ActiveX for Windows 10 Free Download Latest Version [32 & 64Bit]

ActiveX for Windows 10– Microsoft simplified the complex process of application management by launching ActiveX. It is a software that manages the files and downloads the documents and media at a time. It was started in an internet explorer by adding certain HTML codes. It introduced certain security policies for making ActiveX safer.

For example:

  1. Introduction of the digital signing of installation packages.
  2. ActiveX control declares itself safe for scripting.
  3. It increases default settings for security.

ActiveX has been complex from starting even though the developers of ActiveX claimed it to be simpler and safer. ActiveX can be downloaded for free by any user it does not require any type of payment.

It is very difficult to manage your documents and Medias all of us need some on the other software to manage your documents and media. One such software is the ActiveX software that supports your requirements. In this article, we have all the information about ActiveX.


ActiveX for Windows 10 Free Download Latest Version [32 & 64Bit]

It is next to impossible to download both documents and media at a time; this can only be done by having a tool. ActiveX is one such tool that will help you to download documents and media at the same time. It is never depended on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.  ActiveX is a free download manager application that controls the downloaded files from the internet. It also speeds up the process of downloading. ActiveX speeds up the process of downloading by splitting up the file into several segments and download the segment at the same time. By chance, if you lose the internet connection while downloading then you can resume your download from where you left it.

ActiveX is a very fast and efficient file downloader. It downloads the files very quickly. It increases the speed of downloading. Any amount of documents and Medias can be downloaded at a time. ActiveX works with all the versions of windows very effectively.

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Characteristic Features of ActiveX for windows 10

Below are the features of ActiveX for windows 10.

  1. Efficient and fast file downloader:

When your computer does not allow you to download some things from your internet, or does not give access to certain files then you should consider downloaders like ActiveX file downloader.

  1. It widely increases the download speed:

It increases your speed of downloading without having to download any other torrent program. The speed of download is very widely increased and many numbers of programs can be downloaded at a very great speed and very fast.

  1. Works with all window versions:

ActiveX has a special feature to work with all the versions of windows. It also efficiently works with ActiveX for windows 10.

Which are the Browsers that Support ActiveX?

ActiveX is software developed by Microsoft for internet explorer and however, this can be used by other browsers also. Below are the listed browsers which support ActiveX.

  1. Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer is the only browser that fully supports ActiveX. When you navigate through the website you will see a notification indicating ActiveX. When you open the notification you will need to download the plug-in.

  1. Firefox:

Firefox also supports ActiveX. Since it is not developed by Microsoft it does not fully support ActiveX. The developers often come up with the plug-in that helps the download documents.

  1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome also supports ActiveX but it is quite different from the ActiveX developed by Microsoft. The extension that supports ActiveX controls still requires development and the developers have to concentrate on the development. You can report your complaint on the Google Chrome website about your specific requirements. Your suggestions are always welcomed by Google Chrome.

How to Install ActiveX for Windows 10?

ActiveX is a product made by Microsoft for content download from the PC. Internet Explorer provides ActiveX for windows 10. If you want to download ActiveX for windows 10 then you will have to follow the steps and successfully download ActiveX for windows 10.

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Step 1: open internet explorer.

Step 2: click on the =menu bar and select the web options.

Step 3: click on the security tab.

Step 4: click on the custom level.

Step 5: look down until you find the option of ActiveX controls and modules.

Step 6: click on programmed provoking for ActiveX controls.

Step 7: click on the download of ActiveX controls.

Step 8: run ActiveX controls and modules.

Step 9: click on alright to spare security settings.

Step 10: close the internet explorer. Internet Explorer will allow you to start ActiveX controls while you visit certain sites.

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Sound Volume Activex controls

ActiveX is loaded with software that controls the sound volume. The sound volume controller does the sound volume in a system or software. It also offers sound recording from a microphone. The line in, and CD audio. The sound volume control also offers master volume control, CD audio, microphone, and speaker for PC, phone line, and SW synch.

Uses of ActiveX to control Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls have certain uses of the internet explorer which needs to be known to the user.

  1. ActiveX controls:

ActiveX controls all those small apps that control apps like videos and games. They also help you with toolbars and stock tickers when you browse the web. In the case when the apps malfunction, then you can use them to get more information for your computer, install software on your computer, or to let someone else have control over your computer. ActiveX also allows you to let anyone else make certain changes to your computer.

  1. ActiveX filtering:

ActiveX filtering in internet explorer keeps you safer by preventing the sites from installing software to your computer. It can also affect the performance of certain websites.  For example when ActiveX filters are on a few things like videos, games, and other interactive things do not work.

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How to Adjust ActiveX Settings in Internet Explorer?

For security reasons, internet explorer may not have permission to download or install ActiveX on your computer. Changing some settings will let you make changes, install, and download certain apps into your system. If you feel that there is a threat to your computer than only change the ActiveX settings. Below are the steps to change the settings.

Step 1: in the internet explorer, select the tool button and then select the internet options.

Step 2: on the security tab, select custom level, and then under the ActiveX controls and plugin follow the following steps:

  1. Enable the automatic prompting for ActiveX controls.
  2. Enable the option to display video and animation on a webpage, that doesn’t use the external media player.
  3. Enable the Download signed ActiveX control.
  4. Enable the Run ActiveX controls and plug-in.
  5. Enable the script of ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.

Step 3: Click on ok.

Advantages of ActiveX for Windows 10

There are certain advantages for you to download ActiveX for windows 10.

  1. It grants people another option of downloading applications.
  2. ActiveX may be only an option for downloading when it comes to certain apps.
  3. The design is very simple, light and very efficient.

Disadvantages of ActiveX

  1. Most of the people don’t feel it necessary to download this downloader.
  2. Some of the version of ActiveX has been linked with malware software.
  3. It allows you to download from a copyright restricted websites also.


ActiveX is a very good downloader. If you want a very light, efficient, and finding it difficult to download from other locations then you should consider downloading ActiveX. You should consider one more point to scan the files installed so that you have the legal version of your download. It can be downloaded to all the versions of windows but it effectively runs on ActiveX for windows 10. I hope now you are satisfied with the information on ActiveX for windows 10. You can now download this for internet explorer or any other browser.

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