2nd generation Google Nest Mini review

Have a smart speaker at home it is not an option, it is almost mandatory if you want to enjoy music, your schedule, etc. without leaving the sofa and without pressing a button. It is true that you can still use your old speakers, but the smart ones have changed everything and are much more useful than you think. I would no longer know how to live without asking Google to turn off the light when I sit on the couch.

The truth is that, far from being “bullshit” they have become very useful, especially when you start to investigate them and use advanced options such as routines, useful commands, and so on. The 2nd generation Google Nest Mini is one of the many options out there, but this one is especially interesting, as it is manufactured by Google itself and have a very economical price. Plus, it’s the direct enemy of Amazon’s Echo Dot.

What is the Google Nest Mini 2 like? Much better than the first version

The Google Nest Mini 2 has improved, and a lot, with respect to the first version and in fact its bass is twice as powerful. The feeling that it has left us after weeks of use is very good. It has a sound more than enough for a house (not for parties of many people) and also has a wide recognition. In fact, I can ask you to turn off the TV when I’m on the couch in my living room (having the speaker in the study). Without a doubt, its recognition capacity is impressive thanks to its 3 long-range mics.

But before telling you more about it, we want to show you its characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 98 mm in diameter and 42 mm in height, with a weight of 181 grams. The power cord is 1.5 meters long.
  • 3 long-range microphones.
  • Connectivity: Dual band AC WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0. It has Chromecast built in.
  • Compatibility: it works by itself, but to configure it you need a mobile that supports the Google Home app (Android or iOS).
  • 1.4 GHz 4-core ARM processor.
  • 360-degree surround sound with a 40mm speaker.

The figures may not tell you much, but we are going to explain what we thought about its design and how it works.

The Google Nest Mini 2 has an elegant and environmentally friendly design

The Google Nest Mini 2 is available in two colors (chalk or charcoal) and is a really elegant speaker, not very large and that can easily be combined with any decoration. In addition, it should be noted that Google has used 100% recycled plastic from bottles for its superior fabric. As for its casing, it has also been created with 35% recycled plastic. It is, without a doubt, a quite ecological and respectful speaker with the environment, since it uses a lot of recycled material.

Among its benefits is its appearance, which with the lights off you will hardly realize that it is a smart device. When it is illuminated, it can be done with its 4 lights (usually white) or with the 2 sides that only light up when we turn up the volume. There is not much more to comment, the truth is that it only has a connector for the power supply and does not have a single ornament on its top. I personally find it very elegant, and even prettier than the Echo Dot 3.

And then there are the details, because the Nest Mini 2 has a small hole so you can hang it to save space on your desk. It also has a small physical switch with which you can mute its microphone and I would like to highlight how beautiful its connector to the power supply is, round and very elegant, with the symbol of the big G. Without a doubt a device that shows that it has been designed with care and that transmits a lot of elegance.

The sound quality of the Nest Mini 2 is very good for its size

The Google Nest Mini 2 has very good sound power for its size. You could never imagine that such small speakers could sound so good and with such quality. If we compare it to the Echo Dot 3 (its main competitor) I would dare to say that the latter is somewhat more powerful and has a bit more bass; although I get the feeling that the 2nd generation Nest Mini has a better sound quality, with a slightly more defined sound.

You will not be disappointed at all with its quality and I am sure it is. more than enough for most users that they listen to music at home at normal volumes, as it offers a very good quality and a fairly powerful sound. Obviously it is somewhat less powerful than the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker although it is much more compact. Even so, it is best that you try it because it is difficult to convey what its sound quality is like without very technical tests.

You can pair other devices by Bluetooth

Another thing we liked is that with the command “Ok Google, pair the Bluetooth” it can be used to listen to the sound of any device. I use it to listen to sound from a desktop PC that doesn’t have speakers and it works great. Although you can also use it to listen to YouTube music, since with the voice commands You can only listen to Spotify Premium or YouTube Music (selecting the songs). If you do not pay, you will have to suffer the classic random selection of songs as in the free versions for mobile.

The Google Assistant is useful, although you must understand it

Google Nest Mini 2 analysis

Setting up the Google Nest Mini 2 is as easy as open the Google Home app and follow the steps to connect a device. In addition, you will enjoy everything you have saved in your Google account (notices, preferences, etc.). And once connected you can start interacting with it:

  • Set reminders or alarms with commands like: Ok Google, remind me to go to such a site tomorrow or Ok Google, wake me up tomorrow at 7 in the morning.
  • Take notes or save things that come to mind.
  • Search things on Google, to tell you what it means, how much is the sum of something, etc.
  • Ask for songs from any compatible service like YouTube Music or Spotify.
  • He will tell you jokes, curiosities, has games, etc.
  • You can also program Google Assistant routines so that with a word it does several actions at the same time.
  • And you can even control all your compatible home automation devices: lights, your TV with Android TV, the Chromecast, smart devices, etc.

The truth is that the possibilities are endless although The more home automation devices you have at home, the more benefit you can get out of it. Without a doubt, having a smart speaker is interesting as long as we have something else (some light bulbs, a TV that can be controlled, a switch, etc.). If you have not tried it, you cannot imagine how comfortable it is to sit on your sofa and without touching anything, ask it with a single command to turn off the light, turn on the TV and open Netflix; and then specify with another to put the series you like the most. It’s very comfortable.

Controlling the wizard is as easy as say the command Ok Google or Hey Google and then ask for all the commands. As we mentioned, its recognition capacity is great because thanks to its 3 long-range microphones it recognizes all the commands very well. And if it bothers you that he listens to you all the time you can always mute his microphone with the physical switch.

Google Nest Mini 2

Is the Google Nest Mini 2 worth it?

Currently you can find the Google speaker for little money, sometimes in offers that go as low as € 30. We believe that for a price below € 40 it is a great purchase, but if you are going to spend the € 59 it costs on the Google website, you may be interested in a more powerful option such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker. Now, if you manage to get an interesting offer like the one we leave you here below, it does seem like a very good purchase.

You will be able to take advantage of all your compatible devices with the Google assistant and also use it to listen to music when you are cleaning, doing sports or whatever comes to mind at all times. Many, when we test how comfortable it is to ask for the song we want without touching anything, we no longer want to live without one of these.