Add text to PDF file with Microsoft Edge (Free)

If you want to add text to a PDF file, if you don’t want to install any software, you can use the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Microsoft Edge browser is net als Google Chrome or Firefox able to open and read the PDF file. However, in Microsoft Edge you can also edit a PDF file. That means you can add text to one PDF file without this software van derden such as Adobe Acrobat for installation.

Adding text to a PDF file is, for example, very handy if you fill out a PDF form. You can edit the PDF in Edge and add text to the places you want. This is how it works.

Adding text to a PDF file with Microsoft Edge

To begin, open the PDF file in the Microsoft Edge browser. This can be done simply by opening the Edge browser and dragging a PDF file to a tab. The PDF file is now open in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Open the PDF file in Microsoft Edge

Click on the “Add text” button in the menu.

Add text to PDF with Microsoft Edge

A window now appears where you can indicate where you want to add text to the PDF file. You can choose from four different colours. Namely, red, green, blue and standard black.

It is niet mogelijk om het font aan te passen. In addition, you can make the text larger, smaller, and adjust the text spacing. Door op het pullenbin pictogram te klicken kunt u text or ongedaan maken.

Text editor PDF with Microsoft Edge

The options about text toe te voegen zijn bewaal beperket. However, it offers a quick and especially easy way to fill the form with text or to quickly add annotations to a PDF file.

When you are ready, click on the “Open” icon in the menu. You can now save the PDF file with added text on your computer.

Save PDF file with text as well

I hope you have been informed. Thank you for reading!

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