2022 survey results, mobile game market continues to grow Make more money than console and PC games combined.

I have to say that nowadays mobile games are very hot, whether the graphics are made more beautiful and more beautiful, plus many games play and make them so addictive that it’s difficult to withdraw. Now, most of the video game market share has fallen to more than half of the mobile side. Recently, a survey of data found thatGamers today spend more money on mobile games than on any other platform, PC and console combined.

Data analytics firms data.ai and IDC have released data for the global gaming market in 2022, with mobile video games reaching 61% of the market share.By 2022, mobile games will gross approximately two hundred and twenty-two billion dollars.

The forecast is based on data from users that download games to their mobile devices have increased by 45% every week since the first quarter of 2021. mobile to 1.1 billion weekly visits worldwide

And in the first quarter of 2022, mobile gamers spent more than $1.6 billion on gaming. per week on app stores like the Google Play Store and the App Store, and it’s 30% more than the pre-Covid-19 pandemic.

From the graph, it can be clearly seen that mobile gamers spend the most on the game until it skyrocketed. And it’s likely to skyrocket even more when compared to console, PC and portable games that have been gradual since 2014.

But it is expected that the share of console gamers’ spending is likely to jump even more if the PS5 and Xbox Series can be produced in larger quantities to the players’ hands. (Not open for reservations and everything is sold out in 1 second) There is also a survey that Gen Z and Baby Boomer generations are starting to play more mobile games.

The data.ai also said that One of the reasons why mobile games are getting more and more popular is because mobile specs are getting more and more brutal, allowing games to push graphics performance to near-console levels. And of course, everyone already owns a mobile phone.

Source: Venturebeat