A set of ways to align windows on macOS easily

One of the most missing features on the Mac is window alignment where you can just drag the window to the edge of the screen, which causes the window to “snap” into place. Until Apple makes the decision to do this, we have to rely on third-party solutions. Let’s see how to align windows on macOS, just like we do on Windows.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

1. Embedded solution

macOS has a native option to align windows to the left or right half of the screen. It is a built-in feature but you will have to enable it manually from Mission Control settings. Go to الإعدادات -> Mission Control -> حدد "الشاشة بها مسافات منفصلة". Once done, simply click the green expand button in the upper left corner of any active window to select where to align. Still this method is less intuitive and you can’t use keyboard shortcuts or drag windows to magnetically align the side.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

2. Rectangle

Rectangle is a free and open source app that lets you quickly align active windows on macOS. Unlike the original solution, Rectangle allows you to align windows using keyboard shortcuts. It has presets like align to either side, top and bottom halves, corners, thirds of the screen, etc. There are more than 20 different positions and sizes that you can perform on the window. The application works from the menu bar and flawlessly detects keyboard shortcuts.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

However, this application does not give you the functionality to align windows by dragging the window with the cursor to the side.

Install Rectangle (Free)

3. Hookshot

Hookshot is another app from the same developer as Rectangle and aims to offer more functionality. Apart from all the keyboard shortcuts, Hookshot allows you to align windows by simply dragging the window. Simply press the key combination to activate the alignment mechanism and then simply move the cursor to select the appropriate size and position for the window. For example, press the . key Ctrl + Cmd To activate the alignment mechanism then move the cursor to the left of the screen to set the window to be shown in the left half.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

Hookshot is a paid app but you can try it for 10 days for free and make your decision on your final purchase.

Install Hookshot (Free, $7.99)

4. Magnet

Although there aren’t many different ways to align windows, Magnet has some features that make it a good choice over the rest of the apps. For starters, you can activate the alignment mechanism by dragging the window with the cursor and placing the windows in halves, quarters, and even hexagons of the screen. Magnet also supports multiple monitors, even in vertical alignment, and makes organizing windows really easy. Other than that, you can also get keyboard shortcuts to align any window to any position on the screen.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

Magnet is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Install Magnet ($2.99)

5. Better Snap Tool

Better Snap Tool is a customizable window management app on your Mac. It has most of the features of any app in the list which lets you set custom modifiers for window alignment. The main feature is the customizable window size, other apps only give you halves, thirds and quarters, but with Better Snap Tool you can create a truly custom size and position for your windows.

A set of ways to easily align windows on macOS - Mac

Better Snap Tool is paid for and is available on the App Store for $2.99.

Install Better Snap Tool ($2.99)

last words

These were some of the applications that allow you to customize and manage the layout of your windows more effectively. Rectangle is the only free app that lets you align windows and I recommend it to most users. However, if you have specific requirements, Hookshot, Magnet, and Better Snap Tool are also suitable alternatives. What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter.

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