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Released on October 5, 2021, Windows 11 is Microsoft’s new operating system. Successor of Windows 10 (which was however designated by Microsoft as the “last Windows” in 2015), Windows 11 comes with many attractive new features such as a new design, better security, new applications… But unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy it.

Indeed, Windows 11 requires a fairly muscular minimum hardware configuration that leaves many computers on the edge: you need at least a 7th generation Intel processor (or AMD Zyren 2), 4 GB of memory or a TPM 2.0 security chip. .

My PC is not Windows 11 compatible, what should I do?

If you fail when installing Windows 11, you have two solutions:

  • Stay on Windows 10 which is supported until 2025, while keeping in mind that Microsoft will now put its energy into Windows 11 and gradually abandon Windows 10 over the next few years.
  • Switch to Linux to prepare for the future. Linux has everything you need today to leave Windows smoothly.
    Switching from Windows to Linux: why and how?

Install Linux, how to do it?

It’s simple: just install Linux next to Windows. There is no question of completely removing Windows, you might still need it in situations that require it (to play a video game for example).

When starting your computer, a start menu will open and allow you to start either on Linux or on Windows:

Boot menu (GRUB) after switching on the computer

Which Linux distribution to install?

Unlike Windows, Linux comes in a plethora of variations – called distributions – which meet specific needs. Each distribution offers its vision of the operating system, with a specific desktop environment, applications and features.

If you are coming from Windows, some Linux distributions are preferred, for a quick and easy transition.

Are you looking for a alternative to Windows 11 ?
Do you want to switch to Linux to prepare for the years to come when your computer will be abandoned by Microsoft?

In this guide, we will discover the 4 Linux operating systems that are alternatives to Windows, and to be preferred to gradually quit Windows and switch to Linux.

Linux alternatives to Windows 11

Zorin OS

Zorin OS might be the best choice for a Windows user who wants switch to linux smoothly.

Zorin OS is an operating system that offers a graphical interface which looks a lot like that of Windows : by switching to Zorin OS, you will not be disoriented and you will not waste time, your passage in the Linux universe will be done very quickly!

Zorin OS Start Menu

Beautiful and simple to use, Zorin OS is fast and works great on a wide range of computers. If you have a poorly performing PC, you can even run Zorin OS Lite, a lite version of Zorin OS that runs on older PCs (up to 15 years old).

For install Zorin OS, follow this guide:

Installing Zorin OS (Linux): The Complete Guide

elementary OS

elementary OS is the best choice for those looking for an operating system elegant, minimalist and very easy to use. This Linux operating system prioritizes design, user experience and the consistency of its ecosystem.

Simplicity and ease of use are the hallmarks of this Linux operating system that even your grandparents could use without any problems.

Elementary OS Applications Menu

Although minimalist, elementary OS owns some cool features like Screen time and limits which allows you to define restrictions (time, websites, applications per user) or even a mode Picture-in-Picture which allows you to keep an eye on something (a movie, a video game, a terminal…) while working on something else.

For install elementary OS, follow this guide:

Installing elementary OS 6 (Linux): the complete guide

KDE neon

KDE neon is the best choice for those looking for world’s best office environment and a highly configurable operating system.

It’s simple: Plasma – the KDE neon desktop environment – is the best in the world, you can’t beat it. After a few weeks, it will be difficult for you to return to other environments. Even the Windows one will seem poor to you!

KDE neon start menu

Add to that the famous KDE applications that will make you forget Windows for good: Dolphin (file manager), Okular (document viewer), Spectacle (screenshot tool), Klipper (clipboard manager), digiKam ( photo manager)…

For install KDE neon, follow this guide:

Installing KDE neon (Linux): The Complete Guide

Linux Mint

Linux Mint may be the choice of reason and the best synthesis of all the operating systems presented so far: beautiful, simple and customizable, it combines the best to offer an operating system modern and complete.

Linux Mint is the most popular Linux operating system for beginners, who even prefer it over Ubuntu; and also the most appreciated by advanced users who want a reliable, fast and regularly updated OS with new features over the versions.

Linux Mint Start Menu

If you are in doubt and do not know which Linux distribution to choose from all the available ones, keep it simple: choose Linux Mint! You will not be disappointed.

For install linux mint, follow this guide:

Installing Linux Mint: The Complete Guide

What’s the best Linux alternative to Windows 11?

To help you make your choice, here is a summary table of all the alternatives to Windows 11:

Zorin OS elementary OS KDE neon Linux Mint
GNOME Pantheon KDE Plasma Cinnamon
Snap Store
Flathub Flathub
Snap Store
Ease of use ★★ ★★★ ★★
Customization ★★ ★★★ ★★

To sum up, if you are looking for a Linux operating system:

  • which looks like Windows: Zorin OS
  • minimalist and very easy to use: elementary OS
  • highly customizable: KDE neon
  • comprehensive, simple and popular: Linux Mint

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