Aerial Winter Age, Bio Net Worth, Wallpapers & Biography

Aerial Winter Biography- Ariel Winter Workman famously known as Ariel Winter is an American actress, voice actress, and a singer. She is popularly known for her role as Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family. Her cast-mates has won four screen actors guild awards for Best Ensemble in a comedy series.She was born in Los Angeles, California, Ariel Winter is the daughter of Chrisoula and Glenn Workman. She is the sister of actors Shanelle Workman and Jimmy Workman. She is of Greek, English and German descent. Best known for her portrayal of Alex Dunphy in the hit sitcom ‘Modern Family”, Ariel Winter is a supremely talented American actress, singer and voice actress. Know more about Aerial Winter Biography.


She has quite successfully managed to roll quite a few eyeballs worldwide at a very young age, so much so that she is pitted to be Hollywood’s next big thing by many industry pundits, which comes as no surprise given the fact that she has been involved with the television industry since the time she was still a toddler. This beautiful and intelligent actress has also achieved exceptional success as a voice artist and singer in various previous shows and movies. As a testimony of her talent, she has won various awards and accolades throughout her career.

Aerial Winter Age, Bio Net Worth, Wallpapers & Biography

Ariel Winter has two siblings-Shanelle Workman and Jimmy Workman are both attached to the entertainment industry as well; Ariel has a Greek ancestry through her mother. Her Greek name, Eleftheria, means liberty. Although she does not know the language beyond the basics,m she claims that her siblings can speak it fluently. Ariel did not attend any school until the age of 14. She was home-tutored till that time and later attended a private school in Los Angeles.

Facts On Airel Winter:

She became a house hold name at the tender age of eight for her adorable performance as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. The girl is now a beautiful 19-year-old, trying to get a foothold in the big bad world of Hollywood. Having tried her luck in music too, Ariel gained exceptional success as a voice artist dubbing for her title character, Sofia the First in the Disney Junior show.
Ariel Winter is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s youngest and most notable talents. With a personality of loving her body while embracing her curves, showing off her body and taking fashion risks, Ariel seems to be growing up.

  1. Name -Ariel Winter Workman
  2. Birthday Date – January 28, 1998 (20 years)
  3. Birth Place – Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  4. Sun Sign – Aquarius
  5. Eye Color – Dark brown
  6. Hair Color – Ariel is a natural blonde, though she always dyes her hair dark.
  7. Nationality- American
  8. Religion – Christianity
  9. Education – Though initially home-schooled, at the age of 14 she decided on going to a Los Angeles private school. She has been accepted in University of California, Los Angeles and will attend the Fall 2017 semester.
  10. Occupation – Voice actress, actress, singer.
  11. Marital Status – Single
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By A. Debnath | November 6, 2017
Aerial Winter body
Ariel Winter Bio

Ariel Winter Height | Ariel Winter Age | Ariel Winter Boyfriend | Ariel Winter Family | Ariel Winter Without Makeup | Ariel Winter Career

Being in headlines recently for making a bold statement in showing her cleavage while wearing a dress created the positive response. She has made fashion statements and is bound to make more soon. Her body positivity is so contagious and inspirational!

Though she started her career in the entertainment industry at a very young age with Cool Whip commercial, she has managed to take time out of her busy schedule to complete her higher studies.

However, her Hollywood journey has never been smooth. As a teenager, she had to deal with many struggles, body shaming being the beginning of it all. But there is more to this charming woman in the making, so let’s go ahead and learn more about her.

Ariel Winter Facts And Details

  1. Father Glenn Workman
  2. Mother Chrisoula (née Batista)
  3. Siblings Shanelle Workman (sister),
  4. Jimmy Workman (brother)
  5. Spouse Ariel has never been married.
  6. She is currently dating Levi Meaden.
    Children None

Ariel Winter Career:

Describing her career, she started acting at the tender age of 6 years. Her hobby was to act and acting is what she did. Throughout her childhood, she used to sit in front of the TV. The Dora fire commercially got her first break and a first call form cool wave then she never had to turn back in life that was the threshold to the entertainment world. Ariel made a first television appearance at the small age of 7.

