Always win with WORdER: the best website to cheat on Apalabrados


One of the funniest Android games is, without a doubt, Applauded. A title in the purest Scrabble style that allows you to face opponents from all over the world. The problem is that, even if you know the best tricks for Apalabrados, on more than one occasion you will have lost.

And yes, everyone knows that the important thing is to have a fun time. But it is also true that you have a better time when you win. So, if you want to know how to solve Words quickly, it is best to get a little help. And this is where it comes in WORdER (word search engine), the best website for it.

How to use WORdER to earn in Words

worder languages

As you can see in the image that heads these lines, we are facing a website, available through this link, in different languages ​​and that boasts a powerful search engine to find all kinds of words.

And beware, that even if it is the best website to win in Apalabrados, it can also be used for all kinds of games in which words are the main element. Be it a crossword puzzle or hangman game, the word finder WORdER will make you a master of letters. It can even be used to create rhymes for your songs!

How does WORdER work?

On the web there are two search engines. The first is the word search engine, where you can put the letters you have (the different order) to show you the words you can create.

use worder

As you will see in the image above, You just have to put the letters you have and all the possible combinations will appear. You can also add an asterisk to the end of the letter combination (in the case of our example it would be ANDROIDPHORIA *) so that WORdER takes into account that you have a wildcard in Words.

And the other seeker of this tool to win in Apalabrados you will fall in love. Mainly because it allows you to find words through a pattern. In this way, you will be able to find combinations of letters in the simplest way.

use wordy worder

For this you just have to know the different search formulas that we show you below. For example, a period (.) Replaces a letter, a colon (..) replaces two letters, and so on. In the case of the hyphen (-), it allows us to find words that begin or end with one or more letters, words that begin with a particular letter, and then end with another letter … The possibilities are vast!

Hasn’t it been clear to you? Don’t worry, we will transcribe the examples from the web so that you better understand how it works:

  • ZU- Words that start with ZU.
  • -FAZ Words that end with -FAZ.
  • … Words that have three letters.
  • -ZZ-Words that contain the letter Z twice.
  • ..LA… Words that start with two letters, end with -LA and have 4 letters in total.
  • HO-A … Words that start with HO, end with A and have letters in the middle.
  • HL-… Words that start with H, then any letter, then an L and then they can continue.
  • -MI.NTE… Words that end with MI, any letter, and NTE.
  • -Z-MIND … Words that end with -MED and contain a Z.

Without a doubt, a very complete tool that will allow you to crush your rivals by playing these types of games. Now that you know the best website to cheat on Apalabrados, What are you waiting for to get revenge on that friend who always beat you!