4 Methods to Remove AutoKMS / Win32 HackTool

Viruses are a threat serious that’s why it has become essential to install detection software virus, to protect against them. There are thousands of virus and of malware that attack Internet users who download all kinds of files, software…. like AutoKMS.

Hacking tool : win32 / autoKMS is the best known of all because it is capable of causing serious problems if not handled properly.


What is a hacking tool?

Hack Tool: win32 / autoKMS is known by greatest security risk from your computer. This tool is able to inject malicious code in the windows system files and these codes can block the whole system by limiting owner access.

The pirates use this tool to attack systems with weak security and authorization. This hack tool comes with unauthorized software or hacked that people use tofree activation of paid software.

win32 / autoKMS

It can also appear as announcements and urge users to update their flash programs, etc. When installed on a PC, it works in background and gathers user data using keyloggers, which can lead to the concealment of money from a credit card or the like.

Here are the most likely reasons why your computer has been infected with AutoKMS:

  • Security settings of your operating system and your Navigator Web are too weak.
  • You do not follow the navigation principles on the Internet and using a PC.
  • Download and install free or shared software: Free software can be delivered with Adware , from Malware or programs like AutoKMS. Sometimes adware are attached to free software to allow developers to cover the costs related to the creation of the software. malware are often grafted onto free software in your computer for thedamage and steal private information.
types of infections
types of infections
  • Using Peer-to-Peer software:Using programs peer-to-peer (P2P) or other applications using a shared network puts your system at risk of Download involuntarily infected files, including malware.
  • Visiting questionable websites:When you visit sites at questionable or objectionable content, from Trojans, including the spyware and adware, can be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer.

Always perform a custom installation when installing software, whether it is a game or an application. Sometimes these malware are integrated with installation packages other software and they are also installed with that particular software.
do not forget activate the antivirus and the firewall to stay protected.

virus scan
virus scan

AutoKMS Detection


The following symptoms indicate that your computer is probably infected with AutoKMS:

1 – The computer works very slowly: he can to slow down your computer. If restarting your PC is taking much longer than usual, or if your Internet connection is extremely slow, your computer may well be infected.

2 – New desktop shortcuts have appeared or the home page changes: It can modify your Internet settings or your home page by default redirects to unwanted websites. he can even add new shortcuts on your PC desktop.

3 – Annoying popups keep appearing on your PC: can charge your computer with advertising popups, even when you are not connected to the Internet, while secretly tracking your browsing habits and collecting your personal information.

4 – Emails that you have not written have been sent from your e-mail box: can take complete control of your e-mail box to generate and send emails with viruses, from Hoax, from Spam and other types of unwanted emails to other people.

Here is the guide for which you probably have on this page. So, let’s start removing this big Trojan horse from your computer. Follow the methods below to remove it completely.

Method 1: Manually remove

The hack tool is still running in the background. It must therefore be stopped before being took of of the system. To end the hack tool, go to the task Manager by pressing the keys Win + X on the keyboard in Windows 10 or you can press Alt + Ctrl + Del on any operating system to open it.

In the task manager, find the processes related to the hack tool: Win32 / autoKMS and stop it by right clicking and selecting Complete the process.

After completing the process, it is time to do it. to delete completely from the system. Open Registry Editor by looking in the search field or you can type regedit directly in the box Execute

In L‘registry editor, find the following keys associated with the hack tool: Win32 / autoKMS and delete these keys presented in the left pane of the registry editor.

Method 2: Uninstall programs and features

Hold down the Windows + R. Type appwiz.cpl then OK.
You are now in the Programs and features. Look for the Win32 / autoKMS . Uninstall-the the.

Method 3: Use msconfig

  • Type msconfig in the search box and press Entrance. A window of system configuration open to :
  • Select the tab Start-up and Uncheck the entries that have ” Unknown“.
  • Remember this step – if you are unsure whether there is a bigger threat on your PC, check it here.
  • Hold down the Windows + R , copy and paste the following items and click OK :

notepad% windir% / system32 / Drivers / etc / hosts

  • A new folder opens. If you are hacked there will be a set of other connected IPs to you.
  • Take a look at the picture below:
    If there are any suspicious IP addresses under ” Localhost »Under the address of your pc it means that you are hacked.

Method 4: Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

  • Download Anti-Malware Malwarebytes from the link below. Save the file to your hard drive.
    MBAM download link
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the file MB3-SETUP.EXE to start the program.
  • Select the installation language desired, then click OK.
  • Continue the process until Anti-Malware MalwareBytes either completely installed on the computer. The program will run automatically.
  • When the interface of Malwarebytes appears, please select To analyse in the side menu. Then choose threat analysis as shown in the image below.
Malwarebytes threat analysis
Malwarebytes threat analysis
  • Click on the button Start the analysis to start the process. The program will check if there are updates available before continuing. Do not skip this step. Virus analysis may take a while, please wait for the process to complete.
  • When the detection is complete, Anti-Malware displays the list of malware identified.
  • Delete everything and restart the computer to finalize the process.


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