5 best smartphones of 2021 with an advantageous 5G subscription

When it comes to 5G, it’s about high speed but also a lot of supply. Many devices today have 5G support. We have put the 5 best smartphones of 2021 in a row with an advantageous 5G subscription.

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5G is already in many devices by 2021

5G is the successor to 4G and can now be found on many Android devices. Almost every new smartphone does have support for the mobile network, from budget phones to the most expensive flagships. And that while the required frequencies, with which 5G is really getting faster in the Netherlands, are still not available.

Nevertheless, it is of course nice when your new device is ready for the future and can cope with the smoother internet. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best 5G smartphones of 2021 with a 5G subscription.

OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Nord 2 front and back

The OnePlus Nord 2 is one of the best Android phones at the moment and very much so allround. For example, the cameras are pretty good. If you look at the back of the OnePlus Nord 2, you can see that three cameras are looking at you. The most important of these is a 50 megapixel main camera with a Sony sensor.

Furthermore, you have a quality amoled screen on which you can see flowing images thanks to the 90 Hz refresh rate. The device works quickly with a MediaTek processor that supports 5G. Finally, charging is fast thanks to the 65 Watt fast charger, which completely recharges your battery in half an hour.

Currently, you can take advantage of this device with a 5G subscription from T-Mobile. You benefit from a ten euro discount per month on your bundle with 8GB of data and 120 call minutes. For two euros a month extra, you switch to 5G. If you already have T-Mobile internet at home, you can still benefit from many extra benefits – such as up to 10 euros extra discount per month.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G front and back

The A-Series has long been a very good alternative to Samsung’s S-Series flagship devices. The Galaxy A52s is also an excellent smartphone with a sharp price / quality ratio.

The A52s has a faster processor than its predecessor, the Galaxy A52. This way you launch apps faster and you can easily multitask and switch between multiple apps. Plus, you’re doing this longer thanks to the good battery life of the 4500 mAh battery.

At the moment, you can already get the Samsung A52s 5G very cheaply with Vodafone Red Unlimited. With this subscription, you temporarily receive 5G, without having to pay extra for it. In addition, you now get up to 325 euros discount on your subscription and 50 percent discount on the Galaxy Buds 2.

Oppo Reno 6

Oppo Reno6 5G front and back

The Oppo Reno 6 is a mid-range device, with good looks and great cameras. The camera software and 64 megapixel main lens allow you to create beautiful images.

In addition to the photo and video capture cameras, you also get a good amoled screen, which is great for YouTube videos and your favorite movies and series. For example, you have a refresh rate of 90Hz, which makes images flow smoothly and the Oppo Reno 6 feels smooth.

At the moment, you get free 5G Internet in your bundle with every KPN subscription. This will quickly benefit you. You will also receive a discount of up to 10 euros per month on your bundle if you have KPN’s internet at home.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G front and back

Do you want a Samsung phone that is more powerful, makes beautiful photos, looks more luxurious and also has 5G support? Then the Galaxy S21 is worth considering. By the way, we are talking about the ‘boarding model’, the regular S21.

An important feature of the Samsung phone is the screen, which produces beautiful images and has a high refresh rate of 120Hz. As a result, images are even smoother than with a 90Hz display. At the back you will find three lenses, of which the main camera is 64 megapixels. Finally, the device is supported until Android 14.

The S21 is the most advantageous with Vodafone Red Unlimited. With all Red subscriptions, you temporarily receive 5G Internet – at no extra monthly cost. You also receive a temporary discount of up to 361 euros from Vodafone. You will receive the maximum discounts if you have Ziggo’s internet at home.

Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi 11t front and back

Let’s start with the screen of the Xiaomi 11T, which immediately catches the eye. The 6.67-inch OLED display looks very bright, as you are used to (am) OLED screens. It is also convenient that you can choose between a refresh rate of 60 or 120Hz. If you set it to 60Hz, the battery lasts longer.

The fingerprint scanner is located in the power button of the device, which is a nice spot. Another feature you can see on the outside are the Harman & Kardon speakers, which gives you great sound.

At T-Mobile you get a ten euro discount per month on your standard bundle with 8GB of data and 120 call minutes. For just two euros extra per month, you can enjoy 5G. If you already have T-Mobile internet at home, you can still benefit from many extra benefits – and you can get up to 10 euros extra discount per month.

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