3 Tips to Install Windows 11 Without a Microsoft Account

The Microsoft account now seems essential in the eyes of Windows. Indeed, when installing Windows 11, it is now mandatory to enter a Microsoft account. Except that there are several tricks to circumvent the use of the account.

Why is Windows 11 asking you for a Microsoft account?

When you start your computer for the very first time, Microsoft offers you a setup wizard. It allows you to configure your privacy settings, but above all it asks you a Microsoft account.

We had written a similar guide for Windows 10, it was possible to circumvent the use of a Microsoft account on Windows 10 simply by preventing the Internet connection. Windows then asks for the creation of a local account.

Windows 11 goes further since it requires the use of the account whether for a family or professional version. There is no longer the possibility of using the local account.

The Microsoft account allows you to use the various tools of the ecosystem? It allows to test Microsoft Office for freebut also to use theMicrosoft 365 services like One Drive.

It is also a way for Microsoft to be able to send you advertising and to have a consistent base of e-mail addresses.

There are tips to avoid using Microsoft account on Windows 11.

Tip 1 – disconnect internet to avoid Microsoft account on Windows 11

When the wizard starts, you can open a command prompt window using the key SHIFT + F10.

In the window, enter the following command:

control netconnections

A window opens with the different network cards, you must deactivate the Wifi or Ethernet card. Since the network is down, Windows will not be able to connect to the internet.

windows 11 netconnections
Disable the network card then close the window.

Windows 11 can force you to connect to a network, if the window appears just press ALT + F4 or click on “I don’t have Internet” the system then asks you to create a local account.

windows 11 no internet
Click on “I don’t have internet”, then continue with a limited account.

The name and password of the local account must be defined.

windows 11 local account name
The name of the local account must be defined.

Then add a password and add answers to security questions.

windows 11 password
Set password.

Windows 11 is then configured with a local account. Don’t forget to re-enable the network card in the windows control panel.

And here is the video trick:

Tip 2 – Avoid Microsoft account with a fake email address

Just enter a fake email address. It’s necessary enter a blocked domain, you can use the domain 0.com

For instance [email protected] then a bogus password

windows 11 fake mail
You must enter a fake email address.

Microsoft says “Sorry, an error has occurred”, then it prompts you to create a local account.

Bravo Windows 11 is installed without a Microsoft account!

Tip 3 – Rufus, install Windows 11 without a Microsoft account and on any Computer

The free tool Rufus allows you to create Windows installation media. You have the possibility to prepare a USB key to proceed with the installation of Windows 11.

Better, Rufus allows you to download Windows 11 directly from Microsoft’s servers with just a few clicks.

The future version (currently in Beta) now makes it possible to avoid the use of a Microsoft account.

You can download Rufus version 3.19 BETA here: https://tutos-informatique.com/telechargements/rufus-3.19_BETA.exe

First of all you have to download windows 11 iso then select it in Rufus. You can also use the download module within the app.

rufus download windows 11
Windows 11 is downloading.

Rufus then detects that it is a Windows 11 ISO and offers you several choices in a user experience window.

rufus options windows 11
Options to modify the installation of Windows 11.

You can install Windows 11 on incompatible computers, but also avoid using the Microsoft account.

To install Windows 11 you must boot from your USB key.