 11. In the meantime, only Pixel 2, 3, 3a phones and 4 can receive Android 11 Developer Preview with ADB.

5G network

First, devices designed for Android 11 will be 5G ready. This does not mean that an old device that can benefit from Android 11 will at the same time be 5G compatible, because it depends on the on-board mobile network chip, but at least the system will be ready. What interest in 5G? Do even more video streaming, mixed and virtual reality, cloud gaming (online video game), etc.

New screen formats

Android 11 will be compatible with the latest in display format. After the overflows on the sides (waterfall) like the Samsung Galaxy S* Edge and the notches “drops of water” (pinhole), Android11 ​​will provide the most eccentric formats such as foldable, curved, flexible screens…

water drop screen smartphone pinhole

Store confidential information

Android 11 evolves the wallet which makes it possible to store train or cinema tickets, loyalty cards. Google wants to go further and prepares Android for the ISO 18013-5 standard which allows the phone to keep a certified copy of a passport, an identity card, a driver’s license. The virtual identity document is not yet relevant, but your phone will be compatible the day it becomes possible.

MessagingAndroid 11 message bubble notification

The integrated messaging application, Google Messages, can be configured with a conversation bubble, like Facebook Messenger.

System updates by Google Play

Google wants security patches released faster. Rather than waiting for the manufacturer to validate and deploy a system update, Android 11 goes to 22 (instead of 10) modules which will be updated by Google Play Store, the application store. This is already the case today on some components but Google generalizes the thing.

Animations, videos and camera

A new API will be able to decode and create HEIF files, much lighter than GIF animations.


When an app asks for special permission (accessing the camera, contacts, etc.), Android 11 adds a third possibility. Next to “Allow” and “Do not allow” will be added “Only this time”. Thus, the application will have to ask the user for permission again the next time it wants to make an external access.

permissions permissions android 11 google