5 apps to get real followers on TikTok, totally free!

best apps to get more tiktok followers

Being an influencer or positioning a brand on TikTok is not easy. Currently, there is a lot of competition on the platform, so Offering quality content is no longer enough to grow on TikTok. There are thousands of users doing the same as you to earn a place of importance in the social network, so you should try different things.

For example, you can use third-party applications that will allow you to get followers on TikTok easily and quickly. And we are not talking about buying followers or getting some bots to follow you. Here below we will show you 5 apps with which you can get more real followers for your TikTok account totally free. Are you ready to make your leap to fame? Let’s go there…

TikFans, follow others to gain followers


TikFans is an application widely used by the TikTok community to get followers. The operation of the app is based on your star system, which are the coins to buy followers. You can pay these stars with real money, but you can also get them for free by following other users.

Specifically, if you follow someone you get 1 star and you need 2 stars to get a new follower. Thus, TikFans is basically a “follow me and I’ll follow” platform for TikTok. Of course, the app also offers you to watch ads to earn stars, so it is very easy to get many followers for TikTok in a short time with TikFans.

TikFans: get followers on TikTok

TikFamous, make your content reach more potential followers

tikfamous app

In TikTok it is very important to take care of the visual quality of the videos and, above all, to use the appropriate hashtags so that the platform recommends your content to many more people. Therefore, TikFamous can help you get a lot of followers, as it is a powerful video editor that improves the quality of your recordings and suggests very useful and effective hashtags.

The app offers a great variety of colorful filters and cool effects. Besides that, TikFamous allows you to gain followers with the classic “follow me and I’ll follow” strategy thanks to its huge community that is always on the lookout for people to follow. That way, you can also receive more “likes” and comments on your posts.

TikFamous - Boost Tik Followers

TikPlus, a great way to make your videos see the right people


TikPlus promotes itself as a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to Recommend your TikTok videos to the people who may be most interested. In this way, the application ensures that you will gain more followers, as well as “likes” and comments.

The operation of the app is based on creating promotions, which is nothing more than paste the link of the TikTok video that you want to promote on the platform so that it can recommend it. Of course, to create these promotions you need coins that you can pay with real money or get free by performing certain tasks in the app such as liking a video or following someone.

TikPlus: followers for TickTok

TikBoost, viralize your videos easily and quickly


Another great tool to make your TikTok videos reach more people is TikBoost. This application allows you to know which hashtags are currently working best on TikTok so that you can use them and increase the visibility of your content on the platform. Also, TikBoost says that use Artificial Intelligence to recommend your TikTok profile to other users who will most likely like what you do.

Thus, TikBoost promises that you will receive new followers, likes and comments. The app is free, so you don’t lose anything by trying it.

TikBoost: tiktok followers & fans & tiktok like

TikFame, another excellent tool to make you famous on TikTok


TikFame works exactly the same way as TikFans. The app gives you stars for following people on TikTok and then allows you to buy followers with the stars earned. Of course, you can also earn stars in alternative ways: by viewing ads, rating the app, etc.

Why do we recommend it then? Because their community is different from TikFans. Therefore, you can use both apps at the same time to get tons more followers of which you would get using just one. So don’t stop trying it.

TikFame - Get TikTok followers and likes

By the way, before you go, don’t forget that the key to having a lot of followers on TikTok is knowing how to retain them. And there is no better way to achieve this than by following these 5 tips to create quality viral videos on TikTok. Remember that if you constantly create quality content, you will gain a lot of followers and you will not lose them. Good luck!