[7 Solutions] Find Someone with a Photo

Do you want to find someone with a photo? There are many reasons why you may need to know the person in a photo and launch a research reversed pictures.

Sometimes you need to check if the person who just sent you a friend request on Facebook Where LinkedIn is here real person or if she uses a fake profile photo.

Or, maybe you are trying to verify the person who invited you on a date and you want to be sure that they are not crazy.

Find Someone with a Photo

Find someone by their photo
Find someone by their photo

1: Google to find someone with a photo

How do I find someone with a photo on Google?

The first step on our list is Google search engine. Of course, if you are looking for the best reverse image search engine, you are going to choose the best, right?

Here is what it is: Google search engine is the best reverse image search engine out there, period!

Launched in 2011, Google perfected this program to make it the best version you could want.

Thanks to Google’s extensive database, you can paste the face from anyone on Google chrome, and you have the name of this person on your screen, without any problem.

Google is simply unbeatable when it comes to performing basic image searches. All you need is a keyword, and you’ll be good to go. For some further research, you can also use its advanced filters.

Say, for example, you want search for a person’s name from a Photo that you found on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other place. Here is what you need to do.

  • Go to images.google.fr
  • Click on camera icon
  • Either you stick online url, either you there download from your Hard disk.
  • Google will return results for the same, therefore browse the results to find the origin.
Search for an image on Google images
Search Google images – Find Someone with a Photo

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2: TinEye to Find Someone with a Photo

How do I know who is in the photo?

TinEye is one of research tools most advances in the world right now. This program can rsearch for user images on the whole Web in just a few seconds.

I personally recommend it to anyone who wants search for a person from a Photo. TinEye is a tool particularly perfect for marketing specialists who seek to follow photos that their competitors are using.

It’s pretty cool. You will never have to worry or look where ” the other person got this picture“.

It is even more useful for graphic designers, photographers and other content creators (like me, of course) to see where their work is used.

If I want to know who else is using it that I have on my website, TinEye is the tool for me.

Use TinEye
Use TinEye to Find Someone with a Photo

Here’s a look at some of the products you’ll find in TinEye:


So this helps you find Duplicates Where modified copies of photos. the TinEye machine engine continually explore the Internet looking for new images and the add to his index. You won’t miss a thing!

Email Alerts:

Thanks to TinEye’s advanced communication and support functions, you also benefit from daily reports indicating where images that you use appear on Internet.

So you can know exactly where and when another guy (or girl) is using it.

You may be wondering what is API or what she does. So she integrates the face recognition search to your applications, software and information systems. You will never miss a thing with this beauty.

Yes ! It also has advanced mobile engine recognition functions and a Augmented reality API which allows you to rsearch and find specific images of people.

Allow visual search by image color.

Now let’s find a person with a photo using TineSearch.

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3: PicTriev: Face recognition

PicTriev go a little further by looking for similar faces. Unfortunately, this function is limited to celebrity look-alikes.

Just add url or from upload a photo in JPG or JPEG format, the size of which does not exceed 200 KB, and the search engine returns the corresponding celebrity images found online.

PicTriev for Face Recognition
PicTriev for Face Recognition

For demonstration purposes, I used my own portrait. Although PicTriev correctly identified me as predominantly female, the best match was Jason Clarke. The age estimate of 30 is very flattering, however.

It works much better if you want to find a celebrity.

PicTriev also allows you to compare the similarity of two faces or to estimate if the photos of two faces are of the same person.

Click on the counter icon at the top right, upload two photos, select similarity or identity, and let PicTriev do his calculations.

Before add photos, be sure to follow formatting instructions for the best results.

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4: Betaface: Face recognition test

Betaface offers a facial recognition search similar to PicTriev’s photo identification.

You can download a Where send url and the face search engine isolate and characterize all faces that he can identify in the photo.

Then you can compare faces (with others that you downloaded), search for celebrities or search in Wikipedia for each face recognized. The results will appear in thee face recognition correspondence table.

Betaface Facial Recognition Trial
Betaface Facial Recognition Trial

This tool is useful for bulk upload and compare photos. Besides the possibility of rank faces based on 101 pro facial points.

You can also activate extended geometric and colorimetric measurements, as well as a ” best face only“. These two functions slow down treatment, corn increase the quality of your correspondence.

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5: KarmaDecay

Most useful for:

  • Make sure you submit an original photo.
  • To better understand what makes the buzz on Reddit, search how any theme was received there.

There is a joke (and it’s pretty accurate) on Buzzfeed who finds his material on reddit. In fact, a lot of Web sites do that. Which is not a surprise, because this special community attracts millions of stories, quotes, images and original content. But it can be painful.

Karma Decay is a reverse image source specially designed for Reddit. You can find the original source, the original discussion threads, find out if anyone has posted there, and much more.

It allows to save a lot of time and of bypass the annoying limitations of Reddit’s search engine.

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5: Veracity

Most useful for:

To find the original of a cropped or slightly altered image.

If you have a iPhone, Veracity is a small app very useful to have on hand. She has three main features:

  • First, it allows you to discover the subject of a photo;
  • Secondly, she shows you the original sources even if she has been cropped or altered;
  • Thirdly, she performs a search on social media sites to know if it is used on other profiles. So if she is wrong or if it is used by a fake profile, Veracity will notify you.
The Veracity app
The Veracity app

The app is free, and so it is worth having it on hand. She doesn’t take much either space. Apple users know how important this is.

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6: Image Raider

Most useful for:
Search in multiple databases:
Raider performs searches in three engines: Google, Bing and Yandex. What makes this combo tool better than the rest is that you don’t need to search only one image at a time.

Using uploaded photos or URLs, you can perform reverse image search on a maximum of twenty photos. It’s a great way to save time, and it’s easier to use than other tools.

Image Raider
Image Raider

He groups the results very well by domain and allows you to filter by any word in domain / page url / url.

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7: Bing

Bing also has a similar function which allows you to search for a profile or information using a picture.

Simply upload the photo to the Bing engine clicking on camera icon and you will see all related information if they are available.

Images are stored so anonymous and cannot be discovered by other users. All the pictures downloaded are automatically deleted.

  1. Open Bing Image. Click on camera icon.
  2. Here you can either Paste a URL, Take a photo with the camera, or Upload one, to find the results.Cannot Remove Bing

Other options to find someone with a photo:

The search options (Firefox, Google Chrome) allow you to use many research sources, notably TinEye, GazoPa, Ascii2D, Cydral, Yandex, Baidu, Google, etc.

Conclusion: Find Someone with a Photo

These are the best ways to find someone on Facebook using a picture. You can see people who use your Facebook photo without your permission.

Does this tip help you find users of your image? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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