Ad blocker for Chrome: comprehensive guide and which one to choose

Using an ad blocker within Google Chrome is often not a bad idea. This way you can largely get rid of those garish advertisements around articles, for example. And so you no longer have to think about any malware that can be injected via banners.

Ad blocker for your browser

An ad blocker can therefore help in many cases. You block almost all advertisements on websites and services. It just depends on where you install the blocker. If that is directly in your browser, all advertisements will be blocked in your browser. Although, that’s not quite true.

Because in some cases it may be that the company behind an ad blocker makes deals with advertising parties. And those deals still allow ads to get through, but only when they’re not busy or annoying. And they also have to be safe for everyone.

In this article, we look at ad blockers for the Google Chrome browser. You should download such blockers from the Chrome Web Store to ensure a high level of security. Do you use Firefox or Opera? Then you already have an ad blocker built directly into the browser.

Advantages of an ad blocker

An ad blocker has many advantages. We’ll go through the most important ones with you.

  • In principle, ad blockers can guarantee your privacy. Such extensions for your browser also block so-called tracking cookies, with which advertising companies track you across the web. These cookies set up a user profile, so that companies know where your interests lie. In this way, relevant advertisements are presented.
  • There is a chance that you will be less likely to find malware on your computer or Chromebook (in the past, malware was sometimes spread via banners).
  • Websites and services run faster when ads are blocked. That data does not need to be loaded.
  • The most annoying ads are blocked. Sometimes an ad can take over an entire screen, but that doesn’t happen when that kind of ad is blocked.
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Disadvantages of an ad blocker

Are there any drawbacks to using an ad blocker? As an end user you can hardly imagine that this is the case. But they do exist. Here they are:

  • Advertisements make websites money. And by blocking ads, they are not presented to visitors to certain websites that rely on advertising revenue. And when the money runs out and an editor can no longer be paid, your favorite website may go down. Or it could be that a lot more paid content appears on such a website, which is also not super content.
  • It is possible that a website does not display certain content properly or access to a site is denied if someone has an ad blocker on. So you can’t check what you wanted to check – and on the other hand, such a website misses a visitor.

You can add a website to a so-called white list of exceptions. Then you give permission, as it were, to display advertisements, in exchange for access to the site and the content. Be aware that you then pay with your surfing behaviour, as it always is.

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The best ad blockers of the moment

Which ad blocker is best to download? We have prepared a list with text and explanation for you below. These are extensions that you will find in the Chrome Web Store.

This is one of the best ad blockers right now. Adblock Plus blocks banners, videos and ads. The extension is free to use and also protects against trackers and rogue downloads (although some caution is always advised). You can also whitelist sites so that they can still generate income from your visit.

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AdGuard is an extension that has been developed purely for Google Chrome. The extension protects against online phishing (where criminals try to steal your data) and tracking. Banners, pop-ups and videos are also made short work of.

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This Chrome extension blocks ads, including on Facebook, and fights against pop-ups. There is also protection against malware, all kinds of security threats and online tracking.

You also have the choice to let certain advertisements come through, so that you can still support certain sites.

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Are you just looking for a simple ad blocker that does away with banners and video ads? Then Hola! Ad Remover might be for you. The blocker also protects against malware and anonymous tracking.

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All ad blockers mentioned above are completely free to use. In some cases you may be asked to make a donation, but that is entirely up to you. If you do not want to pay for this, you can completely ignore those messages for the time being.

While browsing, you may encounter the error code err_cache_miss; then it is good to know what to do about it.

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