Airdrop Flux – How to benefit from Airdrop on cryptocurrency Flux

Flux is a cryptocurrency which has experienced significant enthusiasm in recent months. Indeed the price of the token has increased a lot lately (from 0.15 to 0.45 €)

It must be said that the developers offer us important new features such as shared mining, Airdrops.

Without forgetting their ZelCore Wallet which in my opinion is one of the best free multi-currency wallets on the market.

In this tutorial I explain how to earn other cryptocurrencies thanks to your Feeds.

What is Flux?

Originally Flux was called ZelCash then Zel. It’s about a decentralized, secure and scalable platform

Cryptocurrency was born on January 31, 2018 by its creator Miles manley.

The purpose of the flow is simple: democratize the world of cryptocurrencies by grouping together its applications within from one place.

Their main tool is ZelCore, it’s about Flux’s official wallet. The wallet supports various cryptocurrencies and its interface and ergonomics are much appreciated by users. It exists an advanced version for $ 4 / month.

zelcore wallet
here is the main menu of the Zelcore Wallet (free version)

Thanks to Zelcore

To be eligible for Airdrops (free cryptocurrency distribution) simply keep your Flux tokens in your wallet.

The date of next Airdrop is October 15, 2021, it is a Flux-Trx and Flux-Sol AIRDROP

There is a ratio for the distribution which is 1/10.

Rather, it is recommended to have the Feeds before October 15th. Indeed the blockchain performs a Snapshot in order to be able to determine the eligibility.

We will be sure to update this article to give you the dates of the next AIRDROP.

Zelcore download is accessible from this page: (take the opportunity to update it). The application is available on Windows / Linux / Android and Iphone

Zelcore download page

Once installed you must:

  • create your user account
  • create your password
  • memorize your passphrase (never to be disclosed! )

zelcore account creation

Once in the interface you can add assets (cryptocurrencies) by clicking on manage assets

manage zelcore assets
You can add a significant number of assets!

Flux Masternodes

In case you have installed your own Masternode (verification node) then you are also eligible for distribution.

Some platforms (excellent by the way) like Feel-Mining offers turnkey masternodes, however they are not eligible for AirDrop.

However, the MasterNode makes it possible to generate significant returns (20% per year), the rewards obtained (in Flux) can therefore be transferred to your Zelcore wallet

From experience I take advantage of the rewards of my Masternodes to send them to my Zelcore and thus take advantage of the different AirDrop

For transfer your rewards don’t forget to save on Feel-Mining your Zelcore wallet address!

The receiving address of your Zelcore wallet can be accessed by clicking on the token then at the top right on “receive”.

reception address flow

Finally in your Feel-Mining customer area you must add your address in the list of wallets

feelmining wallet menu

add wallet flow feelmining

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you should know that we have written a few articles on our Cryptocurrency page

All of these articles are by no means investment advice!

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