7 Best Photo Viewer Apps for Windows 10

The Microsoft Photos app works well as the default photo viewer on Windows 10. However, it still has its fair share of shortcomings. For starters, it’s not as feature-rich as the macOS photo viewer app, and there are many better alternatives to fill the void. As a Windows user, this started me searching for preview alternatives for my Specter x360. I’m looking for lightweight, fast and simple options like Photo Viewer apps for Mac.

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We’ve selected apps that won’t bother you with ‘Buy the Pro Plan’ prompts once you launch the app. If this bothers us, we can imagine how annoying you are.

In this post, we are going to talk about the seven best photo viewer apps for Windows 10. So let’s check out the options.


ACDSee is the perfect tool to effortlessly kickstart your photography workflow. It is one of the most responsive image viewers in this category.

The software is well suited for both home and professional users. It’s like a complete photo studio suite with a bunch of features like Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop in one setup.

ACBSee 935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f - 7 Best Photo Viewing Apps Windows 10

You can also edit, organize, manage and create unique photos by correcting exposure, color, contrast, fixing red-eye effect, shadows and highlights. One can also share digital photos with loved ones, friends or colleagues from desktop background in one click using single photo or collage maker.

Most photo viewers can slow down your computer’s performance, but this one, even with all its features, is quick to open and scroll through your photo directories. It’s free, and you can try it on your computer.


IrfanView is one of the oldest image viewers for Windows. It’s a fast and simple photo editor tool. Since it is rich in features, you will find many people who have been using it for years. Although it does not have the most pleasing user interface.

IrfanView will get the images directly from your scanner. There is no need to perform a separate scan before starting to work on the image. The app lets you split photos and stitch together to create panoramic photos. It also supports OCR to recognize images and export bits to an editable format.

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You can draw a picture using different painting tools like brush, line, shape, etc. The somewhat basic appearance may not seem attractive to many, but the program is rich in features. Many seasoned Windows users still swear by Irfanview.


ImageGlass is a versatile, open source, lightweight, extremely fast photo editor that gets the job done without charging a penny. It is a good choice for non-technical and professional users.

The program provides image processing, organization and storage in more than 70 formats, including GIF, PNG, WEBP, SVG, RAW, AVIF and JP2.

irfanview 4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b1b8410ea9 - 7 best photo viewing apps for Windows 10

The minimal aesthetic makes it extremely accessible and highly customizable. I like how one can add image transition while the slide show is going on and quickly switch between images.

Download ImageGlass


You can enjoy most of the features of WidsMob absolutely for free. However, it comes with a premium version that offers a better experience with simple and fast file management. It allows you to support many photo and video formats with a super fast media manager.

The software also allows users to manage and edit photos using color grading.

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WidsMob is an all-in-one media management software that provides incredibly fast image viewing experience, and also supports fast batch processing and conversion rates. It is one of the highly recommended software from us. Proceed with the link below.


If you are a Picasa user, FastStone Image Viewer will sound familiar to you. It supports many image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAW, PSD, etc. The user interface is similar to that of Windows Explorer. Unlike Windows Images, this tool is fast.

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When you open the app, it lists all folders and photos. You can check the preview without opening the images. And when the image is opened, it is presented in full screen view.

It should be noted that the useful map option is included in the 3D photo editor. FastStone is free for personal and educational purposes.


XnView is another great alternative to Windows images. In terms of design, the tool is similar to FastStone Image Viewer. However, it is not as feature-rich as FastStone.

xnview 4d470f76dc99e18ad75087b1b8410ea9 - 7 best photo viewing apps for Windows 10

It supports tab browsing, which means you can view multiple images at once. With its support for more than 500 image formats, it also features basic editing tools like rotating, resizing, cropping, etc.

In addition to that, the tool also supports multiple layouts. You can choose the design as per your preference.


After completing the quick installation, HoneyView will welcome you with an elegant user interface. It enables you to work with almost all types of files and browse through high-resolution images without buffering. There is a portable version that you can take advantage of without spending any money.

honeyview windows 10 935adec67b324b146ff212ec4c69054f - 7 best photo viewing apps Windows 10

Enjoy a better media experience

For the majority, the Windows Photos app works perfectly fine. But if you want more options with powerful editing tools and all kinds of image format support, download a third-party alternative from the web.

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