Activate the numeric keypad when Windows starts

Your laptop with a numeric keypad (the “numbers” part to the right of the traditional keyboard) but it is not activated when the computer starts up? Here’s how to make the “Num Lock” key active every time, in other words activate the keypad lock when the computer starts up, on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Usually this applies to laptops with a screen of 15 inches or more, which have a keyboard with the numbers to the right of the PC.

Less frequently requested but nevertheless interesting to know, we also give the reverse procedure to not automatically activate the digital lock.

Activate the Windows 8/10 numeric keypad

1. Make a right click on the start button Windows and choose Execute.

Windows 10 right click menu button start run

2. Type ” regedit »And validate by OK.

3. Accept User Account Control “with” Yes “:

Windows8 regedit UAC administrator mode

4. Unroll HKEY_USERS, .DEFAULT, Control Panel, Keyboard.

5. On the right side of the screen, double click on the line InitialKeyboardIndicators.

6. Set to ” 2 ” field ” Value data »And validate by OK.

InitialKeyboardIndicators activate digital boot pad

7. Go to Office Windows and do a right click on the background image (not on an icon) and choose Personalize (at the bottom).

Windows 8 right click Personalize desktop

8. In the window that opens, click on screensaver (at the bottom right).

Windows 8 screen saver

9. In the insert Power management, click on Change power settings.

Windows 8 power management

10. On the left menu, click on Choose what the power buttons do.

Windows 8 power button

11. Click on Change settings that are currently not available, this has the effect of unlocking certain options.

Windows 8 change power

12. In Shutdown settings, uncheck the line Enable fast startup and validate by Save Changes. It is certainly not “recommended” as indicated but it is the only solution and besides a slightly slower start-up, the numeric keypad will be activated each time the computer is turned on.

Windows 8 enable fast boot

13. Restart the computer.

Note: to go back and cancel this modification, go back to InitialKeyboardIndicators and set the value to ” 0 “.

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