A collection of the best games for design enthusiasts to eliminate the work routine

Are you a design enthusiast and bored from the usual design programs? Here are the best games for design lovers that you will be addicted to. You can play them during your breaks and support your design abilities and skills at the same time. These games include lines, spaces, letters, shapes, colors and everything that other design programs contain, but in an entertaining way.

A collection of the best games for design enthusiasts to eliminate the routine of work - games

Best design lover games


KOLOR is a design lover’s game and a chance to test your eyes when watching hidden silhouette differences as if you were racing against the clock to determine the correct design color.


This game is to create texts on images or pages in an easy and attractive way, which is known in print as “kerning” pages, you have to choose a spot on the page and simply put your text.

3- Shape Type

This game allows you to design super beautiful letters to create wallpapers and images on the screen and test your design skills, and it is a more difficult game than it looks, so try it yourself and have all the fun.

4- Hex Invaders

This game is based on the classic card game, but with the development of its design, you will need to match the identification code that appears at the top of the screen to beat these designs and show you other designs.

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5- The Bezier game

Struggled to draw things into your designs with the pen tool? With the Bezier game, you can get a tutorial that shows you how to use the Pen Tool to draw several shapes. Once you’ve copied the steps well, you’ll quickly learn to use the Pen Tool and you can repeat the tutorial if you find yourself at a loss.

6- RGB challenge

Struggle to remember this game depends on the ability to remember colors and tests your skills to the max, try not to make any mistakes because any mistake sends you back to the beginning.

7- Brandseen

Brandseen gives you a chance to combine your knowledge of some of the most famous brands in the world with your color identification ingenuity.

8- color

Now it’s time to seriously determine your knowledge of colors and this is a simple but comprehensive eye test where you have to find the correct shape among the shades and you will need to identify the complementary colors and triangular shapes once you try to get the color in the middle circle on the right.

9- Odd One Out

This is also a nice game about colors. You will have to find the different color each time, despite the similarity of the displayed colors. The game will gradually become more difficult. It is a great game to train your eye that helps you to develop your skills when designing websites.

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10- Color Run

If you think you are good at picking up hidden color differences then this game is tests on how effective your skills are to spot the lighter color while the clock is ticking, you will need to be quick and move your fingers fast to score well and it is a good game to compete with friends.

11- Pixel perfect

Pixactly is a game that assesses your design knowledge and all you have to do is draw a square that matches the displayed shape in height and width and then see how close you are to the original shape.

12- Online Color challenge

This is one of the most difficult games for design professionals specialized in color. It has a very large list of convergent colors, which makes it difficult to identify them, and it is a very challenging game.

13- The Rather Difficult Font Game

This game is about fonts, as it helps you to know the names of fonts, connect them with their shapes, uses, dimensions, and differentiate between them.

14- Dedesign The Web 2

It’s amazing how easily some websites can be instantly recognized and this game helps you learn to design unique websites that make them easy to identify.

15- Shoot the serif

A collection of the best games for design enthusiasts to eliminate the routine of work - games

Choose the level according to your design skills and then start recognizing the thin lines and pressing them, this game will cause you addiction with time as it levels as you can finish one level you will move to the other.

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