4 Free PC Games Worth Trying

In this article, we will not mention the hugely popular games that most players have tried, such as Planet Side 2 Warframe, LOL, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Ghost Recon Phantoms … and so on, and they are originally games that were released a long time ago and are still the same The public base is the largest in the arena, and there is an increasing demand for it at the same time. Therefore, on the other hand, we decided to show some new titles or that few Arab players are familiar with, and the way we mentioned these games will not be based on preference and there will be no arrangement, but rather it will be a very normal way of reviewing the games that are the least we can say about them.”4 Games A free computer worth a try.

4 Free PC Games Worth Trying - Free Games

1. Heroes & Generals

4 Free PC Games Worth Trying - Free Games

So, at first, we offer you a first-person voting game called Heroes & Generals, which is similar to the Insurgency game, but this first one has a world wars theme. Heroes & Generals is an online game, which means that you will face other players, and since it is a shooting game, there are 2 factions or armies: the Germans and the Americans. Each faction has exclusive weapons with different roles i.e. sniper, attacker, etc.. In addition to the presence of vehicles and vehicles. The goal of the game is simple, who controls areas for a longer period of time is the winner, and this is the most popular mode by players, with other game modes of course. One might say a routine game is the same as in other shooting games. Ok, if we look at the game from this point of view, we agree with you, but do not judge the game just by hearing its topic. Rather, I know how this topic was raised.

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In order not to prolong the talk, we will only say that Heroes & Generals is a game that we liked greatly and highly recommend trying it, although it is currently still in the experimental stage. On the other hand, it is a realistic tactical shooting game with the theme of world wars in vast and open maps with good content and presented in a beautiful way, and in this game You will not be a superhero roaming and roaming as in Battelfield or in Call of Duty, not in the recoil of the weapon or in anything, if you are not good at shooting, and you do not play as if you are actually a soldier, and you do not understand the game’s mechanics, you will never succeed. ( )

2. Hearthstone

4 Free PC Games Worth Trying - Free Games

The pro game that it is impossible for us not to talk about is Hearthstone, the game that has seen a huge demand since the first day it was launched on the Internet in beta version. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free strategy card game with a similar idea as a card game (Pokemon style) but with a warlike feel. This game is developed by Blizzard, the famous games company, which always innovates us with its games, despite its scarcity, and this confirms that abundance does not mean quality.

Hearthstone game we will describe it with this sentence “if you play it for an hour you will not leave it”, frankly a game that forces you to try it at least once a day, first because it has a distinctive playing style full of competition and to win the game where you will always face another player first you must study the game well and practice it repeatedly And repeat, secondly, you must have a good card. You can buy useful and effective cards, but the price is a bit high, but fortunately if you play for a long time in this game and win several times, you will get a good set of cards as a prize. These cards available in the game bear the ancient Warcraft characters. The animation used in the game and the general atmosphere are definitely the best I’ve seen in the card games category, as you will see the cards cast magic and spells in a wonderful way. Frankly, we recommend it, a game that requires intelligence, thinking and cleverness in playing, and you will face many excellent players and you will lose, of course, but this will have a fruit, which is that you will learn from your mistakes and learn new ways and strategies of playing. ( )

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3. Path of Exile

4 Free PC Games Worth Trying - Free Games

The pro game is Path of Exile and frankly we were surprised that it is a free game, given the richness of its content in addition to being similar to Diablo with good graphics. As you can see from the displayed image, it is a role-playing game with a three-dimensional viewing angle. The game supports both PvE and PvP systems, which means you can play against other players or play against artificial intelligence. We mentioned just a moment ago that it has rich content, there are a huge number of options in the character modification section, some of which you get from dead bodies and others you buy. Of course, you will be able to choose the character you want first and then over time improve its performance, equipment, skills and superpowers.

The richness of the content is not only limited to what is presented for modification, but also the places that you will visit many and different and you will encounter creatures and monsters of varying strength, and if you do not have the necessary equipment, you will die in the blink of an eye. The game world is lonely and dark and you will not see the visual repetition in addition to a good embodiment of this world and what it contains. The general atmosphere of the game is interesting, especially with the ability to explore the world without restrictions and the multiplicity of main and side tasks. Indeed, a game worth trying undoubtedly. Do not forget that the game is regularly updated, and this is what keeps it alive and renewed in spirit. ( )

4. Dead Island: Epidemic

4 Free PC Games Worth Trying - Free Games

The last game in this article is Dead Island: Epidemic, which is currently in beta, is a MOBA that focuses on facing the zombies either individually or collectively, passing through different places. Dead Island: Epidemic also offers “crafting” features or the ability to craft weapons for the player, and this method is very similar to the weapon modification feature found in the previous Dead Island game, and unlike other MOBA games, the game does not focus on attacking the opponent’s base on Unlock, instead you and other players will also be able to join forces to exploit all the resources and tools that you get in the game in order to complete the missions. Dead Island: Epidemic has very good and beautiful graphics with impressive details. Do not forget that the game has a team play style, whereby the players are divided into 3 teams, blue, orange, green, each team consists of 4 players, and the goal is to control certain areas for a longer period, which is a resource source, which collects more and reaches the required limit first He will be the winner of the round.

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The unique thing about this is that you will be facing the other players and also the zombies who will be a big obstacle, and this adds the character of enthusiasm to the round, and to win, all team members must work together or separate smartly and strategically in order to control the areas before the other team, the area that Lethality can be restored again and therefore there is a character of hit and run. It is a really fun game, especially if you try it with your friends. ( )

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