Add Home Button to Microsoft Edge

By default, when Microsoft Edge opens in Windows 10, it does not have a Home button, at least this Home button is not activated. The homepage button is a button to quickly return to your set homepage. You can easily activate this homepage button in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.

Why Microsoft chose to hide this homepage button in Microsoft Edge by default is also a mystery to us!

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Go to the Microsoft Edge menu (…) Top right
  • Select Settings from the Microsoft Edge menu

Add Microsoft Edge Home Button - Settings

  • Scroll all the way down the menu
  • Select View advanced settings

Add Microsoft Edge Home Button - Advanced Settings

  • At the top you will find the option “Show the Home button”.
  • If you click on this, you will turn on the option.

Add Microsoft Edge Home Button - Show Home Button

  • If the Show Home button is turned on, you will see a Home page sign in the navigation bar.

Add Microsoft Edge Home Button - Homepage Button Added

  • That was it, always handy such a Home button!

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