[6 Solutions] Repair Error 0x8024a105 Windows Update

Windows 10 update sometimes encounter errors like (0x8024a105). It is mainly caused by misconfigured system files in your operating system.

Now the different reasons behind the problem can be:

  • An incomplete installation.
  • incomplete uninstallation.
  • Improper removal of applications or hardware.
  • Virus attack or improper shutdown
error 0x8024a105

Solution 1: restart your PC

The simplest solution is to restart your computer. It often happens that restart
on your computer can correct all associated problems.

Another easy way is to to modify
your internet connection.

You can replace your wireless connection by one wired connection Or vice versa. This will also fix any errors apart from restarting.

restart computer
restart computer

Solution 2: Run Troubleshoot:

Another easy way is to run Windows Update troubleshooter, like
suggested by justuto.

This is a integrated tool which can help to resolve errors. To run it, follow these steps:

  • Access the menu To start up by clicking on the icon Windows located in the lower left corner of
    your computer screen. After that type “Problem resolution”And press
  • In this window, click on “Windows Update“, Then on”Run utility“.

Windows update troubleshooting

  • Wait for the resolution process to complete, and then check if it is fixed.

If you’re having trouble with your computer, try Advanced SystemCare (tool for fast and efficient optimization of your computer). CNET describes it as a “Swiss Army Knife of a PC utility“.

Once you download it, you get a suite of optimization tools including an uninstaller, one-click registry fixes, defragmenters, and more.

Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare

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Solution 3: Change your UAC settings

Another method is to change User Account Control settings.

Sometimes it occurs when there is some problem in User Account Control, especially when the logged in account does not have any permissions.

You can resolve the issue by changing the permissions of the UAC settings by doing the following:

  • Simultaneously press the keys Windows and R, then type “netplwiz»To open the window
    User accounts.
  • In the tab User, choose user account you are using and click “Properties“.
  • In the window Properties, click on “Group membership”And choose“Administrator”.
  • Click on “To apply” for save all modifications.
  • Restart your computer and log in with the same user account.
  • Try to update your system and check if it still persists.
user account settings
user account settings

Solution 4: Use the DISM tool

The presence of corrupt files is one of the causes of 0x8024a105. Running a tool
SAY M is an effective way. Here is how you can do it:

  • Press the key Windows and X.
  • From the menu, select thecommand prompt (Admin), then press Entrance.
  • Type the command below and press Entrance:
    DISM / Online / Cleanup-image / Checkhealth
dism online
dism online

The tool will start scanning for files and hopefully this helps.
Restart the system and check.

Solution 5: Minimal boot to resolve error 0x8024a105

Another way to fix it is to perform a clean boot on your computer. To do this, follow the procedures below:

  • Open the dialog Run by pressing the “Windows key + R”.
  • Type “msconfig», Then press Entrance.
  • In the System Configuration, select and click on the “Services”.
  • Check the box just next to “Hide all Microsoft services”Then click“Deactivate all”.
hide microsoft service
hide microsoft service
  • Go to the tab “Start-up“And click on”Open the Task Manager“.
  • Select all startup items and click “Deactivate“.
disable elements manager tasks
Deactivate task manager elements
  • Close the “Task Manager“.
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 and return to the “Startup” tab, then click “OK“.
  • Restart your computer and check again.

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Solution 6: Reset your Windows Update components:

Error 0x8024a105 will also appear on your update when your Windows Update components are corrupted. By resetting these components it will be solved.

Here is how to do it:

  • In the lower left corner of your monitor, click the icon Windows and type “cmd“.
  • Once thecommand prompt appears, right-click it, and select
    Run as qu ‘administrator“.
  • In L‘command prompt, type the following commands below and press Entrance after typing each command:

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc


The above commands will stop all services needed to download and install updates.

  • After that type the following lines one by one.
    Ren% systemroot% SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

Ren% systemroot% system32 catroot2 catroot2.old


These two commands will rename the folders Softwaredistribution and Catroot2, the folders used by Win Update to store data and temporary files.

Once they have been renowned, the system will detect that the files are missing and will therefore create

Once there are new folders, Win Update can now avoid the problems of the old folders and thus resolve the error.

  • Repeat step 2 (replace command stop through start) to reactivate the services that you previously deactivated.
    Once you’re done, check it out.
Restart windows update components
Restart components


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