She appeared in an episode of Listen also several other television shows such as Success Tickle you, Ready Empty etc., Airel has given her vice in different animated shows for children like Phineas and Ferb. Disney juniors jake and the neverland pirates and not to forget the blockbuster Ice age the meltdown and so on.

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In addition to this, she also appeared in many feature films such as the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Duress, Speed Racer and many more. Furthermore, Ariel has also been part of many modeling programs and fashion shows where she flawlessly flaunts her body in front of the wide audience. This is all contributes towards making her a confident personality.

Ariel Winter Personal Life:

Australian actor Callon McAuliffe dated Winter for a month from November until December 2011. Ariel dated American actor Cameron Palatas from 2012 to 2013 and Ariel started dating Laurent in 2014. They have appeared publicly at many events including Coachella 2015, prom in 2015, etc., They dated on and off before calling it quits in June 2016. It was revealed by JustJaredJr.

In 2016, Modern Family co-stars Nolan Gould and Ariel were rumoured to be dating each other when they were found kissing each other on a Bahamas vacation. In November 2016, Ariel started dating Canadian actor Levi Meaden.

Unfortunately, Winter had to face a lot of troubles at her own house. Her mother was physically and emotionally abusing her continuously and it leads to a gruesome custodial battle for her between her mother and sister Shanelle Workman. Finally, on May 5, 2014, the court granted the guardianship to a workman and hence separating winter from her abusive mother. She later declared on Twitter that she has been official emaciated.

Interesting Facts Of Ariel Winter:

1. She might have deceived you into thinking that she is one studious girl through her role in the hit comedy series Modern family, but what you don’t know if she is one bad-ass and can beat the hell out of any jerk any day. She holds a purple belt in Taekwondo.
2. Ariel is more regular like any one of us, than we may have ever guessed. Just like every young adult or teenager, the actress is completely obsessed with Twilight series and has confessed her major crush on Robert Pattinson. The only thing that divides us from the rest of us is the fact that she has met Robert in real life.
3. We all think of the beautiful green mermaid with red Lustrous hair when we hear the word, Ariel. You will be delighted to know that’s the exact thing the actress mother had in mind. She was so much in awe of the Disney princess, she named her little girl after Aerial-the little mermaid. So does that make Aerial Winter a princess in reality too? when who knows but we will like to know if Mamma Chrisoula knew that her little girl will grow up to work with Disney too.

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4. Her obsession with music is high and she wants to become a celebrated singer someday. We can have any career aspiration but we all have a fixation over Taylor Swift and Mylie Cyrus, just like Ariel Winter who dreams of working on music with her favourite stars.

5. As both of them were early young during the first season of Modern Family, people might believe it was Winter’s first work with Rico Rodriguez, who played Manny in the hit sitcom. The truth however is, the two child actors had worked together in a movie called Opposite Day and had been best friends since then.
6. Another fond dream of Arial is to host the Saturday Nights Live. She does not miss it at any cost, despite the demanding work schedule she has.

7. We have touched on the fact that she a penchant for singing. But what not a lot of people know about is her band WickedSweet that she shares with her BFF.

8. The 19-year-old does not share the best relationship with her mother. Her mother is known to be alcoholic and less of a responsible adult. In 2016 Ariel filed for emancipation and got herself out of her mother’s custody. Arial remembers the years spent with HCrisoula as horrific and abusive. She is now happy staying with her elder sister that she is super close to.

Ariel Winter Social Media Like Instagram Facebook:

Describing her social media, Ariel winter has been seen the most active celeb on social media where we can find her in different social media as such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and others. This is where she responds to queries and interacts with the fans. She has millions of followers worldwide.


Ariel Winter Body Measurements:

Ariel Winter has one of the finest bodies in entertainment and she has worked really hard to maintain her body. Ariel Winter stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs at 56 kilograms. She has managed a body measurement of 36-26-32.

Body Status:
Build Voluptuous
Height 1.55 meters
Weight 56 kg or 123.5 pounds
Waist Size 28 inches
Hip Size 34 inches
Shoe Size 7.5 US
Dress Size 10 US
Body Measurement 38-28-34
Aerial Winter Body Measurements

Ariel Winter Net Worth:

Ariel Winter is one of the most hardworking people in the entertainment world. Her accumulation has come from my acing, modeling as well as appearances on the television. At the present, of her net worth to be 1.73 million dollars.

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