[9 Solutions] Resolve Error Code 0x8007025D

Windows error code 0x8007025D is usually displayed during clean installation of Windows 10 on a new hard drive or new SSD.

Windows installation fails just after the start of copying files and a window indicates that Windows cannot install the required files.

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What is error 0x8007025D?

Windows error code 0x8007025D
Windows error code 0x8007025D

According to Windows support:

0x8007025D = ERROR_BAD_COMPRESSION_BUFFER = The specified buffer contains malformed data.

USB 3.0 uses MSI mode (Message Signaled Interrupt) for communications with the system.

USB 2.0 uses the interrupt request system (IRQ), much older. One of the characteristics of new MSI system used by USB 3.0 peripherals is here asynchronous data transfer management Between device and system.

This requires a tampon by which the data is transmitted at a high speed (“SuperSpeed”), which is then system decoded.

If you receive error 0x8007025D, it is likely that your PNY devices send incorrect or corrupted data in buffers, than tampons of your device are blocked or your device cannot decode data correctly.

Here are the reasons why you might receive this error.

Corrupted data on the USB drive mean that these data can not be decoded correctly, which causes this error.

The corrupted data can come from corrupted ISO image file used for create the bootable USB stick.

Yes the file which should be copied is missing or corrupt, you will get this error. The problem can also be caused by damaged usb stick Where illegible to a certain section.

In case you have plugged in another USB device which is read as a other disk drive, the data sent to buffer because peripheral can cause the error.

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Solution 1: Bad hard drive or SSD space

Yes hard drive or SSD has a bad sector or file and Windows installation try to copy files to this space, a error is returned to buffer, which in turn displays error 0x8007025D.

Hard disk
Hard disk

This may be due to a prolonged use of disk space (for example to play computer games) or storage space that must be checked or formatted.

a defective hard drive can also be at the origin of the error 0x8007025D.

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Solution 2: Run the SFC command

Often times corrupted system files or missing can also prevent a new installation on the device.

This is why you must run the sfc / scannow command to check if system files are corrupt or not.

Here are the essential steps to follow –

  • First of all, launch command prompt having administrative rights.
  • When the guest opens, copy / paste the sfc / scannow command and press Entrance.
Sfc / scannow command
Sfc / scannow command
  • It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes for complete the scan / repair process, so wait accordingly.
  • Once this operation completed, restart the computer so that the changes made can be applied.

Solution 3: Unplug any external device

This solution requires that you unplug all your USB devices and others, including the internet cable.

Most of the time, Windows installation will launch error 0x8007025D due to faulty or outdated hardware drivers.

It also turns out that after having copied the files to your computer, Windows installation may no longer need your usb drive.

Just unplug your reader and see if installation resumes where she is arrested.

Disconnect connected components
Disconnect connected components

If you are still facing an error, proceed to the next solution.

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Solution 4: Install Windows from DVD.

I’m writing this solution first, because in most cases, error 0x8007025D is resolved when installation is made from a Windows DVD installation media.

So go ahead and use media creation tool, download and burn the Windows.iso file, on a DVD support, then install Windows Starting from DVD support for resolve error 0x8007025D.

Windows installation
Windows installation

If you don’t have DVD on your system, I you suggest to re-download the ISO file of Windows, and of create new USB installation media using another usb flash drive, following these instructions.

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Solution 5: Connect the Windows USB media to a USB 2.0 port.

The second solution to bypass Windows error 0x8007025D, is of connect the USB support on a other USB port and better on a USB v2.0 port.

USB v2.0 port and USB V3.0 port
USB v2.0 port and USB V3.0 port

If the computer does not have a USB 2.0 port :

  • Enter in BIOS settings and check if you can disable USB 3.0 support.
  • Install Windows 10 using a usb 2.0 flash drive

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Solution 6: Change the Bios boot order to correct error code 0X8007025D

To solve this installation error code particular that occurs during installing Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to change primary boot option to start from your DVD-ROM and restart your computer.

You should also make sure that your important data have been saved before continuing. While restart, Press on the necessary key to enter BIOS where the boot drive.

You can go to the manufacturer’s website from your computer to find the necessary information.

When your computer started, the screen displays the key combination which you must press for loading your motherboard.

Once in the BIOS, change the boot priority option for the DVD-ROM Where Flash player. Then change the language setting.

You can then restart your pc and open the installation tool as an administrator.

Change the Bios boot order to boot from DVD-ROM
Change the Bios boot order to boot from DVD-ROM

Do not choose install the new operating system with updates.

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Solution 7: Disable Third Party Antivirus

The problem can also arise due to a interference with third-party antivirus software. More precisely, the Norton Internet Security program has a problem compatibility with Windows 10.

In this case, you can disable antivirus program, and the error will be resolved. You can consult thethe manufacturer’s website to know how to disable antivirus.

If you have another antivirus than Norton, disable it anyway temporarily to see if that fixed installation error code 0x8007025D for you or not.

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