[8 Solutions] Solve “Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap”

Unexpected kernel mode trap or error code 0x0000007F is an irritating mistake blue screen that appears on the Wind 10 system Or on the laptop.

This error is related to blue screen (BSOD) and causes random blocking of the PC.

Your Pc starts throwing an error message ” unexpected_kernel_mode_trap »Due to many causes, it is in fact a bug checking service showing that the CPU generated a trap in kernel mode who does not have managed to maintain it.

Because of some modifications in the update of 10 or lthe anniversary update of Win 10, a blue screen error 0x0000007F occurs.

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Why am I getting an “UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP” BSOD error?

Some of the causes that trigger unexpected blue screen error on your Win 10 are :

Unexpected kernel mode trap error
Unexpected kernel mode trap error
  • Hardware or software malfunction
  • Malware or virus infection
  • Defective RAM
  • Corrupted system files
  • Obsolete or corrupted drivers.

All these causes can also generate other blue screen errors, as DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (error 0x000000D1), INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error, VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR, Driver Power State Failure, Internal Power error, etc.

In addition, if you receive this unexpected error after upgrading to Win 10 or after download the update, follow the solutions below to get rid of this error.

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Please note that all of the proposed solutions allows to correct errors and error codes associates such as

  • Unexpected_kernel_mode_trap_m 1000007f
  • 0x1000007f
  • Bugcheck code 0x1000007f
  • Stop code unexpected kernel mode trap
  • ntkrpamp exe unexpected_kernel_mode_trap
  • Windows error code 0x7f
  • Unexpected_kernel_mode_trap parameters
  • Unexpected_kernel_mode_trap_m 1000007f

Below are solutions to fix UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (error 0x0000007F).

Solution 1: Clean the components from dust

If you are using a desktop computer (and not a laptop), shut down the PC properly and disconnect hardware peripherals from the PC.

Make sure that PCI components are cleaned, otherwise clean them of all dust.
After having cleaned all dust from system components, check if error 0x0000007F is corrected or not. If not, go to the next solution.

Clean computer components
Clean computer components

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Solution 2: Check recently installed software or added hardware components

If you are faced with an unexpected error from “Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap” just after having installed software / application Where added a hardware component, so undo all recent changes.
Remove immediately any recently added hardware component.

Also check that all hardware components are compatible with Windows 10.
In fgeneral, the error appears on a PC when the BIOS, network cards, hard disk controllers, etc. are incompatible with the installed operating system.

In order to update them, you have to find updates available on hardware manufacturers’ websites.
Uninstall any apps that are incompatible.

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Solution 3: Scan your computer and laptop for any kind of malware infection

Occasionally, virus or malware may infect system files and, as a result, the user is faced with a fault unexpected.
Scan so your system with advanced antivirus program for you get rid of malicious infections.

Scan for viruses
Scan for viruses

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Solution 4: Run System File Checker

Corrupted system files can also cause this error.
So do an SFC scan to repair corrupt files and correct the error UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP.

Follow the steps to run the SFC scan :

  • Open command prompt with administrator privileges
  • In command prompt, type sfc / scannow and press the key Entrance.
  • This order will take a few minutes to complete the process.
Sfc / scannow command
Sfc / scannow command

Using this command, you can search for damaged system files which cause a blue screen 0x0000007F.

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Solution 5: update the drivers

Outdated or corrupted system drivers can affect the relationship between system software and hardware.

This is why errors like, mouse and keyboard not working, graphics error 43, unidentified network error and many more appear.

Be sure that all system drivers are up to date or error free and check if the error occurs.

Update drivers
Update drivers

For update obsolete drivers, visit the manufacturer’s website Where the official Microsoft website and search the latest update compatible with Pc.

In addition to this, you can also run Avast Driver to update all system drivers and easily solve the driver issues.

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Solution 6: Test RAM memory

It has already been said that this error code may be triggered by damaged or incompatible memory, so check defective RAM Where add ram to do turn the Pc quickly and correct error 0x0000007F.

Check the RAM of your system using Windows memory diagnostic tool, to check if the error is triggered by damaged or incompatible RAM.

To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Click on the box To start up -> Search and look for the memory diagnostic tool
  • In the search result, click with right mouse button on memory diagnostic tool and choose Execute as administrator
Windows memory diagnostics
Memory diagnostics

After that you have to follow the on-screen instructions for start the diagnostic process
If everything looks correct, it may be that UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error appears due to adding RAM.

So you must remove added RAM and, to do this, shut down system> remove newly added RAM and restart your PC. After restarting your system, check whether the error is fixed or not.

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Solution 7: Disable BIOS memory caching

Follow the steps below to open your BIOS menu and disable cache memory in order to fix the error 0x0000007F.

  • You must first restart your computer
  • Then at start-up, Press on the F2 or Del key for enter BIOS setup window
  • Then go to the menu » Advanced “And choose” Cache memory)
  • Disable it and press F10 to save and exit
  • Select YES
Disable BIOS memory caching
Disable BIOS memory caching

It is estimated after following the solution, given that you are able to fix this unexpected error in your Windows 10.
But if not, it’s worth it run the PC Repair Topol.

Solution 8: Solution to fix Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap error

Scan your system with PC repair tool recommended by professionals, to automatically fix blue screen error.

blue screen
Blue screen

This is a advanced tool which, by a simple to analyse, detects and repairs various stubborn computer errors such as BSOD errors, the errors of register, Errors Dll, the errors of update and many others.
With this tool, you don’t need to do anything manually.

Simply Download, to install and run the tool, who will automatically correct errors and problems in your computer.
He optimizes also PC performance as if it was new.


It is therefore a unexpected win10 error. I did my best to list all information about the error and how to get rid of it.
The solutions given are tested and have worked for many users in order to correct this error code.

try the manual solutions given one by one carefully to avoid any additional problem.
I hope the solutions data is working for you to correct the error.

Despite this, if you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know.


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