4 ways to find out who visited your Instagram profile

If you love to click photos and post them online, Instagram might be your social media platform. And if you run a business page or are an influencer / celebrity, you’ve probably wondered if there is a way to analyze user engagement on your profile and improve your content accordingly. One of the easiest ways to measure this is to look at the number of followers, likes on posts, and comments.

But, another thing that many people keep asking online is a way to find out which of his followers are your biggest fans. Or, who visits your Instagram profile the most. Well, I wish there was a way to do it even though I’m not a public figure. Plus, aren’t we all a little curious about where we are on the popularity scale? Recently, we also shared how to check who has viewed your Facebook profile.

While you can check who liked your posts or viewed your stories, there really is no official way of knowing who visited your instagram profile. This is because Instagram only shows you the number of views on a video but not who saw it. However, there are a few apps that let you know who has visited your Instagram profile.

who visited your Instagram profile

1. Who Viewed My Instagram – Profile Tracker:

One of the top rated apps in its category: “Who visited my Instagram profile?” comes with a ton of features, mainly allowing users to check who is stalking them on Instagram. The app helps keep track of not only your secret admirers but also those who are blocking or not following you. What I like about this app is that when any of the events mentioned above occurs, you will be immediately notified on your phone. You’ll also see a list of the people who most frequently visit your profile. The best part? You can get this app for free; and there are no hidden charges hidden under “in-app purchases” unlike most other apps.

While I personally think this app is by far the most accurate, it may not be accurate on some occasions. Having said that, the user interface is pretty amazing and simple to use, for a free service. The only downside is that it is not available on the App Store (iOS); but you can get the APK file from a third party website if you really want to use it.
To get started, all you need to do is:

  • Download and install the app on your device from the Play Store.

Who visits my instagram profile - Free
Who visits my instagram profile - Free

  • Then, the app prompts you to log in via Facebook or by manually entering your Instagram credentials; and links the app to your IG account.
  • It then collects all the data automatically and calculates all that have viewed your instagram profile recently.
  • The app also gives you insight into which users interact the most with your posts and articles.

Aside from all the good points, a few users have reported issues trying to log in and said that the app often shows the names of the last subscribers as stalkers.

2. Who Viewed my Instagram:

Another similar app with a similar name, “Who visited my Instagram profile” is a product of EdisonStudios; except that it offers in-app purchases for advanced features. The app boasts of a pretty decent algorithm that gives you an accurate count of which subscribers visit your profile most often (it shows you a list of up to 20 people). Similar to the app mentioned above, this app also requires you to login so that it can sync your IG account with the app.

Click the download button to install this app on the device:

Who Viewed My for Instagra Profile
Who Viewed My for Instagra Profile

Note that this app doesn’t really give out any additional information about who has blocked or recently unsubscribed you. Plus, you’ll be charged for pretty much anything you want to do. People have also complained about the app showing extremely inaccurate results. Also, this app is only available on the Play Store.

3. Instaview for Instafollow:

Instaview is an app which is supported on iOS devices and allows users to see their admirers, counterparts, and frequent commenters. It is basically an Instagram analytics tool that helps you understand who really cares about your posts. The app extracts this data based on the interactions your followers have had with your account, including activities like photo tagging and direct messaging. The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t come for free. While you can download and install it for free, you’ll need to register if you want to get your hands on a premium report. Currently, the premium subscription is priced at $ 2.99 / week. You can also opt for a monthly, semi-annual or annual payment system. the price would vary accordingly.

insta subscribers followed by subscribers
insta subscribers followed by subscribers

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4. Follower Insight:

Developed by MonoMosaic, Follower Insight allows you to follow multiple Instagram accounts and get insight on things like the right time to put up a post based on how many likes or comments you get and if you’re growing. on the popularity front or not. To be more specific, it lets you check the number of followers, likes, comments, get efficient posting times, get a feel for user engagement patterns, and more. With this app you can switch accounts and get ideas easily and quickly. You can get this app from the Play Store using this link:

Followers Insight for Instagram
Followers Insight for Instagram

Some warnings:

Although the apps mentioned above allow you to access your admirers, as well as other information on your Instagram account, you should use them with caution. Here are a few things to remember:

  • They are not certified by Instagram.
  • Reports may be inaccurate and may differ from application to application.
  • Many of them will charge extra for their premium features.
  • Many of them also contain advertisements.
  • Some of those apps that claim to let you know who has visited your instagram profile may be fake and / or ask you to enter your password manually instead of linking accounts.
  • Some may even contain malware and pose a threat to your device.

Other Instagram analytics tools:

Even if you’ve visited this page to see who visited your Instagram profile, other Instagram analytics apps can give you more information about your audience, the effectiveness of your posts, and user engagement. These apps tell you the total number of likes you’ve received, the best time to post them, a count of which posts have the most likes, comments per post, and progress tables, and which work best for your purposes. professional.

You can check out the following services if you want to expand your reach or improve the quality of your posts: Instagram Insights, Iconosquare,, Sprout Social, Squarelovin, SimplyMeasured, and

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You can check out all 4 apps that we have mentioned in our list depending on the device you are using. However, our best advice would be to stick with the official Instagram app, despite its limitations when it comes to features. If you really want to measure your growth, then other Instagram Analytics tools are a must. They may not all come for free, but they are worth exploring.

Important Note – Many websites with information on a similar topic may feature a few other applications. However, you should keep in mind that most of them are all outdated and / or poorly rated.

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