6 tricks to solve wordwords quickly

If you love Apalabrados, you may like this article even more, because we bring you a selection of tips and tricks to help you solve the words quickly. You can not lose this!

How to solve Words quickly?

1- Multipliers

If you want to move fast, one of the best ways is to go for multipliers. As you know, we have letters and words. That is to say, DL (Double Letter), TL (Triple Letter), DP (Double Word) and TP (Triple Word). The points will be multiplied by 2 or by 3. It is a way to earn points fast.

2- Add more than one word on each roll

The board is large and you can make combinations vertically and horizontally. Don’t focus on add one word at a time, otherwise Two words or more.

3- be patient

Have patience is important, because in desperation you are sure to get frustrated and you get absolutely nothing. Relax, breathe and be patient. It’s one of the keys to being good at games like Appalabrados.

4- Be smart

Don’t play crazy without foundation or form words to do something. Keep saving the letters with the best score to make words that add up to many points. Focus and don’t give your opponent his next combination. Sometimes the key is to take turns and expect in order to add more points in the game.

5- Wildcards are to be used well

Use the jokers only when necessary. But above all, when you have the ability to get a lot of extra points.

6- Look for words of great value and keep them in your head

If you want to be serious about this game, a quick trick that more and more players are putting into practice, is to use a program that, for example, helps you generate long words for the game. So you can have big words prepared in your head, with the letters that are worth the most in Words. Lettered words like ñ, x, z, j, etc. It’s not cheating, but staying one step ahead 😀

With these 6 tricks to solve Words quickly you will be the king of the game

If you like the Applauded and you want to be better, we hope we have helped you to at least get it a little bit. These are some tips that work well and are sure to help you advance faster, while leaving your opponents impressed.

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