A collection of the best Facebook games categorized by different categories

On Facebook, there are many categories of games, including strategy, action, puzzles, and many more. Riples Tech offers you the best Facebook games according to the category and classification of each game.

A collection of the best Facebook games categorized by different categories - FaceBook Games

Facebook is distinguished from other social networking sites, not only by the large number of users, but by what is known as Facebook games, where you can find millions of games that start with just one click on the game without the need to download it to your computer or take up space in its memory and because it is difficult to know the best of these games that In the millions, according to usage statistics, the number of players and their opinions, we chose the 23 best Facebook games for this year from several different categories of games.

The best Facebook games

1- Best Facebook Action Games

In this category there are 4 games:

UberStrike is an MMO FPS game similar to Counter Strike and offers tons of weapons that you can use during the battles to move between roads and levels as well as the amazing effects of the game that will make you spend many hours in it without noticing.

This game allows you to choose from characters, whether human or monsters, with different skills and powers to start playing, and you can share the play with your friends or two random people, and the three of you have to destroy the dungeons and eliminate the monsters that will attack you from everywhere.

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If you are a fan of Avengers heroes, you will enjoy a lot of this game that allows you to choose your favorite heroes and engage in a battle with enemies where in the game you will find Wolverine, Ironman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Spider Man and Iceman.

This game is a mixture of simulation and strategy with a military background in which you build structures, create an army, control your military unit as a soldier and protect humanity from orc attacks.

2- The best Facebook games in the puzzle category

In this category 5 games are:

You have to match the colored sweets with each other in order to disappear from the window until you achieve the goal that appears to you during the opening of the road or the level.

Criminal Case

The most famous hidden objects game on Facebook makes you a crime investigator who discovers important objects and links them together to arrest the criminal and imagine the details of the crime. It is also multiple levels that take you to different locations related to the crime and sometimes to the analysis lab to obtain evidence.

Tetris Battle

The same old game that we are used to, but with new forms, greater challenges, super speed and more levels. You can also share playing with others and engage in challenges with them.

Bubble Witch Saga

You have to shoot the balloons according to their colors until you complete all 3 colored balloons of the same color and they disappear from the window and so on until you finish the road and move to the next level, which becomes faster and more difficult with more balloons. This game is characterized by new and fun animation and visual effects.

Papa Pear Saga

In this game, you send a bear wearing a hat from top to bottom to get rid of the fruits and nuts in the game window in order to finish the way, which makes this game different from the previous one.

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3- The best Facebook games in the strategy category

In this category there are 4 games that are the best:

Clash of Clans

This game is a mixture of simulation and strategy where you have to construct buildings and create an entire army of soldiers, wizards and giants and start attacking other players and taking their wealth.

Social Empires

This game is very similar to the previous one, where you have to build a city and create an army to defend it from orcs, as it enters you in a magical world full of wonderful adventures.

Throne Rush

This game is the best strategy games for beginners, it needs you to build a kingdom and an army to defend it and attack others, but with an easy and simple navigation system more than the previous two games.

Backyard Monsters

This game requires building a city and collecting monsters to protect it from enemy attacks, as you have a large and different group of monsters with multiple skills that you have to find and join your team.

4- The best Facebook games in the sports category

This category contains 4 games:

A great baseball game that helps create a highly skilled character to start playing in the tournament, move between levels and win to become the champion.

This game is a car racing provided by EA so it has great graphics, during the race you can get money to buy a new car or repair and improve your car and increase its speed to keep winning and collecting money.

The most famous and most wonderful pool game that puts you in a real competition with your friends or anyone randomly and is classified according to the number of times you win from a beginner to an average to a professional. play table, etc.

Chess, the hidden game in the Facebook chat, how can you show it?

Pool Live Tour

This is also another pool game with the same options and the usual laws, but with a social addition, which is the possibility of having a conversation with the person who competes with you in the game while playing.

5- Best Facebook Simulation Games

There are 5 games:

Hay Day

Do you love farming? Get your own farm now and arrange it, raise some animals, collect different crops to feed them and more in this unique game.

In this game you will find small dinosaurs that you have to take care of and take care of and teach them new skills until they grow up, mate and get other small dinosaurs, and you also have to protect your dinosaurs so that you do not lose any of them.

FarmVille 2

This game is the second part of the FarmVille game, that is, it is an update to it, where the images, animation and sound effects have been improved, but the way to play is still the same as growing crops, collecting them and selling them to get money, raising animals and winning the challenges of the game.

Monster Legends

It is very similar to the Dragon City game, but with the replacement of dinosaurs with monsters with a wonderful design, you also have to feed and raise these monsters and take care of them until they grow up and get new monsters to cross the different levels of the game and the game contains 150 types of different monsters.

Car Town Streets

This car game makes you the owner of a garage to repair and improve the skills of the car and then enter it in a race with your friends and when you win you will get a reward that can be spent on the car.

6- The best Facebook games in the adventure category

There is only one game in this category:

This game is based on the famous movie How To Train Your Dragon with the same story where you are one of the vikings trying to learn everything about dinosaurs and their relationship with humans and you can also fly your dinosaur and engage in battles.

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