[6 Solutions] Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) or simply CRC is a check carried out by the file system to check if the source file and the sender are the same.

It checks whether it is copied successfully or not. Some checksums are generated then compared to see if the files are the same. You may face this problem when you copy data from one drive to another.

Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

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Why does the “Cyclic Redundancy Check” error occur?

Cyclic Redundancy Control: can occur for the following reasons:

  • Corrupt registry
  • Unsuccessful installation of a program
  • Incorrect file configuration and an overloaded hard drive

Now, before moving on to the best possible solution to fix this error under Windows 10, 8, 7, it is highly essential to recover your important data after removing the error.

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Here are 6 Solutions:

Solution 1: Fix CRC error with error checking utility:

  • Step 1 : Select your defective external device by right-clicking on it, then click on the option ” Properties “And select” Tools“.
  • 2nd step : Now click on the ” Check now “Located in the” Error checking“.
  • Step 3: Then check the option ” Automatically fix system errors “To perform a basic check in order to repair the problem, then click ” To start up“.

Automatically fix file system errors
Automatically fix system errors

You can follow this quick method to fix the error, but it may not have been enough to fix the problem. So you can apply the alternative solution below to fix this error.

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Solution two: Repair the entire drive

The Command Prompt can be used for repair disk using the popular command called chkdsk.

Chkdsk is a utility integrated under Windows. It is used for check and repair system errors. It also repairs the register and bad sectors.

Follow the steps to fix it:

  • Step 1 : First, close all running programs.
  • 2nd step : Then open command prompt as administrator.
  • Step 3: Then press the Windows + R to open execution option.
  • Step 4: Type cmd. Press on the keys ctrl + shift + enter. This opens Command prompt in administrator mode.
  • Step 5: Type “Chkdsk / fd:” without quotes. Replace d: through drive letter. Then press the Entrance.
  • Step 6: Now the chkdsk utility will run. Now, check the disk for errors.
  • Step 7: Once utility has finished analysis and repair, it displays a report on status and errors.
chkdskfr – Cyclic Redundancy Check

There is a good chance that the files will be copied without the message data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check) does not appear. Repair files if there are a lot of errors.

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Solution 3: Recover the sources

There are many data recovery software on the Internet. When you delete, move Where overwrite a file of any storage device, the special hidden file.

It contains metadata about files and folders ; simply delete his entry.

the recovery software makes use of it. He rebuilds metadata, making the deleted or corrupted file available again. You can copy without the data error message “Cyclic Redundancy Check”.

File recovery software
Recovery software

Follow the steps given below to recover the files:

  • 1: First, close all running programs.
  • 2: Next, run the software as administrator.
  • 3: Select the drive you want to recover from. Even select the types of That you are going to recover.
  • 4 : Finally, start recovery after setting the destination. You are now ready.

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Solution 4: Format corrupted hard drive

Formatting the drive will erase everything. Save them before continuing.

Follow the steps below:

  • 1: Open this pc Where this computer from the menu To start up.
  • 2: Click with right mouse button on the icon reader that you wish format.
  • 3: Click on the Format button.
  • 4: select a fast format. In case you want it deep clean.
  • 5: Choose NTFS if he is a hard drive Where FAT32 in the case of pen or memory card reader.
  • 6: Complete the format.
format an external hard drive
format an external hard drive

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Solution 5: Rename it (Assign drive letter) if it is not accessible

You can rename or assign a letter to access it.

Follow the steps to assign a drive letter to a drive:

    • 1: First, press Windows + R to open execution option.
  • 2: Then type ” diskmgmt.msc ” in the case. Press the key Entrance.
  • 3: Window disk management tool opens. If you see the disc, click on it with the right mouse button.
  • 4: Then select ” Change drive letter or paths to … “.
  • 5: Now check if a letter is associated with it. Then select ” switch ” Where ” add If there is none.
  • 6: Next, assign a new letter.
  • 7: Finally, close the windows and restart.
Change the drive letter or paths for a disk
Change the letter or paths for a drive

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